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Top 10 RuPaul Songs

40 Sissy That Walk
10 Cover Girl
24 Glamazon
9 Jealous Of My Boogie
23 The Beginning
13 Champion
7 Main Event
12 LadyBoy
11 Tranny Chaser
50 Read U Wrote U (Ellis Miah Mix) [feat. The Cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2]

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  1. A Dream You're Having (Interlude)
  2. A Fistful Of Booty
  3. A Little Bit Of Love
  4. A Musical Medley From RuPaul's Debut Album Supermodel Of The World That Includes: Supernatural, Prisoner Of Love, All Of A Sudden And House Of Love
  5. A Shade Shady (Now Prance)
  6. A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (12" Version)
  7. A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (Alternate Mix)
  8. A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (DJ Pierre Club Mix)
  9. A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (LP Version)
  10. A Shade Shady (Now Prance) (Wild Pitch Mix)
  11. Adrenaline
  12. Advice To Young Drag Queens
  13. Alexi Popov (Interlude)
  14. All Alone On Christmas
  15. All I Want For Christmas
  16. All Of A Sudden
  17. American
  18. Answering Machine Message
  19. Are You Man Enough?
  20. Are You Man Enough? / Orange Wig Skit
  21. Back To My Roots
  22. Be Someone
  23. Big Booty Opening
  24. Body Heat
  25. Booty Love
  26. Born Naked
  27. Call Me Mother
  28. Call Me Starrbooty
  29. Call Me Starrbooty (feat. Sasha Belle)
  30. Can I Get an Amen
  31. Can I Get an Amen (feat. Kasha Davis)
  32. Can't Fake It With The Johns (Interlude)
  33. Category Is...
  34. Category Is… (feat. Vjuan Allure)
  35. CBT Session (Interlude)
  36. Celebrate
  37. Cha Cha Bitch
  38. Cha Cha Bitch (feat. AB Soto)
  39. Champion
  40. Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent
  41. Christmas Cookies
  42. Christmas Nite
  43. Christmas Train Medley
  44. Christmas Train - Medley: Joy To The World / Deck The Halls / O Come All Ye Faithful / Jingle Bells / Hark The Herald Angels Sing / We Wish You A Merr
  45. Click Clack
  46. Color Me Love
  47. Coming out of Hiding
  48. Cover Girl
  49. Creating Own Destiny
  50. Cupcake & Pepper (Interlude)
  51. Cupcake Meets Annaka (Interlude)
  52. Damn You, Annaka!
  53. Dance with U
  54. Destiny Is Mine
  55. Devil Made Me Do It
  56. Die Tomorrow
  57. Diesel Pancake Makeup (Interlude)
  58. Dismembership (Interlude)
  59. Do The Right Thing
  60. Dolores
  61. Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
  62. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
  63. Drag Mocks Identity (Interlude)
  64. Drag Race (Original Theme)
  65. Drag Race Theme
  66. Drag Race Theme (feat. Miss Fame)
  67. Drag U
  68. Drag U (feat. Katya)
  69. Drag U Theme
  70. Drag U Theme (Gomi High Heels & A Dream Remix)
  71. Drag U Theme (Jared Jones Movin’ On Remix)
  72. Drop
  73. Drop That Pimp
  74. Drop That Pimp (feat. Violet Chachki & Miles Davis Moody)
  75. Early Aspirations
  76. Epilogue (Interlude)
  77. Ernestine's Rap
  78. Everybody Dance
  79. Everyday Attire
  80. Everything
  81. Falling
  82. Favorite Body Part
  83. Feel Like A Woman
  84. Feel Like Dancin'
  85. First Push-Up Bra
  86. First Supermodel Performance
  87. Fly Tonight
  88. Foxy Lady
  89. Freaky Money
  90. Freaky Money (feat. Jasmine Masters)
  91. Free 2 Be
  92. Free To Be
  93. Free Your Mind
  94. Funky Christmas
  95. Geronimo
  96. Get Your Rebel On
  97. Ghetto Love
  98. Give It One More Try
  99. Glamazon
  100. Happy
  101. Hard Candy Christmas
  102. Hello children, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: Now prance, prance I said. Now prance, prance girl.
  103. Here Comes Santa Claus
  104. (Here It Comes) Around Again
  105. Hey baby, sashay, shante, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: You are pumping that music Miss Thang.
  106. Hey baby, this is Miss RuPaul, Lady Gangster Supreme, and I'm taking no prisoners. On your knees.
  107. Hey baby, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: Don't he sound cute. You go boy!
  108. Hey baby, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: Don't let the smooth taste fool ya.
  109. Hey baby, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say to the lady DJ: You better work these children into a frenzy and I mean it, or I'll be over there
  110. Hey baby this is RuPaul and I want you to carry me to ecstasy!
  111. Hey baby, this is RuPaul, Supermodel of the World.
  112. Hey Booty
  113. Hey Booty (feat. Pearl & Miles Davis Moody)
  114. Hey DJ, this is RuPaul. Put my record on.
  115. Hey DJ, this is RuPaul, Supermodel of the World, and that scratch is making me itch.
  116. Hey good-looking, be back to pick you up later.
  117. Hey Mr. DJ, this is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: Don't hurt nobody with your bad self.
  118. Hey, this is RuPaul, and that was smooth.
  119. Hey, this is RuPaul and this music is making my hair curl.
  120. Hey, this is RuPaul. I want you to run over here and get me a 2-piece snack dinner so I can have some of that chicken and some greens, OK. Give me an
  121. High Fashion Labels
  122. Hit The Floor (Matt Moss' Vidon Remix)
  123. Hollywood U.S.A.
  124. Hollywood U.S.A. (feat. The PitCrew)
  125. House Of Love
  126. How 2 Rock It
  127. I Blame You
  128. I Bring The Beat
  129. I Just Can't Wait ('Til Christmas)
  130. I Just Can't Wait (Till Christmas)
  131. I Met Him on the Dance Floor (Interlude)
  132. I Need More
  133. I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
  134. I've Got That Feelin' (7" Version)
  135. I've Got That Feelin' (Club Remix)
  136. I've Got That Feelin' (Hip Hop Club)
  137. I've Got That Feelin' (Hip House)
  138. I've Got That Feelin' (Love Dub)
  139. If I Dream
  140. If You Were A Woman And I Was A Man
  141. In My Neighborhood
  142. Intro / Artist ID
  143. It's Raining Men - The Sequel
  144. J.O.M.B.2.0
  145. J.O.M.B. (Gomi & RasJek)
  146. J.O.M.B. (Gomi & RasJek Edit)
  147. J.O.M.B. (Macutchi's Wizard's Sleeve)
  148. J.O.M.B. (Mykonos RevoLucian)
  149. J.O.M.B. (Ranny Vs. The Popstar)
  150. J.O.M.B. (Ranny Vs. The Popstar Edit)
  151. J.O.M.B. (RevoLucian's Fxxk It Up)
  152. J.O.M.B. (Ruru & Rozy Disco)
  153. J.O.M.B. (Vibelicious' Jealous Of My Booty)
  154. Jack In The Box Commercial
  155. Jealous Of My Boogie
  156. Jealouse Of My Boogy
  157. Jingle Dem Bells
  158. Just A Lil In & Out
  159. Just a Little in & out
  160. Kinky/freaky
  161. Kitty Girl
  162. L.A. Rhythm
  163. LadyBoy
  164. Legends
  165. Let the Music Play
  166. Let the Music Play (feat. Ginger Minj)
  167. Let's Turn The Night
  168. LGBT
  169. Lick It Lollipop
  170. Little Drummer Boy
  171. Live Forever
  172. Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous
  173. Love is Love
  174. Main Event
  175. Main Event Main Event (Chris Thomas' Hi-NRG mix)
  176. Main Event Main (Matt Pop 80's Tribute extended)
  177. Make That Move
  178. Merry Christmas, Mary
  179. Mighty Love
  180. Miss Lady DJ
  181. Miss Tasha (Interlude)
  182. "Miss Thing" Montage
  183. Modern Love
  184. Mr. DJ, I have one thing to say: You better pump it baby.
  185. Mr. DJ, this is RuPaul and I command you to work these children into a frenzy! Now! Prance!
  186. Mr. Totally
  187. My Love Sees No Color
  188. Need More
  189. Never Go Home Again
  190. New York City Beat
  191. New York City Beat (feat. Michelle Visage)
  192. Next Up, Team Ivy Winters
  193. Nothing For Christmas
  194. Oh No She Better Don't
  195. Oh No She Better Don't (feat. The Cast of Rupaul's Drag Race Season 6)
  196. Ol' Smeller (Interlude)
  197. On Album
  198. On Arnold Schwarzenegger
  199. On Basketball
  200. On Cliffhanger
  201. On Cupcake
  202. On Fame
  203. On First Family
  204. On First Time In Drag
  205. On Future Goals
  206. On Gender
  207. On Height
  208. On Influence
  209. On Infomercials
  210. On Jurassic Park
  211. On LaWanda Page
  212. On Make-Up
  213. On Making Music
  214. On Motivation
  215. On Name (a)
  216. On Name (b)
  217. On Name (c)
  218. On Pets
  219. On Prancing
  220. On Prince
  221. On "Prisoner Of Love"
  222. On Prostitution
  223. On Psychic Drag Network
  224. On Shaving
  225. On Shopping
  226. On Special Moments In Life
  227. On Straight Men
  228. On "Supernatural"
  229. On The First Supermodel
  230. On The Illusion Of Drag
  231. On The Perfect Evening
  232. On The Theory Of Relativity
  233. On Tucking
  234. On Wigs
  235. On Writing "All Of A Sudden"
  236. Ooh, this is RuPaul and somebody done put some Jheri Curl juice on the turntables.
  237. Party Train
  238. Peanut Butter
  239. Peanut Butter (feat. Big Freedia)
  240. People Are People
  241. People Are People / Sheepy Skit
  242. Press Releases
  243. Prisoner Of Love
  244. Pussycat 4 Sale
  245. Put Some Weight On It
  246. R.U. Nasty
  247. Read U Wrote U
  248. Read U Wrote U (Ellis Miah Mix) [feat. The Cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Season 2]
  249. Remember Me / Back To My Roots Medley
  250. Responsitrannity
  251. Ringtone: "Cameroon"
  252. Ringtone: "Charisma, Uniqueness..."
  253. Ringtone: "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines"
  254. Ringtone: "Lipsync For Your Life"
  255. Ringtone: "Sashay Away"
  256. Rock It (To the Moon) [feat. KUMMERSPECK]
  257. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (RuPaul The...)
  258. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (RuPaul The Shiny-Nosed Drag Queen)
  259. RuPaul says: On your knees and lick it.
  260. RuPaul says: Pump it.
  261. RuPaul says: Work.
  262. RuPaul The Red-Nosed Drag Queen
  263. Santa Baby
  264. Say My Name
  265. Sex Freak
  266. Sexy Drag Queen
  267. Shirley Q Intro
  268. Shirley Q. Liqour & Watusi Jenkins
  269. Shirley Q, Liquor And Watusi Jenkins
  270. Sissy That Walk
  271. Sister Brother
  272. Snapshot
  273. Snatched For The Gods
  274. Star Booty
  275. Step It Up
  276. Stinky Dinky
  277. Strüdelmodel
  278. Super
  279. Superman
  280. Supermodel
  281. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (Craig C. Encino Edit)
  282. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (Craig C. Encino Edit - Bonus Track)
  283. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (Craig C. Havenhurst Vocal)
  284. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (El Lay Toya Jam)
  285. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (Jackopella)
  286. SuperModel f/Shirley Q. Liquor (There, U Just Got Rocked Mix)
  287. Supernatural
  288. Superstar
  289. Sweet Kandy Of Mine
  290. Sweet Kandy of Mine (feat. Kandy Ho)
  291. Sweet Pussycat Of Mine
  292. Tarzan
  293. The Beginning
  294. The Beginning (feat. Jaidynn Diore Fierce)
  295. The Call (Interlude)
  296. The Extravaganza Megamix (Club Mix)
  297. The Extravaganza Megamix (Extended Club Mix)
  298. The Extravaganza Megamix (Radio Edit)
  299. The Lonely (Giuseppe D's Solitude Mix)
  300. The Mack
  301. The Price of One
  302. The Realness
  303. Theme From "Drag Race"
  304. Thinkin' 'Bout You
  305. This Is a Picnic (Interlude)
  306. This is RuPaul and I have one thing to say: Ain't she all that.
  307. Thorns Of A Rose
  308. Thorns of a Rose (Interlude)
  309. Throw Ya Hands Up
  310. Throw Ya Hands Up 2015
  311. Throw Ya Hands Up (feat. Kennedy Davenport)
  312. Tranny Chaser
  313. U Wear It Well
  314. Untitled
  315. Wake Up Drop
  316. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Acapella)
  317. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (D & D Bentley Mix)
  318. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Dubs 2)
  319. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (Dubs 3)
  320. Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get (RuPaul Talk Radio)
  321. Whore Commercial
  322. Whore Commercial #2
  323. Whore Commercial #3
  324. With Bells On
  325. Work That Body
  326. Workout
  327. Workout / Betta Work Skit
  328. You Are The World (To Me)!
  329. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  330. You're No Lady (Extended)
  331. You're No Lady (Get-Far Fargetta Full Edit)
  332. You're No Lady (Get-Far Fargetta Full Mix)
  333. You're No Lady (Radio Edit)
  334. You're No Lady (Spanish Extended)
  335. You're No Lady (Spanish Radio Edit)
  336. You Want Love (Follow Me)

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