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Bob Dylan

Like Rolling Stone

Tipped Toes
Sort of think If I fool
You and the art is like a
Path of gold
I can summon a hearing
Like a dog who is told
What the fool already knows
Know what I do did
Not Bind me to agree
Looking at you was like
A cool wind which blows
Still I can go on to
Stand around till I am told
When I am fine
I did not realize when it is
You know how it feels
Like I was holding you close
Cause it was your toes
So now there was no alibi
I can also tell that I feel old not cool
But soon I will have to
Get a deal, where there
Is a known way not like
Gold where the path is more
Than the told ways of
Someone’s hold!
Like Bob Dylan and Like a Rolling Stone.
Manoj Agravat



magravat Mar 31

Others who aided kill the girl was B Gates and A Mihaly like the singer /actor.

magravat Mar 31

Erica Reasons to Make Right to her It was wrong to her. 10 reasons it was wrong to her. General reasons it was wrong to her. Wrong done to her for not done it right. Not for done to her. In front of all it was wrong to her as a girl works. For time, it was done to her. Cause it was none to her. Parents saw no wrong done to her. Hers was wrong to done to it not. Special reasons it was wrong to her. Hope to hear it was wrong to her. Actors (Penn) or musicians (Madonna) Side it was wrong to them. One of them told it was none to her. Added it and it was done to her. Children found it was wrong to hers. Animals found no wrong in her. Beauty found it was wrong to her. From Record store in Szeged Gone from Madonna/Penn.

magravat Mar 29

Whoops something for people to read before Higgs? Effect Modification, Confounding,Hazard Ratio, Distribution Analysis, and Probability of Non-normal Data for Head Neck Cancer Manoj Bansidas Agravat, Statistical Consultant, Tampa, Florida read here for paper

magravat Mar 26

A little from Time correction wikia fandom and there was Professors' ad friends help as well to read...

magravat Mar 26

Can magpies that are thieving add or must I divide? HIGG'S GAUGE BOSON Energy correction can estimate other types of boson energy too. A certain boson, the God Particle, with Length 2 E-22 km and mass 1.63 E-25 kg, and average lifetime of 1.56 E-22 seconds can have energy 1.46 E-14 J. The change in Energy per change in average predicted life time of Higgs Boson, or uncertainty, is about 2.285 E-36 J s. The momentum is about 4.88 E- 20 kg km/s. :λ(p) =h/8mcπ2 =1.7179 E-13 km :Nu=c/λ =1.743 E18 Hz :V= λ x Nu =299,773.55 km/s. The energy is then 1.46 E-14 J from velocity 299,773 km/s. Time correction [5] can be from the energy with 2pir model back is 2.09 E-24 s. Uncertainty from time correction and energy change yields 3.05 E -38 J s. :Tc =(2πr)/v :=(2π1E-3km)/299773 km/s =2.095E-8 s With the data of Higgs experiment 5 [43], one has seen the length of 1 m and energy correction of the 2 π r method, one can ascertain the same energy with time correction about 2.09 E-8 s and speed 299,773.

magravat Mar 26

Carolina Hey what is it all about You got a friend here You said it all again To carry all the might But [dracula] didnt know Why you should come again Again and again she goes To catch the wind because She sees and cant believe why I dont know how could You play with me and Say to me when she calls My name and I could have Stayed by your all over another day. Did [Jesus] save ya I dont know but I have been there before And I now what is it All about why I can Find the time to save ya From a close ride I was There again for you to say hi And I know how might It goes to say your name With a smile though I dont Know what you are and with me All the picture frames You throw back and sceam so All you had to say is Hi I need ya again! Is this an assignment or can I fly? But it was right? Effect Modification, Confounding,Hazard Ratio, Distribution Analysis, and Probability of Non-normal Data for Head Neck Cancer Manoj Bansidas Agravat, Statistical Consultant, Tampa, Florida

halfgoofy over a year ago

Oh to be a Rolling Stone, ... Awash in the Stream .. as We Are Awash in the Stream of Life.... Better Days to Come ... Better Ways to Live.

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