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Posted by halfgoofy
Jul 1
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Question and Answer Forum

Usually the Quickest way to the Answer ... Read by all Editors that Will participate ... And someone should have the best solution answer soon ... Or You could PM each and every Editor ... Get back with me next year when You're done.
We're here to answer Questions .. if We can ... this is an Editor Forum ... where Experienced Editors can read ... and Hopefully Answer Your Questions ... since We had to Stumble thru the Learning process ... and this is a Maze .. which can be Aggravating to Figure How What and Why ...



halfgoofy 3 days ago

Ooooohhhh ... Time to make the Doughnuts ... BBL ...

halfgoofy 4 days ago

Just as with the Drug Addicts ... it must be a conviction of personality ... to make the change ... and those with addictive personalities ... haven't the Will power to make the change.

TacoTony 5 days ago

Is this a Serial TROLL??? OfficialKVMVNI ... OfficialKVMVNI2018 ... OfficialKVMVNI2019

mandia27 5 days ago

I always bring the example of RnRchick because I was the one that shut her down. It was my first goal to shut up a big racist liar that poluted the site and her corpse is visible to everyone as she has a long time ago her last post frozen on the top of her page.But the ones that should learn from that example don't seem to pay attention

halfgoofy 5 days ago

The Rd's are getting totally out of hand ... in the past when this had occurred ... the privileges were taken away from the Editors ... And then nothing could be done ... all Due to Abuse by a few ... And even though a few chief Editors had their accounts closed ... it still effected everyone ... Due to a Few Lazy Editors that make far too many errors and Force merge NON Duplicates ... creating 2 bad profiles from each ... The Newly deleted Good Profile ... and the Newly Mixed up profile of 2 people on one File. And it is much harder to Re-Create them ... than it is to NOT do it in the first place.

halfgoofy 6 days ago

All Editors ... Go to the Report Duplicates Page ... and at the Top of the Page is ::: Dashboard » Report Duplicate » Type Duplicates » Page 2 Duplicates Reported | Duplicates Processed | Merge Problems | Duplicate Posts | Type Duplicates | Admin Duplicates | Possible Duplicates These are the chapters available for review .... a Very Large Number of Requests are Not Duplicates ... and Need to be Deleted ... so the real Thing can be dealt with ... Double check Your Requests and if not EXACT Duplicates ... use the RED DOT X ... to delete the request ... Hundreds of items on some ... and thousands of Requests on others ... This is Why the Pages get ignored ... For Not Researching to verify ... just a simple Click ... no matter why... .. The ERROR Report page is Ignored now for a similar reason ... but mostly because it was a complaint page ... with no way to determine what was wrong and desired outcome. ... Rd could be next.

halfgoofy 1 week ago

Should Edit the Title of this List ... ""Celebrities That Cheated "" it should read ... ""Celebrities That Cheated and Got Caught""

halfgoofy 1 week ago

Due to the abuse of the constant deletion and re-entry of profile connections .. The Attributed is not available and has no meaning .... THANKS abusers ... for taking away something that a few really worked for ... it is a shame when a few abusers, ((TROLLS)) ... can cause such a loss of Quality ... and for those that have been attacked by these Whiny little Troll Personages ... I take my hat off for Your Fine work to get this rolling ... ((for those not familiar with the symbolic Hat removal)) a Sign of Honor.

halfgoofy 1 week ago

Strangest thing ... The Red Notification Circle in the upper right ... instead of the number 1 ... spelled out ONE ... hmmm ... Has a greater intelligence been applied???

halfgoofy 1 week ago

As Far as Source ... use the Industry Standard ... where 1 Source = Rumor ... and 3 reliable sources = Fact ... if Accuracy is Your Desired Outcome ... so it can be used to source a Rumor ... and is often ... and Much Much better than the .... ""Because I Say So""" relationships ... with Zero Source ... which = BOGUS as far as reliability goes ...

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