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Sonny Corinthos: My life doesn't leave room for betrayal.
Samantha McCall: No, it goes deeper than that. You can't stand to be disobeyed.
Sonny Corinthos: Jason does what he wants. I give him orders. He doesn't always follow them
Samantha McCall: You mean like when you told him to stay away from Courtney?
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah, that's one. There's other ones, you know, but we get past them.
Samantha McCall: Really? Well, this time is different.
Sonny Corinthos: Why?
Samantha McCall: Why?
Sonny Corinthos: Yeah?
Samantha McCall: Because if you see Jason as someone who's going to keep you from your daughter, you're going to see him as an enemy.

Emily Quartermaine: Jase, you know I think you're perfect.
Jason Morgan: Ah, I'm far from it, Emily.
Emily Quartermaine: And it would be perfect if you'd just get out of your own way and just let yourself be happy.
Jason Morgan: Please, don't do this.
Emily Quartermaine: You know what? I've heard all the reason's that you and Courtney can't be happy, Jason. I'm not sure I believe them. I'm not sure you do, either. But I'm absolutely convinced that love is precious, Jason, it's rare, and you'd be a fool to throw it away. And my big brother's nobody's fool.

Lorenzo Alcazar: I owe you a profound apology.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Gee, I wonder why. Maybe because you used me for sex and then pitched me out into the night like yesterday's garbage?

Tracy Quartermaine: Let me make this perfectly clear - I find you hideous on every conceivable leave. I have wanted you gone from the very first moment you slithered into my mother's rose garden. Why would I help you?
Heather Grant Webber Quartermaine: Because we want the same thing Tracy - Money.
Tracy Quartermaine: You don't have any. And your husband is working for small change.
Heather Grant Webber Quartermaine: But I have other plans for Edward and his estate. If you help me, I'll give you half his fortune.

Tracy Quartermaine: All right, I wanted to stop the marriage. But I had no idea how dangerous Helena could be.
Emily Quartermaine: Or maybe you just didn't care, Tracy, as long as you believed Helena could help you get what you want.
Tracy Quartermaine: I'm not the only one in my family that went along with Helena. But when she started hurling curses and you ended up in the hospital, well, I didn't sign up for anybody to die.
Emily Quartermaine: Why should I believe that?
Tracy Quartermaine: Did I bring you the book? I certainly didn't have to.
Emily Quartermaine: Tracy, maybe it's a trick and you're still working with Helena.
Tracy Quartermaine: Look, Missy, I made a mistake teaming up with Helena. I am trying to fix it. You can either believe it or not. Look at you! You're swooning around whining about some spider bite, and have you - have you bothered to thank me for risking my life for stealing that stinking book from Helena Cassadine? I didn't have to drag it all the way out here, but I did. I didn't have to tell you what she was doing, but I did. I gave you ammunition. Now, why don't you find a way to use it. Why don't you get up off your butt, fix yourself a drink, and fight like a Quartermaine.

Lorenzo Alcazar: Hey, glad you called. Your timing was perfect. My plane just touched down. I had to go to South America on business. This isn't social, is it? What happened?
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: You need to brace yourself, Lorenzo.
Lorenzo Alcazar: OK.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: This isn't going to be easy to say, so I'll just say it. Your niece is dead.
Lorenzo Alcazar: Sage is dead?
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Lorenzo, I am so sorry.
Lorenzo Alcazar: Tell me what happened.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Brooke Lynn called me. When that phone rang in the middle of the night, I knew it couldn't be good. Sage was over at the Quartermaine house with Brookie and Dillon and Georgie and their friend Trent, too. They were trapped there because some truck crashed and blocked the main gate. Some maniac got in the house and started killing people. First Sage, then Trent, rest their souls. Apparently, this woman is a total nut job.
Lorenzo Alcazar: Woman?
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Someone named Mary Bishop.

Sonny Corinthos: The doctors they think that this is Kristina's best chance, maybe her only one.
Samantha McCall: You know, Sonny, as soon as the baby is born, Kristina is more than welcome to the stem cells. But I cannot induce this labor. It is just too big of a risk to our daughter.
Sonny Corinthos: I respect your decision. We'll find another way to help Kristina.

Samantha McCall: You know, for two guys who work so closely together, you and Sonny are nothing alike.
Jason Morgan: No reason we should be.
Samantha McCall: Yeah, I know. I guess it's the way you're different that impresses me. Sonny thinks he owns people, and you encourage them to be themselves.
Jason Morgan: It's easier.
Samantha McCall: On everyone. Jason, thank you. Thank you for every thing that you have done for me, and I just want you to know that I've never felt so protected in my life.

Deputy Sparks: Look, I need some proof that there's really a problem here. If not, I have orders to move the prisoner tonight.
Carly Corinthos: Orders? You have orders? Who are your orders from? Are they from Sam's doctors? Are they from your boss? Are they from God? Because I think you're a little out of your jurisdiction here. What the hell gives you the right to put a precious baby's life at risk? Is it your uniform? Because you know what? Sam wouldn't even be in this place if it wasn't for - Oh, I get it. I get it. You are trying to deliberately make Sam miscarry so the jury won't have any sympathy for her. You know what? The reason you came all the way up here from South Carolina is to put this woman at risk. It's to destroy her life, and destroy the life of her unborn child!
Deputy Sparks: I guess I can wait till morning.
Carly Corinthos: Yeah, why don't you wait someplace else?

Alexis Davis Cassadine: What?
Sonny Corinthos: The buttons are straight, the jacket looks really nice, but the hair is kind of - what were you guys doing? You guys rolling around in Ric's office?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Of course not.
Sonny Corinthos: Or maybe on the desk? Were you guys doing it on the desk? May be a little uncomfortable.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Don't be ridiculous.
Sonny Corinthos: Well, I mean, it's not uncomfortable? You like doing it on the desk? Well, it makes sense because, you know, you and Ric are working all the time, so on the desk - you know what I mean?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: How much longer is this going to go on?
Sonny Corinthos: Uh, not too long. Your earring. I think you're missing an earring. You might've left it in Ric's office. Maybe in the broom closet? Or in the back seat of his car?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Maybe.
Sonny Corinthos: Maybe?
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Maybe.
Sonny Corinthos: Right.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Or maybe it's on the sofa or the patio. It could be in the bedroom. But we kind of find that boring. And if it's not in the apartment, then it could be in the elevator. Any number of elevators, all over town.
Sonny Corinthos: Whew. Wow.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Your brother is gifted.
Sonny Corinthos: Hmm.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: More than you could ever imagine. He satisfies me - no, he rocks me, body and soul, on every level, like no man that I have ever known.
Ric Lansing: Was good for me, too.

Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Sonny? That greaseball would repel a maggot.

(Liz and Jason looking out on the docks)
Jason Morgan: Don't you wish it could always be like this. No guns, no killing, no explosions, just... this.

Ric Lansing: I'm just doing what the people of this town paid me to do.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Then the people deserve a refund.

Heather Grant Webber Quartermaine: I assume you all received my fax.
Edward Quartermaine #3: What fax?
Dr. Monica Quartermaine: Oh, Heather was thoughtful enough to fax us a copy of your marriage certificate.
Edward Quartermaine #3: Really?
Heather Grant Webber Quartermaine: I thought I'd give everybody a head start on getting used to the idea and I was hoping when we got home that your family would be able to share in out happiness. Oh, it just occurred to me - you're all my family, too, now.
Dr. Monica Quartermaine: Ugh.
Dr. Alan Quartermaine: Just because you dragged my Father to the altar, don't think I'm going to start calling you Mother.
Heather Grant Webber Quartermaine: Heather will be fine.
Tracy Quartermaine: I have a better idea. How about Thieving, Gold-Digging, Tramp?

Sonny Corinthos: Maybe it's better for you not to wake up. I don't think we're going to make it out of here. I don't want you to be afraid. I'd give my life if you were just home with the boys. Taking care of them. I've never loved or hated anyone the way I loved and hated you. The way I hate and love you right now. Please, wake up.

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