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Many other directors who were considered to direct the movie included Richard Donner, John McTiernan, Danny Boyle, Stephen Hopkins, Joel Schumacher and Irvin Kershner.

Christopher Lee was considered for the part of Magneto.

Gary Sinise was the studios preferred option for the role of Wolverine.

This is the first film based on a marvel comic that Stan Lee provides a cameo for.

# # When Logan complains about the X-Mens` uniforms, Cyclops replies "Would you prefer yellow tights?" This is a reference to the original X-Men comic, in which Wolverine`s uniform consisted of yellow tights.

Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker wrote a draft of the screenplay, but with a different team of X-Men (Professor X, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman, Angel, and new member Wolverine) and a different team roster for the Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto, Toad, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, and new member Blob). Walker`s draft was never used, but some of his dialog and scenes were included in the official novel adaptation books sold in stores.

The scene is the train station where the young boy smiles at Cyclops, and Cyclops smiles back was unplanned. The boy was a huge fan of the X-Men, and Cyclops was his favorite. The scene originally called for Cyclops to look at the train schedule, however, according to Bryan Singer, the boy could not stop smiling at James Marsden (the actor playing Cyclops). Finally, during one shot, Marsden just looked back at him and smiled, much to the boys delight. Bryan Singer liked the idea so much, he kept it in the film, and told the actress playing the boy`s mother to react the way she did.

Although he`s reasonably tall, James Marsden, who plays Cyclops, had to stand on an apple box to appear taller next to one of the boys in the train station. As a prank, Tyler Mane, who plays Sabretooth, went into Marsden`s trailer and set an apple box in his bathroom with a note - "This is so you can reach your sink."

Tim Burton was approached by a 20th Century Fox to direct the movie but opting to direct Mars Attacks! (1996) instead.

James V. Hart Walker was hired to write the script in 1994, but it was never used for the film.

Look for James Marsden`s platform shoes as he scales the wall at Liberty Island, after leaving the X-Jet.

WWE wrestler Kevin Nash was offered the role of Sabretooth, but he turned it down due to schedule conflicts.

Bryan Singer cast Halle Berry as Storm after seeing her performance in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) (TV).

Near the end, during the Wolverine/Mystique fight scene, there is a moment where Mystique kicks Wolverine in the groin. At that moment, there is a metallic `ping` (similar to the one in the beginning when the man in the cage match punches Wolverine`s fist), which is probably an `in-joke` to Wolverine having `balls of steel` (or in this case, adamantium).

Rebecca Romijn and Sam Elliot have both played major and supporting roles as different characters throughout the Marvel Universe. Sam Elliot played a major role as General Ross in Hulk, and a supporting role as the Caretaker in Ghostrider. Rebecca Romijn had a major role as Mystique in all 3 X-Men movies, and played a supporting role as Joan (Frank`s neighbor) in The Punisher.

Wolverine`s dog tags are the standard type issued by the Canadian military.

Wary of the risk of starting an expensive franchise that could have died after just one film, Fox`s studio executives assigned the film a budget of only $75 million, quite low for a big summer tent-pole release, when the average summer blockbuster budget at the time was upwards of $100 million.

In order to keep her look a secret, Rebecca Romijn had to sit in an isolated, windowless room when not required for shooting. To celebrate her last day on set, Romijn brought in a bottle of tequila to do shots with her fellow cast and crew during a break in filming. Unfortunately, that day she happened to be filming the Wolverene/Mystique fight scene, and she threw up blue-colored vomit (from the chemicals in her make-up) all over Hugh Jackman.

According to Bryan Singer at Wondercon 2006, he initially approached John Williams to compose the score for the film, but Williams wasn`t available at the time because he was scoring Saving Private Ryan (1998).

Jean-Claude Van Damme was considered for the role of Wolverine at one point.

`Maria Bello (I)` was considered for the role of Jean Grey at one point.

Jeri Ryan was in the running for Mystique.

28 drafts of the script were written, and halfway through those drafts, the writers were still rewriting the whole story every time.

Musician Glenn Danzig, whose muscular physique and height (5`4") almost perfectly matched the Wolverine character portrayed in the comic books, was interviewed for the role of Wolverine. A common myth has it that he was offered a part in the movie, but this confusion occurs largely because Danzig was actually offered the role some ten years earlier - when Carolco held the rights to an X-Men film and was considering a low-budget production. However, due to the high-budget and status of the 2000 production, as well as Danzig`s age and relative lack of acting experience, and the requirement that the Wolverine actor be signed to a multi-picture deal spanning several years, it is highly unlikely that Danzig could have won the role in Singer`s film. Regardless, a scheduling conflict prevented him from any subsequent pursuit of the role.

Vince Vaughn was briefly in talks for the part of Cyclops, before James Caviezel was cast in the part. Caviezel backed out at the last minute and was quickly replaced by James Marsden.

In this movie, Halle Berry had the African Accent that Storm had in the comic books; but in X2 (2003), she decided not to use the accent.

The song used for the teaser trailer is "Chinese Burn" by Curve.

Bruce Davison was the first actor to be cast.

Natalie Portman turned down the offer to play Rogue.

In the late 1980s, Carolco Pictures bought the film rights of X-Men from Marvel. James Cameron was set to produce, along with his production company Lightstorm Entertainment, which was in line to distribute. Well-known X-Men Comic book writer Chris Claremont was involved in meetings with X-Men creator Stan Lee, James Cameron, and executives at Carolco about the project. After James Cameron moved on to the Spider-Man (2002) project and Carolco went bankrupt, the rights became available and were purchased by 20th Century Fox.

Tyler Mane kept the large black contact lenses in for too long one day and was blinded for a day and had to wear bandages.

Rebecca Romijn`s make-up process involved putting on more than 60 self-adhesive prosthetics developed specifically for the movie, followed by air-brushing the blue paint. The make-up team was reluctant in using food coloring for her make-up because of its difficulty to remove, but used it after discovering a new chemical that could very quickly and easily remove food coloring.

Similar to Magneto`s and Rogue`s background segments, scenes explaining Storm`s and Cyclops` backgrounds were scripted and storyboarded, but never shot. Storm`s background segment involved her changing the weather drastically in her home country in Africa and causing vast damage; Cyclops` story would show him manifesting his mutant power at school as a teenager, causing him to accidentally destroy a school bathroom. There was a brief talk of shooting these scenes while shooting X2 (2003) in order to insert them into the X-Men Special Edition DVD, but the idea was later scrapped. However, the bathroom set (which had actually been built) was used for the scene in X2 where Mystique drugs Magneto`s guard with a metal solution.

Patrick Stewart was the very first mutant to be cast.

Hugh Jackman`s physique looks slightly different in different scenes because he was cast 1.5 months after principal photography had started and kept working out extensively while shooting continued.

The very first scene shot for the movie was the World Summit scene on Liberty Island where representatives from each country are greeted. Two of the guests (identified by Bryan Singer as king and queen of Poland) are played by Bryan Singer`s father and stepmother.

Senator Kelly calls his aide "Henry" several times and when he asks Magneto what he`s done with Henry Magneto replies "Mr. Gyrich has been dead for some time." In the cartoon and in the comics Henry Gyrich was a member of several United States national security agencies, and was responsible for quite a bit of misery in the X-Men`s lives, including causing Storm to lose her powers and ordering the creation of one of the many models of Sentinels.

During a scene with Rogue, it is possible to see Bobby "Iceman" Drake`s breath even though it seems to be midsummer (an after effect of his ice-powers?). Fans noticed this detail and credited to director Bryan Singer`s dedication to the story and the particulars of each character`s powers. However, it was a mistake and never noticed nor intended for the film (in fact, the Iceman character is being impersonated by Mystique at the time). The effect was intentionally added to the story of the movie`s sequel X2 (2003), however, when Iceman and Rogue share a kiss.

Numerous actors were considered for the role of Wolverine. Bryan Singer talked to Mel Gibson, `Russell Crowe (I)`, Viggo Mortensen and Edward Norton, while Fox were interested in Keanu Reeves.

# # Joss Whedon wrote a draft version of the script, but the suggestions he made to fix what he felt were fundamental problems with the film were not incorporated. Only two pieces of dialogue from his rewrite appeared in the final film. One is the exchange when Cyclops doesn`t know if Wolverine is an impostor ("Prove it!" "You`re a dick"); the other is Storm`s "Do you know what happens when a toad gets hit by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else." which he imagined as a lighthearted, offhand line.

The Mansion used as the Xavier school, is the same one Billy and his family lived in in Billy Madison (1995)

Hugh Jackman got his testicles caught in his harness after a 6 foot jump off the set`s Statue of Liberty.

The last scenes to be shot were the ones where Senator Kelly (Bruce Davison) emerges from water (in Santa Monica, California). They were shot in early May, and the film was released on the last days of July.

In the bar scene, after the fight where Wolverine gains some money, the guy behind the man that accuses Wolverine of cheating is Malcolm Nefsky, the film`s best boy grip. Because of the way the scene was filmed, someone was needed to deliver the line, and he was called because no certified "extra" was nearby.

# # In the Hamilton location (the train station scenes), the director, Bryan Singer, was mistaken for an onlooker, and was harassed by a policeman, not letting him join the production team for some moments.

Bryan Singer wrote the duologue between Wolverine and Cyclops when Cyclops refers to `yellow spandex` specifically to have a dig at fans on the Internet who complained about the X-Men`s costumes.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was considered for the role of Rogue

When the project was in development at Carolco pictures, Michael Biehn was the front runner for the role of Cyclops.

Jada Pinkett Smith was considered for the role of Storm

Angela Bassett turned down the role of Storm, while Aaron Eckhart and Viggo Mortensen were both considered for the role of Wolverine

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