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Jenny: Tracy the phones are not working, what do we do?
Tracy Quartermaine: Breath!
Jenny: I am, oh

Luke Spencer: Look, Mr. Lansing, you have no idea. You have no experience dealing with the Cassadines. The family ancestral motto is "cause as much misery to as many people as possible, " and Helena here is the grand mistress of misery!
Helena Cassadine: Luke has always been obsessed with me. I suppose it's flattering in a perverse sort of way.
Luke Spencer: Well, perversity is your best event, Cupcake.

Lois Cerullo-Ashton: My daughter would kill me for being here. She's right. You're dangerous. And I could end up getting killed in the crossfire.
Lorenzo Alcazar: That's true.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: At the very least, I'll probably end up with a broken heart. But, I can't seem to stop myself. Because I want something with you.
Lorenzo Alcazar: Look, if you're frightened, you should run. You should listen to your instincts.

Courtney Matthews Morgan: Jax is just the tip of the iceberg as far as me and Sonny. We - we have some major issues.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Well, your brother, Sonny, he can be a little difficult.
Courtney Matthews Morgan: Try impossible. Look, he - he wants to run my life and shut me out at the same time. Sonny - I mean, he's arrogant, he's obsessed with power, and you know what, he gets so incredibly angry sometimes you can't even be around him.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Yeah, but he's also decent and generous and superloyal. And he is totally respectful of women, except for the ones he happens to be sleeping with - yeah, they get destroyed. Which is perfect justice that he wound up with Carly, that raving bitch from hell.
Courtney Matthews Morgan: That would be Carly, my best friend.
Lois Cerullo-Ashton: Oh. Give me a second to pry my foot out of my mouth, and you can tell me all about it.

Sonny Corinthos: Faith ain't even in the prison van, and you're already trying to accuse me of killing her.
Ric Lansing: Well, it a reasonable conclusion, isn't it? I mean, you've wanted Faith out of the way for a long time. Why would you let a small obstacle like prison to get in the way?

Georgie Jones: Why Sage and why Trent? Because if it was just because they were alone. Then their deaths are completely my fault.
Brooke-Lynn Ashton: No. Georgie, look, you - you have no blame in this, all right? I mean, God, you didn't even want to participate in the stupid seance anyway. And - and how were you supposed to know that some crazy freak was walking around knifing people, huh? Look, if anybody is to blame for this, it's me.

Jasper 'Jax' Jacks: I don't need a blueprint to know what went on here. Helena dangled the treasure in front of you, you took the bait, and she turned it to her advantage.
Samantha McCall: I have no idea what you're talking about, Jax. I just met this Helena person. I was in her company for all of five minutes.
Jasper 'Jax' Jacks: That's the scary part, Sam. You're so desperate for this treasure you've aligned yourself with a psychopath you know nothing about. Well, I know Helena. Now, you may lie and cheat with the best of them...
Samantha McCall: Oh, thank you, I appreciate that.
Jasper 'Jax' Jacks: But, Helena is the real thing. She actually enjoys killing people. It makes her feel younger.
Samantha McCall: Which has absolutely nothing to do with me.
Jasper 'Jax' Jacks: Right, right. Of course, because you didn't strike a deal with her.
Samantha McCall: That's right, I didn't.

Emily Quartermaine: If all you want is Nikolas...
Mary Bishop: Connor.
Emily Quartermaine: Why did you kill Sage and Trent? What did a couple of teenagers ever do to you?
Mary Bishop: It wasn't personal. The guy shouldn't have been there. And he shouldn't of been helping you keep Connor locked up, either. But the girl - I thought she was you. I was pretty sure you were dead. It turns out she was someone helping you keep Connor away form me. That's not going to happen again.

Tracy Quartermaine: What ever do you want? Make it fast.
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Why, Aunt Tracy, is that anyway to talk to family?
Tracy Quartermaine: You know, the rest of the Quartermaine's may tolerate your fraudulent use of the family name. I, however, will not.
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Well, blood ties or not I do happen to care about the Quartermaine's, and that includes Edward.
Tracy Quartermaine: Poor Daddy, practically checked himself into Shadybrook when he married Heather Webber.
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: You helped Heather have him committed there. Something tells me you regret that.
Tracy Quartermaine: Something tells me you're drinking again.

Carly Corinthos: You know, as we get closer to the baby's due date, you go further and further inside yourself. You're more angry, You're more tense and the nightmares they come every night and I wake up to you either fighting demons in your sleep or your downstairs here in the dark. You think you're alone in this, and that breaks my heart. I'm scared, too, Sonny. Yeah, I almost bled to death when Michael was born. And I need you more now than ever, and you're just pulling further and further away. You're right, Sonny. Bad things do happen, as we know. Yeah, you are right about that.

Mikkos Cassadine: On the contrary, my dear, the world as we known it is insane. I will bring order out of the existing chaos.

Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Oh, my God, he's barely breathing.
Faith Rosco: Oh, here, you need a professional. My lips have been known to wake the dead.
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: You know what, Faith? You helped get him in here. Now you can go.
Faith Rosco: And leave you alone in here with Luke? I don't think so. Once we get him back among the living, he's going to help me through the fire - I need a shield.

Nikolas Cassidine: You will never forget what you saw me do here tonight.
Emily Quartermaine: Nikolas, I saw you protect me, fight against a woman who would do anything to kill me. That is what I'll remember, Nikolas. Your bravery and your love.
Nikolas Cassidine: I should turn myself in.
Emily Quartermaine: The police were already looking for Helena. She threatened Alexis at knife point, and she's suspected of killing Mary and that nurse. You say that it was an accident and they'll be happy to believe you.

Alexis Davis Cassadine: You need to get a job, Carly. You need to take up knitting, you know, run a marathon, volunteer at the kid's school. Just stop obsessing.
Carly Corinthos: Hey, don't change the subject.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: You are the subject. You've whittled your life away to just this one little, narrow focus which happens to be your ex-husband. He's already the center of his own universe. Don't make him the center of yours.

Luke Spencer: I'm disappointed in you, Red. Really disappointed. I mean, the Australian's rich, sure, but that's it. That's all he's got to offer. You could do so much better.
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Well, I'm sure Jax has kind words for you, too.
Luke Spencer: Well, he should. I've never done anything to him. However, he has treated you like dirt, he's drop-kicked you, he's shallow as a mud puddle. What do you see in him, anyway? Why are you so hung up on him?
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Oh, there's so much more than that. Let's see while you were gone, Jax and I remarried. Oh, and even better, we're expecting a little bundle of joy. Let's see what else happened while you were away. Oh, yes, we were robbed opening night at the casino here. But, well, I managed to keep the place open while you were gone and just took off and left me a note!
Luke Spencer: You really missed me, didn't you?
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Oh, I missed you, all right, considering you're the only warm body between this casino and that bleached-blond psychopath freak, Faith Rosco.
Luke Spencer: She been threatening you again?
Skye Quartermaine Jacks: Oh, only every time she turns around.

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