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Top 10 Kylie Minogue Songs

33 Can't Get You out of My Head
39 Love At First Sight
12 In My Arms
19 In Your Eyes
18 2 Hearts
24 Slow
27 Wow
43 All The Lovers
53 Come Into My World
49 Get Outta My Way

All Kylie Minogue Songs

Full list of Kylie Minogue songs, listed alphabetically:

  1. 100 Degrees
  2. 12 Hours
  3. 2 Hearts
  4. 2000 Miles
  5. A Kind of Slow to Body Language (Kylie vs. Inxs)
  6. A Lifetime to Repair
  7. After Dark
  8. All I See
  9. All I Wanna Do
  10. All I Wanna Do is Make You Mine
  11. All The Lovers
  12. Almost A Lover
  13. Always and Forever
  14. Always Find The Time
  15. And 'Secret' has credits going to no fewer than 9 writers.
  16. And the Cosmic, written and produced with Francis Eg White.
  17. Aphrodite
  18. As we said, there are lots of different writers and producers on the album. Someone has to hold on to the overall concept of what you want the album t
  19. Aston Martin
  20. At Christmas
  21. Automatic Love
  22. B.P.M
  23. Baby
  24. Band Aid 2---Do They Know It's Christmas?
  25. Beautiful
  26. Behind the Scenes of "Kiss Me Once" Photo Shoot
  27. Better Than Today
  28. Better The Devil You Know
  29. Better The Devil Your Know (The Mad March Hare Mix)
  30. Bittersweet Goodbye
  31. Black and White
  32. Boombox
  33. Boombox/Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
  34. Borderline (Saint Ken's Queens of Pop remix)
  35. Boy
  36. BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  37. Breathe
  38. Breathe / Je T'Aime
  39. Breathle
  40. Brothers In Rhythm
  41. Burning Up
  42. Burning Up / Vogue
  43. Bury Me Deep In Love
  44. Butterfly
  45. Can't Beat The Feeling
  46. Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head
  47. Can't Get Out Of My Head (K&M's Mind-Print Mix)
  48. Can't Get U Outta (Unknown Remix)
  49. Can't Get Without Me
  50. Can't Get You Of My Head
  51. Can't Get You out of My Head
  52. 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', from 'Fever', was such a big selling and big radio record! Was there pressure; that you might struggle to follow it up
  53. Can't Get Your Out Of My Head
  54. (Can't Start) Giving You Up
  55. Canat Get You Out Of My Head
  56. Cant Get My Time of My Head (Kylie vs. New Order vs. Dutch)
  57. Carried Away
  58. Celebration
  59. Change Your Mind
  60. Chasing Ghost (screen visual)
  61. Cherry Bomb
  62. Chiggy Wiggy
  63. Chocolate
  64. Christmas Isn't Christmas 'til You Get Here
  65. Christmas Wrapping
  66. City Games
  67. Closer
  68. Closer2010
  69. Come In To My World
  70. Come Into My World
  71. Confide in Me
  72. Confide In Me/fr
  73. Coocacho
  74. Coocachoo
  75. Copacabana
  76. Cosmic
  77. Count The Days
  78. Cover Me with Kisses
  79. Cowboy Style
  80. Cowboy Style / Finer Feelings
  81. Cowboy Sytle
  82. Cruise Control
  83. Crystallize
  84. Cupid Boy
  85. Dancefloor
  86. Dancing
  87. Dancing Queen
  88. Dangerous Game
  89. Dangerous Overture (Big Brothers Mix)
  90. Dangerrous Game
  91. Death is Not The End
  92. Did It Again
  93. Difficult By Design
  94. Disco Down
  95. Disco Dreams
  96. Do It Again
  97. Do They Know Its Christmas?
  98. Do You Dare?
  99. Don't You Want Me Slowly?
  100. Dreams
  101. Dreams Impossible Princess
  102. Drunk
  103. En 80-Min-Non-Stop-Mix
  104. Enjoy Yourself
  105. Enjoy Youself
  106. Especially for You
  107. Esta En Tus Ojos
  108. Every Day's Like Christmas
  109. Everything Is Beautiful
  110. Everything Taboo (medley)
  111. Everything Taboo (Medley: Shocked / What Do I Have To Do? / Spinning Around)
  112. Everything Taboo: Shocked / What Do I Have to Do? / Spinning Around
  113. Excuse My French
  114. Fall For You
  115. Falling
  116. Feel So Good
  117. Feel The Fever
  118. Feel The Fever Documentary
  119. Feels So Good
  120. Fever
  121. Fever, the last album was a 6 million seller world wide, and 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' a record that was just everywhere. Did you ever get tired
  122. Fine
  123. Finer Feelings
  124. Finger Feelings
  125. First off, after all the worry of your illness, it is so good to see you back in such good form. Congratulations on your recovery, on your 20th annive
  126. First off, the first single 2 Hearts. Great track!
  127. Flower
  128. Flower, I Believe In You
  129. For All I'm Worth
  130. Fragile
  131. Free
  132. Gallery
  133. Gbi
  134. German Bold Italic
  135. Get Out Of My Way
  136. Get Outta My Way
  137. Getting Closer
  138. Getting Closer [Extended Oz Instrumental]
  139. Getting Closer [Extended Oz Mix]
  140. Getting Closer [UK Instrumental]
  141. Getting Closer [UK Mix]
  142. Give It To Me
  143. Give Me Just a Little More Time
  144. Giving You Up
  145. Glad to Be Alive
  146. Go Hard Or Go Home
  147. Go To Be Certain (Remix)
  148. Golden Boy
  149. Golden
  150. Good Life
  151. Good Like That
  152. Got to Be Certain
  153. Gotta Move On
  154. Hand on Your Heart
  155. Harmony
  156. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  157. Heart Beat Rock
  158. Heart Beat Rock, a song about the boys watching the girls getting ready to hit the floor. Good single material!
  159. Heartbeat Rock
  160. Hearts Beat Rock
  161. Heartstring
  162. Heartstrings
  163. Heaven and Earth
  164. Heaven On Earth
  165. Hi this is Kylie. Coming right up, In My Arms.
  166. Hi this is Kylie. Coming right up, The One.
  167. Hi this is Kylie. From the new album X this is Speakerphone. Hello..
  168. Hi this is Kylie. Here's a track from the new album X...No More Rain
  169. Hi this is Kylie. I can make your Heart Beat Rock. Check it out.
  170. Hi this is Kylie. Next track from the X album is Sensitized.
  171. Hi this is Kylie. Next up, I'm going to sing Wow, from the X album. Not like 'Wow! I'm going to sing' but I'm singing Wow, the song Wow. OK, everybody
  172. Hi this is Kylie, the next track you'll hear from my new album X, is Like a Drug.
  173. Hi this is Kylie. The next track you're going to hear from my new album X is the first single, 2 Hearts.
  174. Hi this is Kylie. The next track you're going to hear from my new album X is this track All I See.
  175. Higher
  176. How did you hook up with all the writers and producers on the album?
  177. How Did You Know
  178. How did you pick the songs for the album? for the end of an affair: "I want my records back, To get my heart on track"
  179. How many locations did you use for the recording of Kylie 'X', and are the internet rumours correct about forty songs, being considered for the record
  180. I Am Ready
  181. I Am The One For You
  182. I Believe In You
  183. I Don't Know What It Is
  184. I Don't Need Anyone
  185. I Don't What It Is
  186. I Feel for You
  187. 'I Feel For You' has a vocal sample in it. But what does it say?
  188. I Gotta Love
  189. I Guess I Like It Like That
  190. I Guess I Like That / Keep On Pumpin' It
  191. I Know
  192. I'll Still Be Lovin You
  193. I'll Still Be Loving You
  194. I Love It
  195. I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
  196. I'm Just Here For The Music
  197. I'm Over Dreaming
  198. I'm So High
  199. I Miss You
  200. I Should Be So Lucky
  201. I Still Love You (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi)
  202. I Was Gonna Cancel
  203. If I Was You Lover
  204. If I Was Your Lover
  205. If Only
  206. If You Don't Love Me
  207. If You Were with Me Now
  208. Illusion
  209. In Denial
  210. In My Arms
  211. In My Arms starts with a spoken line from you, that sounds a bit like Keira Knightley in Atonement, Not very, er Australian girl...
  212. In The Mood Of Love
  213. In the next track 'Someday', there is a great lyric for the end of an affair:! "I want my records back, To get my heart on track"
  214. In Ur Eyes
  215. In Your Eyes
  216. Interview
  217. Into the Blue
  218. Intro
  219. Intro / Breathe
  220. Introduction
  221. It's No Secret
  222. It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  223. Je Ne Sais Pas Porquoi
  224. Je Ne Sais Pas Pour Quoi / Got To Be Certain / I Should Be So Lucky / The Locomotion
  225. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqoui
  226. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
  227. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi / I Still Love You
  228. Je T'aime/Breathe
  229. Jingle
  230. Jump
  231. Just Wanna Love You
  232. Keep on Pumpin' It
  233. Keep On Pumpin' It Up (Angelic Remix)
  234. Keep on Pumpin' It Up (Angelix remix)
  235. Keep On Pumpin' It Up (Astral Flight Mix)
  236. Kids
  237. Kids Featuring Dannii Minogue (Extra Feature)
  238. King Or Queen
  239. Kiss Me Once
  240. Koocachoo
  241. Kookachoo
  242. Kylie Chameleon
  243. Kylie is a role model, especially for young girls. Is that ever a burden for you?
  244. Kylie Loves Garlands
  245. Kylie On "Kiss Me Once"
  246. Kylie's New Chicken
  247. Kylie's Smiley Mix
  248. Learning Your ABC's
  249. Les Sex
  250. Let It Snow
  251. Let's Get to It
  252. Lhuna
  253. Light Years / I Feel Love
  254. Light Years
  255. Light Years / Turn It Into Love
  256. Like a Drug
  257. "Like a pure white diamond/I'll shine on and on", is a line from a song on your website. Suits you, Madam!
  258. Limbo
  259. Limpido
  260. Limpio
  261. Live and Learn
  262. Locomotion
  263. Locomotion [The Girl Meets Boy Mix]
  264. Look My Way
  265. Looking For An Angel
  266. Los Amantes
  267. Los Amores
  268. Lose Control
  269. Love Affair
  270. Love At First Sigh
  271. Love At First Sight
  272. Love At First Sight 1988
  273. Love At First Sight / Can't Beat the Feeling (Live from Aphrodite/Les Folies)
  274. Love At First Site
  275. Love Boat
  276. Love Is On The Line
  277. Love Is The Drug
  278. Love Is Waiting
  279. Love Takes over Me
  280. Love Train
  281. Loveboat
  282. Loving Days
  283. 'Loving Days' next: back to the studios of Biff Stannard and Joolzs Gallagher. Back to Dublin.
  284. LovingYou
  285. Lucky
  286. Made in Heaven
  287. Made Of Glass
  288. Magic
  289. Magnetic Electric
  290. Making of "Into the Blue" Video
  291. Medley
  292. Mighty Rivers
  293. Million Dollar Mermaid (Intro) [Live from Aphrodite/Les Folies]
  294. Million Miles
  295. More Mantronik in 'Obsession'. More chilled out tempo. More 80s feel.
  296. More More More
  297. Mr President
  298. Music's Too Sad Without You
  299. My Image Unlimited
  300. My Secret Heart
  301. n the Light Years album, you had a list of Key Words in the studio for everyone to keep in mind. Have you done the same this time?
  302. Naughty song time next, Nu Di Ty. Look away, kids.
  303. Need You Tonight
  304. Never Spoken
  305. Never Too Late
  306. New York City
  307. Next up from the new Kylie album, Sensitized, with fiddles and whoops all over the intro. Bit of a Kylie Keilidh?
  308. Next up, Like A Drug. How hard was making that?
  309. Next up, Nu Di Ty. Should I look away?
  310. Next up, 'Promises'. Written and produced by Kurtis Khaleel, aka Mantronik. How did you get to know him?
  311. No Better
  312. No Better Love
  313. No Le Dijo Nada
  314. No More Rain
  315. No Scrubs
  316. No Vengas A Mi
  317. No World Without You
  318. Nothing Can Stop Us
  319. Nothing to Lose
  320. Now, some Top Shelf Music (so sexy it has to be kept out of the reach of the young.) 'Chocolate' has to be a #1 hit, and it's so sexy!
  321. Now, the process of getting ready to record. When you've got a new album coming up, do you listen to loads of music, or avoid listening altogether?
  322. Nu Di Ty
  323. Nu-Di-Ty Segue
  324. Obsession
  325. Ocean Blue
  326. On A Night Like This
  327. On A Night Like This Bini Martini Club Mix
  328. On The Up
  329. One
  330. One Boy Girl
  331. One of the things that people love about 'Kylie' is here ability to laugh, not to get all 'artist' and self obsessed. What is it that keeps your feet
  332. Only You
  333. Out of My Head
  334. Over The Rainbow
  335. Overture
  336. Paper Dolls
  337. Pass Word
  338. Password
  339. Password Hidden Track
  340. Physical
  341. Please Stay
  342. Projections
  343. Promises
  344. 'Promises' is definitely a song from an assertive and strong woman (and not the only one on the album). Sexy - but strong.
  345. Put Your Hands Up
  346. Put Yourself in My Place
  347. Put Youself In My Place
  348. Que Hiciste Que?
  349. Rainbow Prequel
  350. Real Groove
  351. Reb Blooded Woman
  352. Red Blooded Woman
  353. Red Blooded Woman / Where The Wild Roses Grow
  354. Red Blooded Women
  355. Rendezvous At Sunset
  356. Rhythm of Love
  357. Right Here Right Now
  358. Right, 'Red Blooded Woman'. This stars the dynamic duo of Johnny Douglas and Karen Poole (ex Alisha's Attic).
  359. Rippin' Up The Disco
  360. Ruffle My Feathers
  361. Santa Baby
  362. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
  363. Say Hey
  364. Say Something
  365. Say the Word
  366. Say The World
  367. Secret
  368. Secret White Horse
  369. Secrets
  370. Sensitized
  371. Sexercize
  372. Sexy Love
  373. Shake It Slow (Remix)
  374. She Was So Lucky
  375. Shocked
  376. Shocked / What Do I Have To Do?
  377. Short Film Chronicling 'A Day In The Life' Of Kylie On The Road
  378. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
  379. Silence
  380. Sino A Ti
  381. Skirt
  382. Sleeping With The Enemy
  383. Sleepwalker
  384. Slo Motion
  385. Slow
  386. Slow (Acapella)
  387. Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix) (Edit)
  388. Slow (Extended Instrumental)
  389. Slow (Extended Mix)
  390. Slow Motion
  391. Slow Overdrive
  392. Slow (Radio Slave Remix)
  393. Slow (Synth City Remix)
  394. 'Slow', the first single, has a nice retro feel, while at the same time being bang up to date. Tell us about the writing and recording of 'Slow'
  395. Slowly (Uandiversion)
  396. So, back into the studio (or perhaps, studios, because you tend to record all over the place). What was the most daunting part about getting back into
  397. So Now Goodbye
  398. So, putting the songs together for a new album, you've been helped and guided by Jamie Nelson and Miles Leonard in A&R. For those of us outside th
  399. So, the album is done and ready to go. What about the lights, the amps, the drums, the dancers, the halls??
  400. So the new album is called X. Why?
  401. So you have recorded quite a lot in Scandinavia with the hot dance outfits, Bloodshy and Avant, Cutfather etc. Do you think there is a real difference
  402. So you recorded in Spain. That sounds like a good idea
  403. So, you said earlier that you were proud of 'X'. What makes you most proud? Having got trough all the other stuff and made it at all?
  404. So, your 3rd Parlophone CD is out on November 17th. How long does it take you to make an album?
  405. Some Kind Of Bliss
  406. Someday
  407. Sometime Samurai
  408. Sometimes Samurai
  409. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
  410. Soul on Fire
  411. Space Prequel
  412. Sparks
  413. Speakerphone
  414. Speakerphone/Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Stage Visuals)
  415. Speakerphone is a terrific track. Bet you can't wait to sing this one on stage!
  416. Spell Of Desire
  417. Spinnig Around
  418. Spinning Around
  419. Stage Mood Boards
  420. Stars
  421. Stay This Way
  422. Step Back in Time
  423. Still Standing
  424. 'Still Standing' is next, written by Ash Thomas - who's Ash Thomas?
  425. Stop Me from Falling
  426. Surrender
  427. Sweet Music
  428. 'Sweet Music' is interesting. It's a love song on one level; but it's also a track about recording a track.
  429. Take Me with You
  430. Tears
  431. Tears on My Pillow
  432. Tell Tale Signs
  433. Tell us about No More Rain - anything to do with what you've been through?
  434. Tell us about 'Secret (Take You Home)'
  435. Telltale Signs
  436. Temple Prequel
  437. That track was written by Kish Mauve, a young London 4 piece. Did you work directly with them?
  438. The Birth of Aphrodite (Intro) [Live from Aphrodite/Les Folies]
  439. The Crying Game (Ballads Section)
  440. The Crying Game Medley
  441. The last track is 'After Dark', which sound like another hit single. Back to the hit writer Cathy Dennis.
  442. The Loco-motion
  443. The Locomotion
  444. The One
  445. The Real Thing
  446. The Reflex
  447. The Scandinavian sound next, of Bloodshy and Avant on All I See.
  448. The Showgirl Theme
  449. The Showgirl tour had to be halted when your illness was diagnosed - so to complete what we now know as the Homecoming Tour must have been really impo
  450. The Singing Budgie & The King Of Goth
  451. The Tempest
  452. The track is full of rain and thunder sound effects. It has quite a filmic quality about it.
  453. The 'voice' of 'Body Language' is undoubtedly that of an assertive woman.
  454. The World Still Turns
  455. There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart) [Live from Aphrodite/Les Folies]
  456. There's a slow, less frantic vibe across the whole album
  457. Things Can Only Get Better
  458. This Girl
  459. This is Stars, from the new album, X. Hi I'm Kylie and it's great to be with you.
  460. This song has the line 'Go tonight' advising someone not to let a chance of love slip away. Another lyric stimulated by what you've been through? Neve
  461. Through The Years
  462. Tight Rope (Australian Bonus Track)
  463. Tightrope
  464. Time Will Pass You by
  465. Time (Yomanda Unreleased Mix)
  466. Timebomb
  467. To finish off this look through my new album X, this is Kylie saying thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy....Cosmic.
  468. Too Far
  469. Too Much
  470. Too Much of a Good Thing
  471. Track 10 is Stars, and there are lyrics here that sound as though they came from your recent past; and your heart...
  472. Track 7 is The One, with a list of producer credits that's as long as the phone book. Who are all these people?
  473. Trippin Me Up
  474. True Love Never Dies
  475. Turn In Into Love
  476. Turn It into Love
  477. Two Hearts
  478. Tyler
  479. Under the Influence
  480. Under The Influence Of Love
  481. Unknown Track
  482. Untitled
  483. Voodoo
  484. Way To Far
  485. We Are One
  486. We Know The Meaning of Love
  487. What about the songs that don't quite make it onto the album? Is it a very difficult job to reject some that you really like?
  488. What Do I Have to Do
  489. What do the strings add, on a track like 'Loving Days'?
  490. What Kind A Fool (Heard All That Before)
  491. What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)
  492. When The Cat's Away
  493. Whenever You Feel Like It
  494. Where does 'Body Language' take you, personnaly and musically?
  495. Where Has The Love Gone?
  496. Where In The World
  497. Where Is The Feelin' (Felix Da Housecat Klubb Feelin Mix)
  498. Where Is the Feeling?
  499. Where The Wild Roses Grow
  500. While you were ill, could you sense the wave of feeling that swept round the world, willing you to get better?
  501. Whisky
  502. Whistle
  503. White December
  504. White Diamond
  505. White Diamond Film (Full Length Director's Cut)
  506. White Diamond Theme
  507. Who Were We
  508. Winter Wonderland
  509. Word is out
  510. World Still Turns
  511. Wouldn't Change a Thing
  512. Wow comes next. Minogue, Karen Poole and Greg Kurstin.
  513. Wow
  514. You Make Me Feel
  515. You must feel very proud to have made such a good album, considering what you've been through?
  516. You're The One
  517. Young Talent Time
  518. Your Disco Need You (Spanish Version)
  519. Your Disco Needs You
  520. Your Disco Needs You Casino Radio Club Mix
  521. Your Love

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