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Lois Cerullo-Ashton: You scare me, Lorenzo. And not in the violent sense. I'm scared of you - your heart, the look in your eyes, and the way I'm starting to feel.
Lorenzo Alcazar: Look, if I was a good person, I would ask you to leave. I'd freeze you out. You'd be a lot safer that way. And I'm sure, happier in the end. But I think it's obvious by now I'm not a very good person.

Tracy Quartermaine: What about your grandson? You know, the one you profess to love so much.
Helena Cassadine: Oh, I do love Nikolas with all of my heart. What about him?
Tracy Quartermaine: Hello? Have you forgotten you put a pox on him, too?
Helena Cassadine: Nikolas made a choice. Unfortunately, it was the wrong choice. He needs to realize that he can never have a life with Emily. And anyone who ever gets in my way is going to be very very sorry indeed.

Mitchell Coleman: Mrs. Corinthos. You're the last person I expected to hear from.
Carly Corinthos: Yeah, well, um, I need you to do something for me.
Mitchell Coleman: Let me guess. Well, you - role of happy little housewife ain't cutting it? You got a little itch that needs scratching or something?
Carly Corinthos: I will never, ever be that desperate. I need you to find someone for me.

Jason Morgan: This thing with Jax is getting serious. Isn't it?
Courtney Matthews: Yes, and it scares me to death.
Jason Morgan: Why would that scare you?
Courtney Matthews: Because I never thought that I would love anyone after loving you.

Tracy Quartermaine: I've been waiting for you.
Edward Quartermaine #3: That's what vultures do.

Carly Corinthos: Deputy Sparks has left the building
Sonny Corinthos: Oh, That was... Thank you.
Carly Corinthos: You're welcome. It was kind of fun. I haven't pitched a fit in ages.

Alexis Davis Cassadine: He's going to be grieving for the rest of his life. What happened to him is awful. You never stop grieving for a lost child. There is no good time to do this. But it was to be done, because if you don't do it today, he will be in court tomorrow and he will lie and he will pay off a judge and get away with it like he always does, and Kristina will be living in his bulletproof castle. Just do it and get it over with.
Ric Lansing: I just want you to be sure.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: I am sure that Sonny is dangerous. I am sure that I don't want my daughter to be a casualty, and I am sure that you can stop that from happening with the evidence that you have.
Ric Lansing: All right, on any other day, we wouldn't even be debating this, but Sonny just buried his child, and Kristina is alive because he allowed the doctors to give that baby's stem cells to Kristina.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: You don't think I know that? You don't think that I would do anything not to have to do this to him? Almost anything, because I won't give up my daughter's safety.
Ric Lansing: Obviously, I don't want Kristina to suffer, either.
Alexis Davis Cassadine: Then you know what you have to do, and you don't just do it for Kristina, you do it because that's your job. You're the D.A., and it's unethical to suppress evidence, even when it implicates your brother.

Felicia Scorpio Jones: Everyone has to try and stay calm.
Dr. Monica Quartermaine: Well, that shouldn't be too difficult. It wouldn't be the first time a homicidal maniac has wandered around these grounds.
Dr. Alan Quartermaine: Well, at least this time it's not one of us.
Tracy Quartermaine: And is that supposed to be funny?

Steven Lars Webber: I am a fully practicing physician. Forensics is just a sideline.
Carly Corinthos: You're investigating my husband. That's why you've been so nice to me and my kids. That's why you've been so friendly.
Steven Lars Webber: I had no idea you'd be at the docks. I had no idea you'd be at Jake's, I swear!
Carly Corinthos: Ric Lansing is my husband's half brother, he is trying to put him in jail!
Steven Lars Webber: Look, I had no idea!
Carly Corinthos: It's going to be your job to help him!
Steven Lars Webber: Carly, it's not like that.
Carly Corinthos: OK, listen to me - do not approach me ever, ever again. Do not talk to my kids. If you see us on the street, you walk to the other side. We cannot be friends. We can't even be polite. Hello! Look at me!
Steven Lars Webber: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Carly Corinthos: If you are still too drunk to understand what is going on - pay attention to me. You pay attention. I have no use for cops.

Heather Grant Webber: Not thinking of being a hero, are you?
Edward Quartermaine #3: I'm thinking we're being terrorized in our own home.
Heather Grant Webber: No one likes to feel helpless.
Edward Quartermaine #3: Certainly not a Quartermaine.
Heather Grant Webber: I feel a lot safer knowing I have you here to protect me. There's no one I'd rather have at my side.

Edward Quartermaine #3: You ever pull another stunt like this, you'll wind up in a bed full of tarantulas.
Helena Cassadine: Well, I had nothing to do with this. No, the curse has a life of its own.
Edward Quartermaine #3: The curse is nonsense, and you know it. And if you ever do anything like this, something like this again, I will...
Helena Cassadine: You have had a difficult evening. As we all have. But for future reference, it's never wise to threaten a Cassadine.

Elizabeth Webber Lansing: Ric isn't to blame for any of this!
Courtney Matthews: Yeah, he never is!
Ric Lansing: Look, Sonny was my brother, too!
Courtney Matthews: Oh, and you did so much for him, Ric. You drugged his wife, you made Carly think that you rapped her and you then you kidnapped her and tried to steal her unborn child! You're sick!
Elizabeth Webber Lansing: Look, Courtney, I understand you're upset, but, Ric had nothing to do with what just happened to your brother and Carly, OK?
Ric Lansing: Courtney, I would have gone after them if...
Courtney Matthews: Oh, but you couldn't, because it was more important to get your psychotic self on that helicopter than to save the brother you wanted dead in the first place!
Ric Lansing: Look - look I understand that you hate me! I under stand that! You have every reason to! But, don't you dare to presume to understand how I feel about our brother!
Courtney Matthews: Oh, let me guess, Ric! you really loved him deep down inside. I don't buy it! Elizabeth might! But, I never will!

Mitchell Coleman: So, what's in this for me, aside from like, your everlasting gratitude?
Carly Corinthos: 10 grand.
Mitchell Coleman: Come on. A good-looking chick like you can come up with something a little bit more creative than that. Can't you? Huh?
Carly Corinthos: I think you're about to be a dead man.
Mitchell Coleman: How do you figure that, hmm?
Carly Corinthos: Because my husband is standing right behind you.

Diego: I don't believe this. Jason's supposed to be this big, bad mob enforcer and he lets Alcazar step all over him. He didn't do anything!
Courtney Matthews: Really? Why are you disappointed, Diego? Huh? Why? Did you want to see a fight? Did you want to see a shooting? Let me tell you, I've been in more than a few and they are terrifying.
Diego: Yeah, well, I guess Jason thinks so, too. He's such a coward! He's a joke is what he is.
Courtney Matthews: OK, no, now, listen - I may not agree with a lot of the choices Jason makes, but he is not a coward.

Dr. Cameron Lewis: Do something for me.
Luke Spencer: What?
Dr. Cameron Lewis: Take care of Lucky the way I never took care of my boys. Love that little girl within an inch of her life. If you don't, the regrets are profound.
Luke Spencer: Well, that's easier said than done, Doc. You're going to have to hang around and enforce compliance.
Dr. Cameron Lewis: Luke, we both know that's not going to happen. I know what dying is. Hell, I should. I've been dying inside for years.

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