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Posted by halfgoofy
over a year ago

Question and Answer Forum

Usually the Quickest way to the Answer ... Read by all Editors that Will participate ... And someone should have the best solution answer soon ... Or You could PM each and every Editor ... Get back with me next year when You're done.
We're here to answer Questions .. if We can ... this is an Editor Forum ... where Experienced Editors can read ... and Hopefully Answer Your Questions ... since We had to Stumble thru the Learning process ... and this is a Maze .. which can be Aggravating to Figure How What and Why ...

MAny Answers are already here

And the Place to Find that Database ...

Even Though the Answers are for information to ???Questions or Comments Posted??? ... it is for General Knowledge for All Editors and Written with that in Mind .... not Directed at or about any individual Editor.

MOST Commonly Requested Link ...

Remember ... data on a profile may not be correct .... it's like a stumbling Drunk falls down ... then tells You ... ""I'm Alright to Drive"" ... Truth is not present.

***Like this Forum to get additions as a notification *** So any Questions may be answered as quickly as possible .... Some are simple to answer while others require those who have fumbled a few times to learn the best way thru the MAZE ... I know a lot .... but some areas are not my CUP'O TEA so others will be the Area Experts to give the Answer .... don't be afraid to HELP or ASK ... that is what the FORUM was created for.***

***There is Only 1. STUPID Question... The One not asked. So Don't be like those other Guys ... Ask for help when needed.***



halfgoofy 1 week ago

Insanity prevails *** When the NSS editors make a mess not only of this Site with erroneous posts and links ... but also the reference sources where the verification should be possible .... 5 sites linked 1 filmography to 5 different people .... Do you believe any of them anymore .... the reliable IMDb has been trolled by someone with more excess cash than brains making horrible edits and mixing multiple people on a single profile .... wikip is free but IMDb is a pay to post site. who has the $$$ to open accounts on the hundreds of pay sites to throw $hit into the Fan.

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

PLEASE!!! Anyone making incursions into Royalty profiles ... Make Sure which Prince of or King of is being presented with the Link Article ,,, Not just the same name as many are the Prince CCVII and not the Prince CCVI. a totally different person (Probably related by different person and therefore different profile. this is especially important when making romantic connections vis relationships creation. these take forever to get corrected and while waiting for resolution from ADMIN other members (Confused members) continue to post erroneous data and images along with more and more relationships.

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

A. I. ... yes, it is a weapon that makes an average everyday TROLL a Genius .... Thanks So Much for this Weapon even small children can use to corrupt everything.

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

Merge Requests ..... Should Only be for those Same Exact person, Band, TV/FILM format profiles ... those which are truly Duplicates and not just because they can be merged (((In ERROR))) .... a few seconds of Your time to verify will alleviate the Arduous tasks of recreating new profiles (((since the erroneous merge profile is Corrupted))) 2 new profiles ... and then the research to get the links, images and databits moved to the correct profiles ..... a few seconds saved by the requesting merge member causes Hours of Arduous Corrections to fix it. Your MAMA isn't here to clean up Your Mess ...

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago ... PLEASE ... Do Not Falsely make claims of images that are flagged ... I have had several hundred photos deleted .... (((No Reasons Given))) which could not possibly be as Duplicates since I was the field photographer and never released those images. (((claimed by several as being duplicates)))) Have some integrity, and only DELETE those that are truly and absolutely exact (Duplicates of previously posted images by others)

halfgoofy 3 weeks ago

NSS Editors (Not so Smart) example found here. ... while the Owner of the SITE posted a main image .... soon an NSS jumped i and posted an image for main to replace which was too small for Main (Was okay at profile only but not the many areas where the image is to be used. and guess what ... only Partial faced .... So it was a major downgrade of image.

halfgoofy 4 weeks ago

While I work the more Obscure areas which require deep and arduous research, someone should be ready to work the more famous and readily available films and the resources that are the basis for the proof of accuracy. It is a great exercise to build up those research muscles.

halfgoofy 4 weeks ago

Presently Working the Character Title Role Aspects along with enhancing or Creating Resource Sites to use as Source links. This along with my daily requirements of Site creation Research and Site Building. ... Please help by reducing the large # of post errors ... and Creation errors that bring the whole thing down to a crawl . *** A few more seconds of Your Time to double check will alleviate hours of my time. and we can have a more accurate Site to Brag about. Thanks Very Much Guys, HalfGoofy

halfgoofy 4 weeks ago

What is it??? The Point??? or maybe the points is what some are after .... on the ""Claim to Fame""" Box where every breath they have ever taken is a claim to fame ... list of ever performance and the high school plays. C'mon .... the highlights not ever step on the path of life. and let's not forget those points mining scheme experts that will make a list of alternate names 200 or more of ever person who was ever slightly a part of a project ... the janitor on set ... the Plumber that unclogged the drain in the on-set bathroom. All to Cheat the System for those precious points. (I did chase points my first few months) but points only get You Levels not honor. Honor is earned thru real important research not what the neighbors' dog did with his POOP.

halfgoofy Apr 24

2 Things I have strived for theu the years .... ! was to be the leader on Likes Mountain ... the other was to grow a shiny Red/White/Blue Monkey Butt .... Guess I can't have everything .... thanks.

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