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Posted by wdweditorial
over a year ago

Updated Editor Code of Conduct for FamousFix

This editor code of conduct should be read in conjunction with FamousFix's Terms and Conditions of Use.

FamousFix provides a community where people can post, share and discover news and information about entertainment related topics (e.g. celebrities, movies and TV shows). We strive to help people get actively involved in the media, to contribute to stories, and to express, share and debate their opinions.

In order to ensure a respectful and cohesive editor community is maintained, and a high standard of quality content is upheld, FamousFix and its editors have developed the following Editor Code of Conduct.

FamousFix asks that all editors abide by the Posting Guidelines and Editor Guidelines to ensure that the FamousFix community remains an enjoyable experience for all our users.

Contravention of the Terms and Conditions of Use and/or the Editor Code of Conduct could result in the suspension of your user account.


In order to fulfill FamousFix’s vision of creating a vibrant and socially active editor community our editors are asked to:

1. Fundamentally respect each other, and each other’s postings, and interact in a civil and respectful manner - respect is the key to collaborating effectively.
• For example, editors should not flag other editor’s postings in order to re-post the same content.

2. Behave politely, calmly and reasonably - in order to help maintain a pleasant editing environment.

3. Refrain from personal attacks, rudeness, disrespectful comments, and aggressive behaviours - these behaviours are disruptive and unacceptable.

Editor Profiles
1. Editors may only maintain one account on FamousFix.
2. Editors must not falsely represent companies, brands or any other identity other than their own.

FamousFix maintains a zero tolerance for any violations of the Editor Guidelines outlined above. Disputes or infringements will be looked at on a case by case basis and a loss of points, or temporary or indefinite blocking from FamousFix may occur if editors continue to behave inappropriately.


When participating in a forum or leaving comments please be respectful of your fellow users. There are live moderators on most forums – these moderators have permission to ban users / editors not following the editor code of conduct.

(1) THERE ARE NO WARNINGS! If you breach this code of conduct you will be banned.

(2) KEEP YOUR COMMENTS FOCUSED ON THE TOPIC OF THE FORUM / COMMENTS (i.e. the celebrity, the movie, the image etc) NOT ON FELLOW USERS / EDITORS. When you start commenting directly about other users on the thread you will risk being banned.

(3) NO SPAMMING on the boards i.e. no posts that are not relevant to the topic of the board, no advertising, no nonsense posts and no excessive posting and or spamming of images whose intent is to disrupt others experience on the board.

Content with any of the following is against the editor code of conduct and means you are risking your account being banned:
1. Swear words
2. Blatant self promotion
3. Nudity
4. Sexually explicit content
5. Politically motivated content
6. Content expressing hatred or violence
7. Content breaching copyright, trademark or other intellectual property
8. Defamatory or slanderous comments must not be published
9. To protect the privacy and safety of users, phone numbers and email addresses must not be published under any circumstance


Before posting new content, please check to make sure that the content has not already been posted by another editor.

*Suitable Content

Only content following the guidelines below should be posted:
1. All text must use proper case (e.g. not all upper case or all lower case)
2. All text must use proper grammar and spelling
3. Duplicate content must not be posted
4. All topics shown or mentioned in a story, photo or video should be listed
5. Full titles should be used for all photos, stories and videos
6. If a fact is reported on large reputable sites such as, then it is acceptable to report that information.

*Unsuitable Content

Content with any of the following must not be posted:
1. Swear words
2. Factually incorrect or make believe content
3. Blatant self promotion
4. Nudity
5. Sexually explicit content
6. Politically motivated content
7. Content expressing hatred or violence
8. Content breaching copyright, trademark or other intellectual property

*Celebrity Profiles
1. Profiles should only be created for celebrities whose name and information is available in the public domain.
2. Editors must check current profiles before creating new ones to avoid duplicate profiles

1. Copyrighted images should not be posted - if in doubt as to whether an image is copyrighted or not, please do not post
2. Tagged or watermaked photos (e.g. Getty Images, Wire Image, Icon International, Just Jared, Socialite, etc) should not be posted
3. Credit should be given to the photographer/photo agency where known
News Stories
1. The story headline should match the story and needs to have enough detail to be self-explanatory
2. All stories should by accompanied by a relevant photo
3. Credit should be given to the original source (e.g. URL)

All photos, comments, news stories and videos should be moderated. Please let us know if you see any activity that contravenes the Editor Code of Conduct.


FamousFix includes a system to flag inappropriate content.
The flagging system should only be used under the following circumstances:
1. To flag any content that falls under the “Unsuitable Content” list above
2. To flag content already posted on the website (i.e. duplicate content)

Editors flagging content for any other reason than above, including editors removing other editor’s content in order to repost the same content, could result in a temporary or permanent ban.


As of January 2011, FamousFix appointed two lead editors to manage the news and fashion sections.

Lead editors are responsible for:
1. Editing and moderating all content posted in their section
2. Ensuring that duplicate content is not posted
3. Maintaining a high level of content quality within their section

Although Lead Editors are given additional editor responsibilities and privileges, they are still subject to the FamousFix Editor Code of Conduct.


FamousFix expects that its editors will be able to resolve disputes through positive methods including discussion, negotiation and compromise.
If disputes cannot be mediated between the parties involved a dispute ticket can be emailed to

Unfortunately, when editors need intervention to deal with disputes this takes our attention away from undertaking work to enhance our website communities! Submitting dispute tickets could result in both parties losing points if the dispute is deemed to be something that should have been able to be dealt with at the editor level.



halfgoofy Aug 14

Seems her Pokey Highness finally got the message after a few years ... Just asked to fix the error ... as I had a ton already to fix ... but it was impossible that there could be anything wrong with the posts .... since that Editor was perfect and can make no error ...

halfgoofy Aug 13 ... has no relationship .... See You could have created it to the correct profile instead of being obnoxious and making errors ...

halfgoofy Aug 13

Wrong ... can You possibly see that the link posted by You was the Author ... and not the Musician ... it does make a difference ... the Author never married her ... So get the facts straight and no problem ... keep posting Stupid fake relationships and Poof ... Bye ...

luvsydb Aug 13

Admit you are wrong for once in your miserable life..Wright was married to said women Richard Wright his first wife, Juliette Gale, in 1964. His second marriage to FRANKA lasted between 1984 and 1994. Wright married his third wife Mildred "Millie" Hobbs in 1995, with whom he had a son, Ben. The couple photos I posted proof, all deleted, what a joke, you're a joke! Cannot be called out, you wrong on this and a lot of info..Tell man kind your formula to which you and only you are a perfect make no mistakes I am god, I am right, you all are wrong, I am holier than thou specimen? Do you possess super powers also? You're a loser goof, hasta la vista!

halfgoofy Aug 13

Guess You don't need Glasses after all ... You need a seeing Eye Dog.

halfgoofy Aug 13

Richard Wright and Millie Wright ... once again Error in Ability to link the correct profile ... the author and not the Musician .... So Who is unable to keep the promise ... ???

halfgoofy Aug 13 ... and again posting to the incorrect profile of the Author .... When Will You learn ... Wrong is Wrong ... this is the mess You made ..... and needs Admin to fix it ... as it has over 1,000 views ... Peabrained moron.

halfgoofy Aug 13

What a Moron ... says She'll shut up if any error ... but that was an utter lie as well ... moron.

halfgoofy Aug 13

So Shut up ... Your Evidence is Incorrect ... as You posted to the Author . Blind Darts method of Relationship connection

halfgoofy Aug 13

Personal life In August 1939, with Ralph Ellison as best man,[35] Wright married a Jewish woman named Dhimah Rose Meidman,[36] who was a modern-dance teacher of Russian ancestry. It was a short lived marriage that ended a year later. On March 12, 1941, he married Ellen Poplar née Poplowitz,[37][38] a Communist organizer from Brooklyn.[39] They had two daughters: Julia born in 1942 and Rachel in 1949.[40] Ellen Wright, who died on April 6, 2004, aged 92, was the executor of the Richard Wright Estate and, in that capacity, she sued a biographer, the poet and writer Margaret Walker, in Wright v. Warner Books, Inc. She was also a literary agent in her own right (as their daughter Julia Wright has noted), numbering among her clients Simone de Beauvoir, Eldridge Cleaver, Violette Leduc, and others.

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