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Posted by silber
over a year ago

Suggestions / Improvements / Thoughts / Ideas

These are not Bugs, so I don't think the bug reporting thread is appropriate... therefore a new thread. (This my first thread so I hope it works...)

Suggestions/Improvements mainly for the 'Facts' section. This applies only to when you're logged in. The pages look very different if not logged in.

Last Name / Maiden Name / Full Name at Birth / Alternative Names etc. - there is sometimes disagreement what names should be where, especially for married women. For example, right now (before I changed it) Jessica Alba had this:
First Name: Jessica
Middle Name: Marie
Last Name: Warren
Maiden Name: Alba
Full Name at Birth: Jessica Marie Alba

As far as I know she has never changed her name to 'Warren', even if she is married to Cash Warren. Jessica Warren should be at best in the Alternative Names.

So a clarification to how to add names might be in order.

If you copy something from somewhere else and then add a source in the 'Biography Credit' box, it doens't show anywhere (the source, that is).

How does this relate to the "Wiki" tab? I think if you write something here it overwrites the 'Biography Text'.

If nothing is written in the above two places the wikipedia text from the "Links" tab seems to appear (if the link is there).

Also, on a persons front page, if there is other information (like height) available, but the 'Bio Text' is empty, the 'wiki' box (on the font page) remains empty. You must click the 'More>>' text to get to see whatever there is.
However, if there is some Bio Text then it also shows on the front page Age, Height, Born, Nationality etc.. (The above was really hard to explain).

There is a problem for fictional characters born in the future as it then calculates a negative age. Perhaps there could be a an optional 'Age' box as fictional characters often have a set age.

I've seen people delete 'USA'... as if it is self-evident. Well, it isn't.

What about all those with dual citizenship like Canada/US?
There alse seems to be confusion about birth country and current location of a person. Nationality is not supposed to be country of birth nor the current country they reside in, but the country they legaly have citizenship in, right?

Not entirely sure how these are supposed to work. Anyway, a lot of occupations could be added, especially for fictional characters.

I've seen a lot of deleting and changing here. Some want to include only the movie (for example) while others want to include the movie and the charater's name. For example: "Dark Angel" versus "Max Guevara on 'Dark Angel'".

This contains often quite subjective things like 'sexy' something or the other. (This also applies for 'tags').

Some people have long carreers and go through huge physical changes. Should the stats be based on their youth, adulthood or when they are elderly? I can't answer that (at heir prime perhaps?)... except that if a person is dead, the stats should reflect that persons appearance at their prime and/or when they were the most famous.

HEIGHT stays more or less tha same, except for growing children/youths.
WEIGHT changes more... Could be a range, for example: 120 to 130 pounds. Same for DRESS SIZE.

These seem to be mostly made up... or are we saying that 90% of the women are 34-24-34?
Bust & Cup size is also problematic as there is no clear rules how these should be marked here. Is 'Bust' supposed to be band size + cup size or just band size? For more, see here:

I would like to see a 'Biceps Size' both for mean and women, but such info doesn't seem to be available for either gender.

Currently we have: Athletic, Average, Bodybuilder, Large, Other, Slim and Voluptuos. I would like to see changes to this as there are a lot of disagreements. What is 'average'? What is 'voluptuos'?

Some thoughts:
- You're not automatically voluptuos if you have big boobs. Some actresses are labeled voluptuos even if they have really slender and/or athletic frames...just because they have big br**sts.
- Is 'bodybuilder' supposed to equal to 'muscular'? It sometimes seems like 'athletic' is now used for muscular and bodybuilder is reserved just for men.
- You can be 'athletic' and 'slim' at the same time (long distance runner). You can also be athletic and 'large' (weightlifters). These people are all 'atheltic':

I'm not sure though how I would change the 'build' categories... Perhaps it should consists of two descriptive words (e.g. slim / athletic). At least I would change Bodybuilder to Muscular.

These could also be used to describe body type/shape: Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Hourglass, Pear, Round, Rectangle/Ruler. Or the somatotypes could be used (ecto-, meso- & endomorph and their various combinations)

I would want to see added 'White' and 'Varies' or 'Changes'... and perhaps 'Auburn'.

Multiracial is a bit vague.

Where are Pastafarianism, Neo-Druidism, Druidism and Jediism? Some take them as seriously as other more established religions.

I would move death beneath Birth and Age.

Often seems to include anything but 'official' sites. Perhaps just 'Websites' or 'Links' would be a better name. There's also the 'Links' tab where you can add links...

Would 'Other Relatives' be a better name?

I would also want to see a 'Children' and 'Spouse/Significant Other' here.

I would like to add 'Favorite Sports' and 'Hobbies'

* * *

The site does not allow two or more capital letters after each other. For example F-B-I and L-A change to Fbi and La.

On the wiki page ( you can click on most of the quatifiable stats to take you to a list ( for measurements, dress size and shoe size. Measurements are weird as they have their own lists, you just can get there from the wiki page. Isn't a 'shoe size' list as important as a 'waist size' list?



halfgoofy 6 days ago

I Sure miss seeing the posts of other editors ... it is much more to do to see them now ... we see the profile they modified ... but not the actual post .. we must go to that profile and look to see what has been modified ... the actual post view seems much better to me ... but it is just a preference .. could that be a way of viewing???? by a click to view in either method???

halfgoofy 1 week ago

@Confecte ... Could You Write a Possible Program Routine to incorporate with this improved Accuracy ... it could come with a Bonus Offer ... ((Smiling)) ... of Some Sort. ... My Bonus is to Play on this Site ...

halfgoofy 1 week ago

Once a bill came across the aisle ... whereby the $$$$ saved would be returned to the Constituency .... evenly ... but could not pass ... Amazingly ... the very next day a unanimous agreement was reached ... all Excess money from the Budget ... would go to the members of Congress ... for their great work ... Say bye bye to the billions ... (((Waving bye bye))) ...

halfgoofy 1 week ago

As to the Party Affiliation ??? Question ?? ... some are secretive ... but most sign into a particular party affiliation ... and some have only 1 option ... a one party system .... Even more askew than the 2 Party system ... where 2 parties fight , .. and never agree on anything ...

halfgoofy 1 week ago

As we have a flagged page for those relationships that are off-the -wall, and almost entirely BOGUS ... and FAKE .... we should be able to put them to a test from the very beginning ... whereby the 1,000 view lock could be avoided by early deletion of these completely BOGUS FAKE profiles... Create a Page ... for All New Relationships Created ... so it can be tested early ... and the Garbage can more readily be Expelled ...

halfgoofy Dec 11, 2019

Example ... ... When Adding her Character image from the Film Cats ... ... the connection by line 5 of image load related item ... was unable to secure that connection ... so I loaded the image directly to the film ... and to the person.

halfgoofy Dec 11, 2019

Help!!! ... At times it is extremely difficult to load images with multiple links ... Actress and Film ... Where the Other Related Line item 5 does not allow for the connection .. either the FIX Title does not show the desired profile ... but songs with different names ... Okay ... The Suggestion is that an additional method ... of the TPX # ... so it is a sold connection as each profile has a specific file # ... even if there are 200 Chris Jones ... it is easy to link to the correct one ... instead of a scroll search for that profile ... Thanks ... it would really help.

halfgoofy Dec 11, 2019

According to the Editors at Wikipedia ... Wikipedia is an unreliable Source ... as I have written hundreds of Articles there ... but if using a reference of Spanish Wikipedia about the same article in English ... it has no value .... same with any other language Wikipedia ... I agree Wikipedia articles can be far from accurate .. but we concerned editors eventual get them cleaned up with the real facts ...

halfgoofy Dec 11, 2019

Unifrance is a great source of info ... but not all films and actors are part of the American IMDB product ..... Maybe the possibility of creating films with a link from Unifrance ... but not a true creator link ... so we don't need to write an article in Wikipedia to publish there before we can load it here ... Wikipedia Editorial Staff can be mean ... MEAN ... Giving many that would attempt that a stomach ache from following the protocols ... and then having the article summarily deleted ... with a Growl from their Ed Staff.

halfgoofy Dec 11, 2019

Unifrance is part of the IMDB Amazon Family ... And many Actors are listed there and not on IMDB ... also films the same ... ?? any possibilty of expanding the umbrella to take this in as a creator link?

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