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Full list of Tom Paxton songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]

  1. Mr. Tambourine Man
  2. Freight Train
  3. Where Have All The Flowers Gone
  4. Blowin' in the Wind
  5. 500 Miles
  6. A Bull Named Bob
  7. A Day in the Country
  8. A Job of Work
  9. A Little Bitty Gun
  10. A Long Way From Your Mountain
  11. A Rumblin' in the Land
  12. A Sailor's life
  13. A Thousand Years
  14. A Truly Needy Family
  15. About the Children
  16. Ain't That News
  17. All Clear in Harrisburg
  18. All Coming Together
  19. All My Trials
  20. All Night Long
  21. All the Children
  22. All the Way Home
  23. Allen Gator
  24. Along the Verdigris
  25. And If It's Not True
  26. And Lovin' You
  27. And Then You Smiled
  28. Angeline is Always Friday
  29. Angie
  30. Anita O.J.
  31. Annie's Going to Sing Her Song
  32. Annie's Going to Sing Here Song
  33. Anytime
  34. As She Rides By
  35. At the 'Quarium
  36. Bad Old Days
  37. Ballad of Spiro Agnew
  38. Balloon-Alloon-Alloon
  39. Bananas
  40. Barney Ate My Homework
  41. Barney Skit
  42. Bayonet Rap
  43. Be a Sport, Afghanistan
  44. Beau Johns
  45. Bellyache
  46. Bet on the Blues
  47. Billy Got Some Bad News Today
  48. Birds on the Table
  49. Bishop Cody's Last Request
  50. Blue Mountain Road
  51. Bobbitt
  52. Boogaloo Bob
  53. Born on the Fourth of July
  54. Bottle Of Wine
  55. Bound For The Mountains And The Sea
  56. Bring Back the Chair
  57. buy a gun for you son (LP Version)
  58. Buy a Gun for Your Son
  59. California
  60. Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
  61. Cathy & Marcy Introduction
  62. Changing My Name To Chrysler
  63. Chicken
  64. Christmas Stocking
  65. Cindy's Cryin'
  66. Cindy's Crying / Hooker
  67. Cindy's Crying (Previously Unreleased)
  68. Clarissa Jones
  69. Coffee in Bed
  70. Columbus, Georgia
  71. Come Along With Me
  72. Come and Grow Old With Me in Colorado
  73. Come and Play Catch With Me
  74. Come Away With Me
  75. Comedians and Angels
  76. Corrymeela
  77. Cotton-Eye Joe
  78. Crazy John
  79. Cyndy's Cryin'
  80. Daily News
  81. Dance in the Kitchen
  82. Dance in the Shaddows
  83. Dance in the Shadows
  84. Danville Girl
  85. Deep Fork River Blues
  86. Deep River Blues (Previously Unreleased Alt. version)
  87. Did You Hear John Hurt?
  88. Dinosaurs at Play
  89. Do You Want To Dance
  90. Dogs At Midnight
  91. Don't Be Rude to a Rhinoceros
  92. Don't Slay That Potato
  93. Don't You Let Nobody Turn You 'round
  94. Dont Slay That Potato
  95. E, I, Addie, Addie, O
  96. Early Snow
  97. Easy Now, Easy
  98. Engelbert the Elephant
  99. Ev'ry Time
  100. Evacuation
  101. Even a Gray Day
  102. Every Time
  103. Faces and Places
  104. Factory Whistle's Blowing
  105. Fare Thee Well, Cisco
  106. Feed the Children
  107. Fish Are Orderly
  108. Forest Lawn
  109. Fred
  110. Gaining On Me
  111. Gas Line Romance
  112. General Custer
  113. Gentle My Love
  114. Georgie on the Freeways
  115. Get Up And Go
  116. Gettin' Up Early
  117. Getting Up Early
  118. Go Tell it On The Mountain
  119. Goin' to the Zoo
  120. Goin' ToThe Zoo
  121. Good King Buzz
  122. Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney
  123. goodman, schwerner and cheney (LP Version)
  124. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
  125. Hard Times are Here Again
  126. Harper
  127. Has Annie Been in Tonight?
  128. He May Be Slow
  129. Hello Again
  130. High Sheriff Of Hazard
  131. Hobo in My Mind
  132. Hold On To Me Babe
  133. Home for Me
  134. Home Is Anywhere You Are
  135. Home, Sweet Oklahoma
  136. Home to Me
  137. Homebound Train
  138. House of the Rising Sun
  139. How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
  140. How Come the Sun
  141. How Many Cookies Can Santa Claus Eat?
  142. Hush Old Man
  143. I Am Changing My Name to Chrysler
  144. I Believe, I Do
  145. I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
  146. I Can't Sleep
  147. I Cant Help But Wonder Where Im Bound
  148. I Don't Want a Bunny Wunny
  149. I Followed Her Into the West
  150. I Give You the Morning
  151. I Had to Shoot That Rabbit
  152. I Hope Daddy Likes This Tie
  153. I Know Why There's Christmas
  154. I Like The Way You Look
  155. I Lost My Heart on a 747
  156. I'm a Raisin in a Bowl of Raisin Bran
  157. I'm Bound For The Mountains And The Sea
  158. I'm Changing My Name To Chrysler
  159. I'm Changing My Name To Fannie Mae
  160. i'm the man that built bridges (LP Version)
  161. I'm the Man That Built the Bridges
  162. I Thought You Were an A-Rab
  163. I've Got a Yo-Yo
  164. I've Got Nothing But Time
  165. I've Got the Measles
  166. I Was Beautiful
  167. Icarus
  168. If I had a Hammer
  169. If I Pass This Way Again
  170. If You Love That Politican
  171. If You Love That Politician
  172. Intro to Little Girl
  173. Intro to Modern Maturity
  174. Intro to My Favorite Spring
  175. Intro to No Time to Say Goodbye
  176. Intro to on the Road From Srebrenica
  177. Intro to "The Marvelous Toy"
  178. Intro to You Are Love
  179. Introduction
  180. Introduction by Pete Seeger
  181. Is This Any Way to Run an Airline?
  182. It Ain't Easy
  183. It's All Coming Together
  184. It's Arithmetic, Baby
  185. It's Time Out Time, Again
  186. Jennifer and Kate
  187. Jennifer Rabbit
  188. Jennifer Rabbit/I Give You the Morning
  189. Jennifers Rabbit
  190. Jennifer's Rabbit / I Give You the Morning
  191. Jesus Christ S.R.O.
  192. Jimmy Newman
  193. Jingle Bells
  194. John Ashcroft and 'The Spirit Of Justice'
  195. Johnny Got a Gun
  196. Johnson
  197. Jones Boy
  198. Katie
  199. Katy
  200. Ketchup
  201. King Of The Cat Cafe
  202. Lament for a Lost Election
  203. Last Thing On My Mind
  204. Leaving London
  205. Lemon Tree
  206. Let the Sunshine
  207. Let the Wild Wind Blow
  208. Let's Go to Michael Jackson's House
  209. Letter From Lbj
  210. Life
  211. Life in the Key of C
  212. Little Bitty Gun
  213. Little Brand New Baby
  214. Little Girl
  215. Little Lost Child
  216. Livin' the Street Life
  217. Looking for the Moon
  218. Louise
  219. Love Changes the World
  220. Love Of Loving You
  221. Lucy, the Junk Dealer's Daughter
  222. Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation
  223. Marry Me Again
  224. Mary Ann
  225. Mary Got a New Job
  226. Mashed Potatoes
  227. Me and a Couple of Angels
  228. Michael and Lisa Marie
  229. Mister Blue
  230. Mister Blue / White Bones of Allende
  231. Mister Can't-Go-On
  232. Modern Maturity
  233. Molly Bloom
  234. Monday Morning in Paradise
  235. Morning Again
  236. Morning Wonder
  237. Mother
  238. Mr Blue
  239. My Daddy and Me
  240. My Dog's Better Than Your Dog
  241. My Dogs Bigger Than Your Dog
  242. My Favorite Spring
  243. My Giraffe
  244. My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove
  245. My Last Love Song
  246. My Oklahoma Lullaby
  247. My Pony Knows the Way
  248. My Ramblin' Boy
  249. My River
  250. My Son, John
  251. No Time to Say Goodbye
  252. Not Tonight, Marie
  253. Nothing but Time
  254. Now That I've Taken My Life
  255. Oh, Doctor, Doctor
  256. On the Good Ship "I've Got Mine"
  257. On the Road From Srebrenica
  258. One Million Lawyers
  259. One Ship Is Sailing
  260. One Time and One Time Only
  261. One Time Only
  262. Only a Game
  263. Oops
  264. Out Behind the Gypsy's
  265. Out of Luck
  266. Out Of Luck Out On Another Highway
  267. Out on the Ocean
  268. Outlaw (feat. Bob Gibson)
  269. Outward Bound
  270. Packwood
  271. Pandora's Box
  272. Panhandle Wind
  273. Passing Through Tulsa
  274. Peace Will Come
  275. Peanut Butter Pie
  276. Phil
  277. Pita, Pita, Pita Bread
  278. Pizza That Ate Chicago
  279. Poems Written With a Borrowed Pen
  280. Prayin' for Snow
  281. Presbyterian Boy
  282. Ramblin Boy
  283. Rambling Boy
  284. Reason to Be
  285. Reindeer on My Roof
  286. Retrospective
  287. Ride My Bike
  288. S'pose my Toes were Roses
  289. Saturday Night
  290. Second Nature
  291. She Sits On The Table
  292. She's Far Away
  293. Show Me A Pretty Little Number
  294. Silent Night
  295. Skeeters'll Gitcha
  296. So Much for Winning
  297. Sold a Hammer to the Pentagon
  298. Somebody Burped
  299. Somebody's Hungry
  300. Someone's Computer
  301. Something Going On
  302. Something in My Life
  303. Something Wrong with the Rain
  304. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  305. Spin and Turn
  306. Standing on the Edge of Town
  307. Stewball
  308. Sully's Pail
  309. Susie Most of All
  310. Suzy Is a Rocker
  311. Sweet Betsy from Pike
  312. Talkin Vietnam Potluck Blues
  313. Talking Pop Art
  314. Talking Pot in Vietnam
  315. Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
  316. Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues
  317. Talking Watergate
  318. Thank You, Republic Airlines
  319. That's the Way it Seems to Me
  320. The Ballad of Gary Hart
  321. The Ballad of Spiro Agnew
  322. The Baseball Kids
  323. The Bomb
  324. The Bravest
  325. The Candy Cane Tree
  326. The Children of Bethlehem
  327. The Crow That Wanted to Sing
  328. The Crow's Toes
  329. The Day We Lost the America's Cup
  330. The Death of Stephen Biko
  331. The Fatal Glass
  332. The First Song Is for You
  333. The Foggy, Foggy Dew
  334. The Golden Vanity
  335. The Honor of Your Company
  336. The Hooker
  337. The Hostage
  338. The Iron Man
  339. The Kid Behind the Mirror
  340. The King of My Backyard
  341. The Last Hobo
  342. The Last Thing on My Mind
  343. The Love of Loving You
  344. The Magic Whistle
  345. The Mail Will Go Through
  346. The Marvellous Toy
  347. The Marvelous Toy
  348. The Mavelous Joy
  349. The Midnight Special
  350. The Missing You
  351. The Name of the Game Is Stud
  352. The Names of Trees
  353. The Natural Girl for Me
  354. The Perfect Bomb
  355. The Pizza That Ate Chicago
  356. The Same River Twice
  357. The Spirit Said "No"
  358. The Subway Song
  359. The Things I Notice Now
  360. The Thought Stayed Free
  361. The Unknown
  362. The Willing Conscript
  363. The Wooly Booger
  364. The World Goes Round And Round
  365. The Worms Come Crawling Underground
  366. There But For Fortune
  367. There Goes the Mountain
  368. They Call Me 'Joey'
  369. They Couldn't Take the Music
  370. Things I Notice Now
  371. This World Goes 'round and 'round
  372. Time to Spare
  373. Tinky-Winky
  374. Tom Dooley
  375. Tonya Harding
  376. Train for Auschwitz
  377. Uncle Jack
  378. Victoria Dines Alone
  379. Virginia Morning
  380. Wasn't That a Party?
  381. We All Live on the Water
  382. We All Sound the Same
  383. We Can have the Olympics Over at Our House
  384. We Didn't Know
  385. We Have Each Other
  386. We're Filling a Bottle for Ronnie
  387. We're Going to Get Our Christmas Tree
  388. We Went to the Banker
  389. Wearing the Time
  390. What A Friend We Have In Hoover
  391. What A Friend You Are
  392. What Did You Learn In School Today
  393. When Annie Took Me Home
  394. When I Go See My Son
  395. When It's Gone, It's Gone
  396. When Morning Breaks
  397. When Princes Meet
  398. When We Were Good
  399. When You Get Your Ticket
  400. When You Shook Your Long Hair Down
  401. Where I'm Bound
  402. White Bones Of Allende
  403. Who Speaks for Me
  404. Who Will Feed the People?
  405. Who's Been Passing Dreams Around?
  406. Whose Garden Was His
  407. Whose Garden Was That
  408. Whose Garden Was This
  409. Willie Seton
  410. Willing Conscript
  411. Winter Song
  412. Wish I Had a Troubador
  413. Wish I Had a Troubadour
  414. You Are Love
  415. You Can Eat Dog Food
  416. You Come Throwing Colors
  417. You're So Beautiful
  418. You Should Have Seen Me Throw That Ball
  419. Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  420. Your Shoes, My Shoes
  421. Yuppies In The Sky
  422. Oklahoma Hills
  423. Pretty Boy Floyd
  424. Sportin' Life Blues
  425. This Land Is Your Land

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