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Tracy Lord: South Bend, it sounds almost like dancing.

Tracy Lord: English history has always facinated me. Cromwell, Robin Hood, Jack the Ripper. Where did he teach? You`re father, I mean.

Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: There`s a cousin, Joanna, who`s definitely crazy.
Macaulay Connor: Who told you that.
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Dinah.
Macaulay Connor: Well Dinah would know.

Macaulay Connor: C.K. Dexter Haven, what kind of a name is that?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Macaulay Connor is no homespun tag, my pet.
Macaulay Connor: Yeah, well you just try calling him Macaulay.

Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: I remember your honeymoon quite well. You and she on a little sail boat, the "True Love", wasn`t it?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Yes it was. How did you know?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: I was the only photographer whose camera you didn`t smash. You were terribly nice about it. You threw it in the ocean.
Macaulay Connor: Oh, one of those.
C. K. Dexter Haven: Yes I had the strange notion that our honeymoon was our own.

Librarian: What is thee wish?
Macaulay Connor: I`m looking for some local b - what`d you say?
Librarian: What is thee wish?
Macaulay Connor: Um, local biography or history.
Librarian: If thee will consult with my colleague in there.
Macaulay Connor: Mm-hm. Dost thou have a washroom?
(the librarian points)
Macaulay Connor: Thank thee.

Seth Lord: What most wives fail to realize is that their husband`s philandering has nothing whatever to do with them.
Tracy Lord: Oh? Then what has it to do with?
Seth Lord: A reluctance to go grow old, I think.

Margaret Lord: I think that dress hikes up a little behind...
Dinah Lord: No, it`s me that does.

Macaulay Connor: (after Tracy has declined his last-minute marriage proposal) But they`re in there! They`re waiting!
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Don`t get too conventional all at once, will you? There`ll be a reaction.

George Kittredge: (to horse) What`s the matter, Bessie? You seem worried.
Dinah Lord: Maybe that`s because his name is Jack.

Macaulay Connor: (drunk) I bring you greetings and Cinderella`s slipper, champagne. Champagne is a great leveleler... leveleler. It makes you my equal.
C. K. Dexter Haven: Not quite.
Macaulay Connor: Well, almost my equal.

Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: (referring to Dinah) What`s this?
Macaulay Connor: Idiot, probably.

Uncle Willie: (hung over, moans as the pony cart Dinah`s driving hits a bump)
Dinah Lord: What`s wrong?
Uncle Willie: Oh, nothing, nothing. My head just fell off, that`s all.

Macaulay Connor: My father was a history teacher.
Tracy Lord: English history has always fascinated me. Robin Hood, Cromwell, Jack the Ripper. Where did he teach? Your father I mean.

Macaulay Connor: (calling outside his house) C.K. Dexter Haven! Oh, C.K. Dexter Haven!
C. K. Dexter Haven: (coming to the door in his pajamas) What`s up?
Macaulay Connor: You are.
C. K. Dexter Haven: I only hope it`s worth it. Come in.

Sidney Kidd: Anyway, presented for the first time, quote: A wedding day inside mainline society.
Macaulay Connor: Or what the kitchen maid saw through the keyhole. Unquote.

Tracy Lord: (on her wedding day) Do you like my dress, Dinah?
Dinah Lord: Oh, yes. Ever so much.
Tracy Lord: Feels awfully heavy.

George Kittredge: But a man expects his wife to...
Tracy Lord: Behave herself. Naturally.
C. K. Dexter Haven: To behave herself naturally.
(George gives him a look)
C. K. Dexter Haven: Sorry.

George Kittredge: (Dexter has butted in) You keep out of this.
C. K. Dexter Haven: You forget I am out of it.

Uncle Willie: (watching Kittredge clumsily mount a horse) Heigh Ho Silver.

Uncle Willie: (leering at Liz) Ah Ms. Embry, you`re a vision of lovliness. May I offer you a c*cktail? Or champagne?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Oh champagne, I`ve never had enough.
Uncle Willie: You will... tonight.

Macaulay Connor: C.K. Dexter Haven, I would like to talk to you.
C. K. Dexter Haven: Well, let`s go in the talking room.

Tracy Lord: My, she was yar...

Tracy Lord: I can`t make you out at all now.
Macaulay Connor: I thought I was easy.
Tracy Lord: So did I. But you`re not. You talk so big and tough and then you write like this. Which is which?
Macaulay Connor: Both. I guess.
Tracy Lord: No. No, I believe you put the toughness down to save your skin.
Macaulay Connor: You think so?
Tracy Lord: Yes. I know a little about that.
Macaulay Connor: You do?
Tracy Lord: Quite a lot.

C. K. Dexter Haven: You`ll never be a first class human being or a first class woman until you`ve learned to have some regard for human frailty.

Tracy Lord: (taking the perfume out of the car) This is your Uncle Willy`s favorite, Complete Surrender.

Macaulay Connor: What`s this? Is it my book?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Yes.
Macaulay Connor: C. K. Dexter Haven you have unsuspected depth!
C. K. Dexter Haven: Thanks, old chap.
Macaulay Connor: But have you read it?
C. K. Dexter Haven: When I was trying to stop drinking, I read anything.
Macaulay Connor: And did you stop drinking?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Yes. Your book didn`t do it though.

Dinah Lord: (describing her "dream" to Tracy) Do you know what I saw coming out of the woods?
Tracy Lord: I haven`t the faintest idea, a skunk?

Tracy Lord: (normal voice) Hello, Dexter.
(lower voice)
Tracy Lord: Hello, George.
(high childish voice)
Tracy Lord: Hello, Mike.

Macaulay Connor: Look, who`s doing the interviewing here?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Do you think she caught on somehow?
Macaulay Connor: No, she was born like that, don`t let her throw you.
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Do you want to take over?
Macaulay Connor: I want to go home!

Sidney Kidd: You hate me, I trust, Miss Imbrie.
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: No, I-I can`t afford to hate anybody. I`m only a photographe

Tracy Lord: Dexter, would you mind doing something for me?
C. K. Dexter Haven: Anything. What?
Tracy Lord: Get the heck out of here.

Tracy Lord: Only for the moment, I`m not interested in myself.
C. K. Dexter Haven: Not interested in yourself, Red, you`re fascinated. You`re far and away your favorite person in the world.

Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: We`ve come for the body of Macaulay Connor.
C. K. Dexter Haven: I`m so glad you came. Can you use a typewriter?
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: No, thanks, I`ve got one at home.

Macaulay Connor: Tracy.
Tracy Lord: What do you want?
Macaulay Connor: You`re wonderful. There`s a magnificence in you, Tracy.
Tracy Lord: Now I`m getting self-conscious. It`s funny. I - Mike? Let`s...
Macaulay Connor: Yeah?
Tracy Lord: I don`t know - go up, I guess, it`s late.
Macaulay Connor: A magnificence that comes out of your eyes, in your voice, in the way you stand there, in the way you walk. You`re lit from within, Tracy. You`ve got fires banked down in you, hearth-fires and holocausts.
Tracy Lord: I don`t seem to you made of bronze?
Macaulay Connor: No, you`re made out of flesh and blood. That`s the blank, unholy surprise of it. You`re the golden girl, Tracy. Full of life and warmth and delight. What goes on? You`ve got tears in your eyes.
Tracy Lord: Shut up, shut up. Oh, Mike. Keep talking, keep talking. Talk, will you?

(Mike discovers the intercom in the Lords` house)
Macaulay Connor: Uh-oh, Liz, what did I tell you? Look, how do you like this - living room, sitting room, terrace, pool, stables.
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: That`s probably so they can talk to the horses without having them in the house.

Macaulay Connor: (to the butler) The Queen will have bread and honey at the usual time.

Dinah Lord: Oh, it won`t rain. Tracy won`t stand for it.

Margaret Lord: Are you one of the musicians?
Macaulay Connor: No!
Margaret Lord: Oh of course, you`re Junius`s friend. Only you`re not. Do you have any violin strings?
Macaulay Connor: (digs in his pocket) I have an aspirin. Will that work?
Margaret Lord: I don`t think so! It`s for a violin. Oh well, no matter!

(Liz screams as Uncle Willie pinches her on the rear)
Macaulay Connor: Don`t DO that!
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: I... I feel exactly as though I`d been pinched.
Seth Lord: Don`t you think you weren`t.

C. K. Dexter Haven: The moon is also a goddess, chaste and v*rginal.
Tracy Lord: Stop using those foul words.

Macaulay Connor: (telling off Sidney Kidd, his boss) Quote: No hunter of buckshot in the rear is cagey, crafty Connor. Un-quote. Close paragraph.
Elizabeth (Liz) Imbrie: Close job. Close bank account.

Sidney Kidd: You really hate me, don`t you Connor?
Macaulay Connor: Oh no!
Macaulay Connor: I don`t like you very much though.

Tracy Lord: (a very drunk Tracy) My feet are made of clay. Made of clay, did you know? Good niiiggghhhttt little man!

Uncle Willie: Must we ride in this thing? Wouldn`t we be more comfortable on pogo sticks?

George Kittredge: I`m going to build you an ivory tower with my own two hands.
Tracy Lord: Like fun you are.

C. K. Dexter Haven: Hello friends and enemies.
Uncle Willie: Young man, remove yourself!
C. K. Dexter Haven: How are you, sir?
Uncle Willie: I don`t know. Get along! Get along!

C. K. Dexter Haven: I`m sorry, but I thought I better hit you before he did. He`s in better shape than I am.
Macaulay Connor: Well you`ll do!

Tracy Lord: You`re just a mass of prejudices, aren`t you? You`re so much thought and so little feeling, Professor.

Macaulay Connor: Tell four footmen to call me in time for lunch will you?

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