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Top 10 Smokey Robinson Songs

1 The Agony And The Ecstasy
2 Baby That's Backatcha
3 Cruising
4 Baby Come Close
5 The Tracks Of My Tears
6 The Tears Of A Clown
7 You've Really Got A Hold On Me
8 I Second That Emotion
9 Tracks Of My Tears
10 Crusin'

All Smokey Robinson Songs

Full list of Smokey Robinson songs, listed alphabetically:

  1. A Child Is Waiting
  2. A Fork In The Road
  3. A Legend In Its Own Time
  4. A Love You Can Count On
  5. A Silent Partner In A Three Way Affair
  6. A Silent Partner In A Three-Way Love Affair
  7. A Tattoo
  8. Abraham, Martin And John
  9. After You Put Back the Pieces (I'll Still Have a Broken Heart)
  10. After You Put Back The Pieces [I'll Still Have A Broken Heart] [Album Version / Stereo]
  11. Ain't That Peculiar
  12. All I Want Is You
  13. All My Life's A Lie
  14. All Of Mine
  15. All That's Good
  16. Along Came Love
  17. An Old-Fashioned Man
  18. And I Don't Love You
  19. And I Love Her
  20. Aqui Con Tigo (Being With You) (Spanish Version)
  21. Are You Still Here
  22. As You Do
  23. Asleep On My Love
  24. Away in a Manger/Coventry Carol
  25. Baby, Baby
  26. Baby, Baby Don't Cry
  27. Baby Come Close
  28. Baby Come Close (Album Version)
  29. Baby, Don't You Do It
  30. Baby That's Backatcha
  31. Baby That's Backatcha (Album Version)
  32. Backfire
  33. Be Kind To The Growing Mind
  34. Be Who You Are
  35. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
  36. Because Of You (It's The Best It's Ever Been)
  37. Being With You
  38. Being With You/Aqui Con Tigo (Spanish Version)
  39. Being WWith You
  40. Betcha By Golly Wow
  41. Blame It On Love
  42. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  43. California Soul
  44. Can't Fight Love
  45. Can You Love A Poor Boy
  46. Castles Made Of Sand
  47. Catch Me If You Can
  48. 'Cause I Love You
  49. Cecilia
  50. Choosey Beggar
  51. Choosy Beggar
  52. Christmas Every Day
  53. Christmas Everyday
  54. Christmas Lullaby
  55. Close Encounters Of The First Kind
  56. Coincidentally
  57. Come On Do The Jerk
  58. (Come Round Here) I'm The One You Need
  59. Come Spy with Me
  60. Come To Me
  61. Come To Me Soon
  62. Concidentally
  63. Crazy About the La La La
  64. Cruisin'
  65. Cruisin' (Album Version)
  66. Cruising
  67. Cruising Together
  68. Crusin'
  69. Dance What You Wanna
  70. Dancin' Holiday
  71. Dancing's Alright
  72. Dancing's Alright [Album Version / Stereo]
  73. Darling Dear
  74. Daylight & Darkness
  75. Daylight & Darkness (Single Version)
  76. Daylight And Darness
  77. Deck the Halls/Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella
  78. Depend of Me
  79. Depend on Me (You Can)
  80. Destiny
  81. Determination
  82. Dialogue
  83. Dialogue II (Live)
  84. Do Like I Do
  85. Do You Love Me
  86. Doggone Right
  87. Don't Cha Love It
  88. Don't Know Why
  89. Don't Leave Me
  90. Don't Let It End ('Til You Let It Begin)
  91. Don't Look Back
  92. Don't Play Another Love Song
  93. Don't Say Bye-Bye
  94. Don't Say You Love Me
  95. Don't Take It So Hard
  96. Don't Think It's Me
  97. Don't Think It's Me [Album Version / Stereo]
  98. Don't Wanna Be Just Physical
  99. Double Good Everything
  100. Double Good Everythingq
  101. Dreams, Dreams
  102. Driving Thru Life In The Fast Lane
  103. Dynamite
  104. Easy
  105. Easy Street
  106. Easy To Love
  107. Ebony Eyes
  108. Embraceable You
  109. Even Tho'
  110. Ever Had A Dream
  111. Everlasting Love
  112. Everybody Needs Love
  113. Everybody's Gotta Pay Some Dues
  114. Everything You Touch
  115. Everything You Touch - Single Version
  116. Faces
  117. Fallin'
  118. Father Dear
  119. Feeling You, Feeling Me
  120. Feelings Flowing
  121. Flower Girl
  122. Fly Me to The Moon (in Other Words)
  123. Flying High Together
  124. Food For Thought
  125. For Once In My Life
  126. From Head To Toe
  127. Frosty the Snowman
  128. Fulfill Your Need
  129. Fullfill Your Need
  130. Gang Bangin
  131. Get Out Of Town
  132. Get Ready
  133. Gimme What You Want
  134. Girl I'm Standing There
  135. Girlfriend
  136. Give Her Up
  137. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  138. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  139. Goin' Out Of My Head
  140. Going To A Go-Go
  141. Going To A Gogo
  142. Gone Again
  143. Gone Forever
  144. Got to Be There
  145. Greatest Hits Medley
  146. Guess What I Got For You
  147. Hanging On By A Thread
  148. Happy
  149. He Can Fix Anything
  150. He Is The Light Of The World
  151. Heart Like Mine
  152. Heavy On Pride (Light On Love)
  153. Here I Go Again
  154. Hey Jude
  155. Hip Trip
  156. Hold On To Your Love
  157. Holly
  158. Hurt's On You
  159. I Am I Am
  160. I Believe In Christmas Eve
  161. I Can't Believe
  162. I Can't Find
  163. I Can't Get Enough
  164. I Can't Give You Anything but Love
  165. I Can't Stand To See You Cry
  166. I Can Take a Hint
  167. I Can Tell When Christmas Is Near
  168. I Care About Detroit
  169. I Don't Blame You At All
  170. I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying
  171. I Gotta Thing for You
  172. I Had To Cry
  173. I Have Prayed On It
  174. I Hear The Children Singing
  175. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  176. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
  177. I Know You By Heart
  178. I Like It Like That
  179. I Like Your Face
  180. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  181. I'll Take You Any Way That You Come
  182. I'll Try Something New
  183. I Love The Nearness Of You
  184. I Love You Dear
  185. I Love Your Baby
  186. I Love Your Face
  187. I'm Glad There is You
  188. I'm Gonna Love You Like There's No Tomorrow
  189. I'm in The Mood for Love
  190. I'm Loving You Softly
  191. I'm on the Outside (Looking In)
  192. I'm On The Outside [Looking In] [Album Version / Stereo]
  193. I'm Stuck On You
  194. I´m The One
  195. I'm The One You Need
  196. I'm the One You Need, (Come 'Round Here)
  197. I Need A Change
  198. I Need Some Money
  199. I Need Somebody
  200. I Praise & Worship You Father
  201. I Second That Emotion
  202. I Shop Around
  203. I Think We Can Make It
  204. I've Got You Under My Skin
  205. I've Made Love To You A Thousand Times
  206. I Want To Be Your Love
  207. I Want You Back
  208. I Would Do Anything
  209. If I Were a Bell
  210. If This World Were Mine
  211. If We're Gonna Act Like Lovers
  212. If You Can Wait
  213. If You Can Want
  214. If You Wanna Make Love
  215. If You Want My Love
  216. If Your Mother Only Knew
  217. In Case You Need Love
  218. In My Corner
  219. International Baby
  220. Intimate
  221. Into Each Rain Some Life Must Fall
  222. Intro of Orchestra
  223. It Will Be Alright
  224. It's a Good Feeling
  225. It's A Good Night
  226. It's Been A Long Time (Since I Been In Love)
  227. It's Christmas Time
  228. It's Fantastic (Stereo mix)
  229. It's Her Turn To Live
  230. It's The Same Good Feeling
  231. (It's The) Same Old Love
  232. It's Time To Stop Shoppin' Around
  233. J.J.'s Theme
  234. Jasmin
  235. Jesus Told Me To Love You
  236. Jingle Bells
  237. Jus To See Her
  238. Just A Touch Away
  239. Just Another Kiss
  240. Just Let Me Love You
  241. Just Like You
  242. Just Losing You
  243. Just My Imagination
  244. Just My Soul Responding
  245. Just Passing Through
  246. Just To See
  247. Just To See Her Again
  248. Keep Me
  249. Land of a Thousand Dances
  250. Let It Be
  251. Let It Snow
  252. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  253. Let Me Be The Clock
  254. Let Me Be The Clock (Album Version)
  255. Let Me Have Some
  256. Let Your Light Shine On Me
  257. Let's Do The Dance Of Life Together
  258. Like Nobody Can
  259. Little Girl Little Girl
  260. Love Bath
  261. Love Brought Us Here
  262. Love Brought Us Here Tonight
  263. Love Don' Give No Reason (12 Inch Club Mix)
  264. Love Don't Give No Reason
  265. Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
  266. Love Is The Light
  267. Love Letters
  268. Love Love Again
  269. Love Machine
  270. Love Machine, Pt. 1
  271. Love 'N Life
  272. Love She Can Count On
  273. Love So Fine
  274. Love That Can Never Be
  275. Love Will Set You Free (Theme From Solarbabies)
  276. Love's So Fine (Live)
  277. Madam X
  278. Madame X
  279. Mama
  280. Mama Done Told Me
  281. Mama You're My Daddy Too
  282. Man in You, (You Can't Let the Boy Overpower) The
  283. Medley
  284. Medley: Never My Love / Never Can Say Goodbye
  285. Melody Man
  286. Merry Go Ride
  287. Mickey's Monkey
  288. Mickey's Mouse
  289. Money
  290. Money (That's What I Want)
  291. Monkey Time
  292. More Love
  293. More Love [Album Version / Stereo]
  294. More Love [Live At the Carter Barron Amphitheatre/1972]
  295. More, More, More Of Your Love
  296. More Than You Know
  297. Mother's Son
  298. Mr. Misery
  299. Much Better Off
  300. My Baby Changes Like The Weather
  301. My Business, You Pleasure
  302. My Business, Your Pleasure
  303. My Cherie Amour
  304. My Girl
  305. My Girl Has Gone
  306. My Guy
  307. My Heart Says Yes
  308. My Love for You
  309. My Love For You [Album Version / Stereo]
  310. My Love Is Your Love (Forever)
  311. My Love Is Your Love [Forever] [Album Version / Stereo]
  312. My Mama Done Told Me
  313. My World
  314. My World is Empty Without You
  315. Never Can Say Goodbye (Medley)
  316. Never My Love (Medley)
  317. Never My Love / Never Can Say Goodbye
  318. Night and Day
  319. No Time To Stop Believing
  320. No Wonder Love's a Wonder
  321. Noel
  322. O Holy Night
  323. Oh Baby Baby I Love You
  324. Oh Be My Love
  325. Oh Girl
  326. Old Fashion Love
  327. Old Fashioned Love
  328. Once I Got to Know You
  329. Once I Got To Know You (Couldn't Help But Love You)
  330. Once In a Lifetime/You and the Night and the Music
  331. One Heartbeat (Album Version)
  332. One Time
  333. Ooh Baby Baby
  334. Ooo Baby Baby
  335. Open
  336. Open (Album Version)
  337. Our Love is Here to Stay
  338. Peace on Earth (Good Will Toward Men)
  339. Photograph In My Mind
  340. Photography In My Mind
  341. Please Don't Take Your Love
  342. Please Say You Love Me
  343. Poinciana
  344. Point It Out
  345. Pops, We Love You (12-inch Version)
  346. Pride & Joy
  347. Promise Me
  348. Quiet Storm (album version)
  349. Quiet Storm (Groove Boutique remix)
  350. Rack Me Back
  351. Ready To Roll
  352. Really Gonna Miss You
  353. Rewind
  354. Sad Time
  355. Same Old Love
  356. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
  357. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  358. Satisfaction
  359. Satisfy You
  360. Save Me
  361. Second That Emotion
  362. Shana's Theme (With Dialogue)
  363. Share It
  364. She Cried
  365. She's Only A Baby Herself
  366. Shoe Soul
  367. Show Me You Can Dance
  368. Show Me You Can Dance (1994 35th Anniversary Version)
  369. Silent Night
  370. Silver Bells
  371. Since You Won My Heart
  372. Skid Row
  373. Sleepin' In
  374. Sleepless Nights
  375. Smokey Robinson Interview
  376. So Bad
  377. So In Love
  378. So Nice To Be With You
  379. Some People (Will Do Anything For Love)
  380. Something / Something You Got
  381. Speak Low
  382. Special Occasion
  383. Standing On Jesus
  384. Still Water (Love)
  385. Such is Love, Such is Life
  386. Sweet Harmony
  387. Swept For You Baby
  388. Take Me Through The Night
  389. (Talking 'Bout) Nobody But My Baby
  390. Te Quiero Como Si No Hubiera Un Mañana (I'm Gonna Love You Like There's No Tomorrow)
  391. Tea for Two
  392. Tears Of A Clown
  393. Tell Me Tommorrow (Part 1)
  394. Tell Me Tomorrow
  395. Tell Me Tomorrow Part 1
  396. Tell Me Tomorrow Part 2
  397. Tell Me Tomorrow, Pt. 1
  398. Tell Me Tomorrow, Pt. 1 - Single Version
  399. That Girl
  400. That Place
  401. The Agony And The Ecstasy
  402. The Agony And The Ecstasy (Album Version)
  403. The Bottom Line
  404. The Christmas Song
  405. The Composer
  406. The Day That Love Began
  407. The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other)
  408. The Family Song
  409. The Groovey Thing
  410. The Humming Song (Lost For Words)
  411. The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game
  412. The Hurt is Over
  413. The Hurt's On You
  414. The Love Between Me And My Kids
  415. The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
  416. The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage [Album Version / Stereo]
  417. The Man in You (You Can't Let the Boy Overpower)
  418. The Only Game In Town
  419. The Only One I Love
  420. The Reel of Time
  421. The Road To Damascus
  422. The Soulful Shack
  423. The Soulful Shack [Album Version / Stereo]
  424. The Tear Of A Clown
  425. The Tears Of A Clown
  426. The Tears Of A Clown [Album Version / Mono]
  427. The Tracks Of My Tears
  428. The Twist
  429. The Way You Do the Things You Do
  430. Theme From Big Time
  431. Theme From Love Story
  432. Theme From "Valley of the Dolls"
  433. There Will Come A Day (I'm Gonna Happen To You)
  434. There's A Sad Story Here
  435. This Guy's In Love With You
  436. 'Til You Were Gone
  437. Time After Time
  438. Time Flies
  439. Tomorrow is Another Day
  440. Touch The Sky
  441. Tracks Of My Tears
  442. Train Of Thought
  443. Train Of Tought
  444. Travelin' Through
  445. Travelin' Thru
  446. Trying It Again
  447. Tu Me Besas Muy Rico
  448. Twist and Shout
  449. U Really Got A Hold On Me
  450. Unless You Do It Again
  451. Up, Up and Away
  452. Virgin Man
  453. Vitamin U
  454. Wah-Watusi
  455. Walk On By
  456. Wanna Know My Mind
  457. Way Over There
  458. We Are The Warriors
  459. We Can Make It We Can
  460. We Had a Love So Strong
  461. We Saved The Best For Last
  462. We Three Kings of Orient Are
  463. We've Come Too Far To End It Now
  464. We've Saved The Best For Last
  465. We Wish You a Merry Christmas/Auld Lang Syne
  466. Wedding Song
  467. Weekend
  468. What Love Has Joined Together [Album Version (Stereo)]
  469. What Love Has Joined Together
  470. Whatcha Gonna Do
  471. What's In Your Life For Me
  472. What's So Good About Good Bye
  473. What's So Good About Goodbye
  474. What's Too Much
  475. When A Woman Cries
  476. When Nobody Cares
  477. When Sundown Comes
  478. When the Words from Your Heart Get Caught Up in Your Throat
  479. When You Came
  480. White Christmas
  481. Whole Lot Of Shakin' In My Heart (Since I Met You)
  482. Whole Lotta Shakin' in My Heart (Since I Met You)
  483. Who's Gonna Take The Blame
  484. Who's Loving You
  485. Who's Sad
  486. Why
  487. Why Are You Running From My Love
  488. Why Do Happy Memories Hurt So Bad
  489. Why You Wanna See My Bad Side
  490. Wichita Lineman
  491. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
  492. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  493. Wine, Women And Song
  494. Winter Wonderland
  495. Wish I Knew
  496. Wishful Thinking
  497. With Your Love Came
  498. Won't Know Why
  499. Won't You Take Me Back
  500. Won't You Take Me Home?
  501. Would I Love You
  502. Wouldn't You Like To Know
  503. Yes It's You Lady
  504. Yes, No, Maybe So
  505. Yester Love
  506. Yesterday
  507. You
  508. You Ain't Livin' till You're Lovin'
  509. You Are Forever
  510. You Cannot Laugh Alone
  511. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  512. You Don't Know What It's Like
  513. You Go to My Head
  514. You Made Me Feel Love
  515. You Must Be Love
  516. You Must Be Love [Album Version / Stereo]
  517. You Neglect Me
  518. You Never Miss A Good Thing
  519. You Only Build Me Up To Tear Me Down
  520. You're Just My Life
  521. You're So Fine And Sweet
  522. You're The One For Me
  523. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  524. You Really Got To Hold On Me
  525. You Send Me (With Your Good Lovin')
  526. You Take Me Away
  527. You've Got the Love I Need
  528. You've Got to Pay Bills
  529. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  530. You've Made Me So Very Happy
  531. You've Really Go a Hold on Me
  532. You've Really Got A Hold On Me
  533. Your Love
  534. Your Mother's Only Daughter
  535. White Christmas

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