Guy Madison and Sheila Connolly (Couple)

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Guy Madison and Sheila Connolly
Date Dating April 1954
Date Married 25 October 1954
Date Separated 1 November 1959
Date Divorced 3 April 1964
Relationship Type Married
Relationship Status Divorced
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(25 October 1954 - 3 April 1964) (divorced) 3 children

April 54 meets actor Robert Ozell Moseley at a private party after a boat show. Moseley is popular under the name Guy Madison on TV`s "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" and is married to actress Gail Russell.

May 54 is seen at the Captain`s Table with Air Force General John Montgomery

dates young actor Guy Madison at the Mocambo

July 54 columnist Jimmy Fidler writes that Guy Madison "was dating Sheila Connolly, and then it was discovered that this newest of the western stars seemed to be taken seriously with Barbara Warner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner"

August 54 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen notes her dating Guy Madison

24 October 54 Madison`s spokesman, Stan Mungove, announces in Hollywood that Madison plans to obtain a divorce in Juarez, Mexico, on October 26 from actress Gail Russell and minutes later marry Sheila. Mungove says Gail Russell last week signed a waiver allowing the actor to seek the divorce in Mexico. Madison obtained an interlocutory divorce decree in Los Angeles October 6, but it won`t become final for a year.

she and Madison plan to go to Miami, Florida, immediately after the marriage and return to Hollywood on October 30

25 October 54 secretly marries Madison in Juarez, Mexico, after he obtained a Mexican divorce from Gail Russell. He`s 32; she`s 24. The judge at the Juarez civil registry claims there are discrepancies in the marriage application of Madison, who gives his marital status as single, when actually he is divorced from actress Gail Russell.

November 54 Madison takes her to Bakersfield, California, to introduce her to his parents. She will go with him when he reports to Reno, Nevada, for the 10-day location of Five Against the House.

December 54 she and Madison immediately leave Helen Cunsworth’s party honoring them for Colorado for ten days delayed honeymoon. They also collect their wedding presents at Helen’s because they left for Florida immediately after their marriage. Louella Parsons writes: “Sheila’s two sisters, Jean Connolly, who looks like Sheila, and Mrs. Maureen Lynch whose husband is in Korea and Guy’s brother, Wayne Mosley (who brought Lori Nelson) represented the families of the bride and groom.”

January 55 her Mexican marriage to Guy Madison is questioned because of Gail Russell’s California divorce

? accompanies her husband to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he films The Beast of Hollow Mountain

March 55 is ill from a shake-up received while traveling by air from Mexico City to Hollywood

26 April 55 her first daughter, Bridget Catherine, is born in Los Angeles

October 55 columnist Louella Parsons reports on her creating a minor sensation when she arrives at Holloman Airport in New Mexico with a poodle under her arm. “She had her own black hair cut exactly like the pooch’s. She wore a red ribbon - so did her dog."

November 55 she and her husband help launch the holiday season with their housewarming up in the Hollywood Hills

December 55 the Madisons attend The Thalians’ dinner dance at Ciro’s

Summer 56 Silver Screen reports that the Madisons are anxious for a son, whom they expect in July

21 July 56 her daughter Erin Patricia is born in Santa Monica

December 56 she and husband Guy are so happy with their second girl

is reported riding around town in a white Thunderbird, a gift from her husband

January 57 is commissioned by Emanuel Fineman, Hollywood Casuals, to design a line of spectator sportswear

10 September 57 her daughter Dolly Ann is born in Los Angeles

? is considered for the female lead in the upcoming “Tarzan and Jane,” but her husband’s against it

February 58 in Los Angeles court she and her husband file to have their name legally changed from Moseley to Madison

21 September 58 after a spat with her, Madison moves out of their Hollywood home. Madison says he hopes to patch things up.

November 58 attends the baby shower for Jayne Mansfield. Other guests are fellow actresses Terry Moore and Noreen Nash.

December 58 she and Madison may reconcile by Christmas. "Their Christmas presents are carded ‘From the Guy Madisons’ - in Sheila’s handwriting...”

January 59 the hot reason that Madison wants to reconcile with her is that he gave her a diamond bracelet for Christmas. It didn’t turn the trick - at least not yet. “I’m just not talking,” she laughingly evades. Originally she planned to make the New Year’s Eve rounds with Debbie Reynolds. Debbie decided to stay home, so Sheila accepted an invitation from the Geary Steffens.

Mid-January 59 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Sheila Connelly and estranged husband Guy Madison didn’t have a car between them, all the result of a series of incidents. Sheila was waiting for a stoplight to change on Ventura Boulevard when another driver suddenly crashed into the rear of her car. Before the chain reaction stopped, four automobiles had been damaged. Sheila’s new Thunderbird was a mess. Her legs got black and blue. She called Guy and he offered to lend her his car. But when he went to get it, he found it had been stolen.”

1 November 59 she and Madison separate

c. 60 returning to the States from Rome, she has a stop-over in London, where she meets her former husband, Harry Lee Danziger

26 January 61 files for divorce from Madison in Los Angeles Superior Court charging cruelty. She asks for a share of the community property, "reasonable support" for herself and the custody of their three daughters, Bridget Catherine, 5; Erin Patricia, 4; and Dolly Ann, 3. She says the community property includes a home at 16818 Knollwood Drive, Granada Hills; unimproved land in Santa Barbara; membership in the Lakeside Golf Club; and a 1958 sports car. A pre-divorce hearing is scheduled in domestic relations court at 9 a.m. February 9. He`s 38; she`s 30.

January 61 dates Allen Reisner while waiting for Guy Madison to okay the property settlement

February 61 after her failed marriage, she returns to the screen with a small part in 20th Century-Fox’s Pirates of Tortuga. “I’m more mature now and able to play more roles,” she says. “Six years ago I was playing teenage types. And frankly - I’m glad that’s all behind me.”

March 61 is seen with Leo Durocher

is reported celebrating her property settlement with Gordon Scott

September 62 plans to move from Hollywood to Rome as soon as she gets her divorce from Madison

April 63 is quoted complaining about Madison`s love of archery: "It seems the call of the wild was stronger than the call of the home"

September 63 is fed up with Rome and returns to Hollywood. She and estranged husband Guy Madison still live separately.

? files for divorce from Madison

3 April 64 gets her divorce from Madison in Los Angeles by testifying that he would sometimes leave when they had company. “He would go outside and shoot his bow and arrows. That seemed to be his only love.” She adds that Madison would neglect his family and would not speak to her for days. Madison, who now lives in Italy, agrees to pay $600 monthly support for their three children.

June 65 columnist Mike Connolly reports that Barbara Rush “bought a gaggle of Sheila Connolly Madison’s paintings off the walls of Greg Juarez’s art gallery...”


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