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Posted by mandia27
Mar 31

What You Should Do When Posting a Magazine Cover

Publication Name

If the name of the publication is vissible but you get many results in the search bar enter the magazine pages and find the corresponding one aka where there are more posts similar to the magazine cover you have.
If the name of the publication is not fully vissible (blocked by the head of the cover model) google the image to get similar results and try to find the tittle in magazines that seem to match the one in hand. If you cannot achieve that through extensive research post it under the "Other" publication name.

If the name of the publication is in Hebrew, ideograms (Chinese, Japanese etc.) or in an alphabet that you are not familiar with (Greek, Russian) there are many options.
If it is in Grek You should always message me with the link to magazine cover cause if you try to post it yourselves you are bound to create chaos.
Eg This is the correct one created by me... and this is an attrocity created by an editor that doesn't understand the correlation of Greek alphabet to the Latin one
If it is in ideograms or Hebrew and you can't find the analogy through extensive research you can post it under the "Other" publication name.

Publication Country

If you don't know the country of the publication in hand there are many ways to find out, besides research.
For single country publications you can see here in the magazine cover page which country is matched with the magazine 99,5% of the times.
Eg. This publication Expresiones has more than 1k editions in Ecuador and only one in Dominican Republic which is of course a mistake. The correct choice for a new cover would be Ecuador.
Disclaimer if the outline doesn't match or the language then it could a new endervour from a different place. DO RESEARCH
Another indication for the country would be the currency stated in the prize of the publication.

Publication Date

No matter what tricky sites say, there are weekly magazines. Most of the gossip and ALL the TV magazines are weekly. To find the exact week you should just zoom on the cover in hand. Weekly magazines nowadays always state the date of publication.
If a publication states that it is a seasonal edition first you should know the country of publication.
If it is on the South hemisphere Summer is Winter for us Northerners. Aka Important players such as Australia, New Zealnd, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile have their seasons the opposite to ours (the North hemisphere). If a seasonal magazines comes out today in the South hemisphere it would be an Autumn issue.
If the date on the magazine (aka month) is in a language you cannot understand you can Google the months in the corresponding language and match the word on the cover there.
Google Translate is a great tool for posting magazines.

Topics Featured

If the person on the cover is unnamed and we cannot find his/her name the cover is listed as "Unknown".
If the model on the cover is a person with no profile here we can create it and attribute there the cover. Then we should follow the rules to creating a celebrity profile.
If the person is a commoner or a filler to social magazines we can skip the part to attributing the cover to any profile.

The one or group of people that should be attributed to the cover should be the ones in the middle/larger photo of the bunch/the ones the edition is dedicated to. Aka the main story if we talk about a gossip magazine. The smaller side photos/themes have no point of being mentioned. The cover is not dedicated to them.
If the cover is that of a travell magazine we can easily attribute the cover to the corresponding country. It is when the cover showcases monuments or physical sites of the country or a theme particualar to the country such as flags or caricatures for political publications.
In that case we should try a little harder to find the correct link in the list. The correct format would be eg. "Spain (Country)"



halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Wire-Feed is a mess I agree ... and exactly Why it is Share content ... those Editors are not allowed to post to the site ... due to their common errors on those posts ... but are the ones out there in direct photographic imaging ... I have several of these on staff in Europe ... and America, ... So We are the sharing connection ... Fixing all those errors that are part of the ""Share"" Section ... as half are either minor errors ... or complete and utter atrocities of errors ... that must be edited while sharing them ... so many of the editors seem to think the share is a perfect post ... hahhahah ... NO Exactly why they weren't posted Directly by those editors. who make so many errors.

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Star \

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Oh ... to be a tar Editor again ... with no Monkey being placed on our backs ... hahahahahh ... Those that Do the Hard and Dirty Work ... are over-looked .... hahahahha ... (((Scrubbing Monkey Poo off back))) ... hahahaha

mandia27 3 weeks ago

And the pageant girls will soon start complaining

mandia27 3 weeks ago

Halfgoofy it's not only posting a magazine. I personally edit every detail on the profiles of the people portrayed there.This same morning I created the pages for 2 new Portuguese telenovelas, edited a couple of their actors and then edited the relationships of another Portuguese actor and their respective profiles. Do you know what takes more time??? Checking all the auto-load links to see who are actually links and which not

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Since I am the Poster Child ... for the ... ""WHY HAVEN"T YOU FIXED THESE ERRORS YET????""" being the top of the heap ... I am expected to correct a thousand errors a day ... and do so at about that rate ... while the posts are coming at about 2,000 a day ... Keeps me falling farther and farther behind ... Instead of making 50,000 points a day for posts ... I make Zero Points for Edits/Corrections ... and have plenty of E-mails with piles of errors others have found ... wanting to know why I haven't fixed them as yet ... Simple ... the Editor that sent the e-mail didn't edit the error ... instead threw it on a mountainous pile I am already working on.

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Being that the Magazines are being produced at a much higher rate than are being posted here ... there are plenty of Mag Covers to go around ... no need to fight over FAKE non existent Publishing Locations ... just to FAKE a Magazine .... There are plenty of Errors You could be Editing here on WDW/FIX posted by the ""NOT SO SMARTS"" Who Post Erroneous Images and Data at an alarming rate, ... No Way one ALIEN creature can fix it all alone ... so dive in and correct those errors ... don't just comment and complain about them.

halfgoofy Oct 13

Every Doctor and Lawyer at least ... Since the Basis of Medicine and Law are from the Early Civilizations that made them work. ... Greek and Roman, ... so Greek and Latin are heavy in those Occupations. .... in Today's World ... Language is Borrow from one another .... Making for a greater understanding and Basis for better Communication.

mandia27 Oct 13

Everyone speaks Greek since the majority of the words you use everyday are Greek loans directly or through the Latin language filter indirectly. Not to go too far all the forms of art were founded in Greece except from cinema of course but it is an offspring of theater soooo

halfgoofy Oct 13

I Would Say ...... A Good Decision ... being many read English ... while not many rad Greek. ... making for a more Fluent Coverage. ... Thumbs Up.

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