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Posted by halfgoofy
Jan 10
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Forced Mergers?????

Why are there Editors that Cheat the System put in place to NOT allow errors in mergers ... This is RIDICULOUS... Thinking that any one person should decide .. it should be Vetted and not FORCED ... It causes many problems ...WRONG WRONG WRONG .. True IDIOTS that presume they know everything instantly ... without doing the research required to do it right.

Each Error Ruins 2 profiles ... the one deleted ... and also the one which has 2 people convoluted into the profile ... making 2 new profiles to be necessary ... And then ??? WHAT to do with the Useless profile ... it can't be merged .. it must be destroyed!!! ... BUT how and by Who???

All this ... """I Know Everything""" Mentality is what needs to be addressed .. I work with hundreds of Researchers ... we Verify others work to Stop this type of Problems .. But not here on FIX ... where 1 Error Editor can cause so many problems with their WRONG work.



halfgoofy Feb 1

Real Duplicates being Merged is ""GREAT"" ... but not at the Expense of the Non-Duplicates being merged ... into a Pile of POO!!! ... and any relationship connected to them ... among other Character Profiles and Film Connections ... it Webs out to be Massive ... and All must be dealt with ... so a simple merge in error ... makes for a really Large mess to clean up ... Research first will stop the BAD Mergers ... and STOP the necessity of FIX'n these. ... since they would be wrongly merged in the first place ...

halfgoofy Feb 1

20pages of 25 RD requests per page ... ((With the Exception of another Editor Rd in between .. Seldom)) ... would be 500 mergers ... and this entails 2 per request making for 1,000 merged profiles .... This shows Research hasn't been done ... just Copy and Paste and Force Merge them ... How many were reported by the original Editor in Error ... Hmmm ... Just follow the Errors into a Pile of POO ... Making Profiles Totally Useless .. and Here on FIX ... These Cannot be Merged ... as they are Corrupt ... so they must be Deleted ... But By Who??? Since Editors cannot do this ... and all the Creation of New Profiles to place the Data back to Edit the Errors ... Seems it is up to others to FIX the Mess ... and spend their time doing the research to make the Correction Edits.

halfgoofy Feb 1

20 pages of forced mergers in a week ... And Some are not Duplicates ... Sure Hope that Editor makes the Repairs to the SITE that have been caused by the over-eagerness of forcing non -duplicate mergers ... and the problems it causes ... But Alas ... Stupidity just seems to be contagious .. the more that is needed to do ... the less Good that is done.

halfgoofy Jan 27

And back at it ... Please do a bit of research on the forced mergers ... so another .. ((A Few Editors)) don't need to stop enjoying the Site ... and Clean-up the mess ... ((Errors)) .. left behind ... as has happened regularly in the past ... , ... it is a really messy pile of POO ... which is still hanging around awaiting some final FIX.

halfgoofy Jan 24

A Forced Merger could be a blessing ... where those duplicates that just won't merge can be merged ... BUT just because another Editor Requested a merger ... that didn't go thru ... doesn't mean just to force them thru ... as so any are in error ... for a variety of reasons ... 1. Number of Profile improperly entered ...2. URL link attached to incorrect profile ... 3. Those profiles high-jacked from the creation link purpose to be different instead of using the correct profile , .. or creating a correct profile ... 4. Auto-report.Duplicate ... when a URL is attempted to load ... but does not, ... (((URL is already attached to another profile))) ... Sometimes good and sometimes bad. .. 5. Profile Type NON Match ... Where a person profile and a character or film profile is attempted for merger ... Has happened.

halfgoofy Jan 24

To Answer the concerns about this enquiry ... mandia27 5 days ago Yeah but this is going to force angel_angel to post the photo sets to the Duchess profile just because she thinks they are not posted. ... Any Editor of Quality would simply take the Photo-Set, Collection, Group ... and Edit them thru by adding Duchess of Cambridge to the set Profile Links ... instead of Laboring into Duplicity by way of Reloading those images and adding to that profile ... Simply would make no sense ... But Sense is not always what is available to some Editors Choice of Editing. ... I hope this more easily clarifies this issue to all Editors about this Concern. If Points were my Concern ... I could have 100,000 points a day with ease ... But Quality is the main concern ... to keep FIX above the rest ... Hopefully the ""PLEASE CHECK for DUPLICATE photos BEFORE posting!"" ... """No Grainy Photos Please!"" ... At each image load is kept in

halfgoofy Jan 24

Not the only one who finds these ... but many are too afraid to mention The Errors that other Editors make ... From the Error Report Page... /topic/henriett-papp The profile of Honorata Skarbek [Polish singer] was wrongly merged with the profile of Henriett Papp [Hungarian singer]. ["Duplicate Profiles Processed Profile to Delete Profile to Keep Reported by Reported Processed Honorata Skarbek (tpx_26075781) Henriett Papp (tpx_80181615) kwume11 6 hours ago 6 hours ago"] Update - case solved, problem unsolved: Completely unrelated profiles get merged due to false duplicate reports. delejes1 May 17, 2018

halfgoofy Jan 19

All the Wire-Feed Editors post to that profile ... I Edit them to the Duchess of Cambridge ... I do about 1,000 edits a day for moving to the correct profiles ... But ...if it gets RD'd ... then they will just load them on a person named Kate Middleton ... I went thru the thing already ... and asked to keep that blank Kate for that purpose.

mandia27 Jan 19 Yeah but this is going to force angel_angel to post the photo sets to the Duchess profile just because she thinks they are not posted

halfgoofy Jan 18 ... Forced mergers and FAKE profiles where Characters are on True person profiles to FAKE a relationship profile ... and also messed up merger of Character and people ... And They wonder why they are called the "" NOT-SO-SMARTS"" ... after seeing this mess ... would anyone wonder?

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