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1 Natural Blues
2 Extreme Ways
3 Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
4 Honey
5 In This World
6 Flower
7 Lift Me up
8 South Side
9 Run On
10 Find My Baby

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  1. 10 Million People Can't Be Wrong (Interview)
  2. "18" has been described as being musically similar to "Play". Would you say that was fair?
  3. 18
  4. 1Shot In The Back Of The Head
  5. 257.Zero
  6. 3 Steps
  7. 35 Minutes
  8. 641 (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  9. 7
  10. 7 Inch Sellout
  11. 80
  12. A Case for Shame
  13. A Day In The Life
  14. A Growing Disinterest In Dance Music (Interview)
  15. A Has Been Who Had Made Last Record (Interview)
  16. A Long Time
  17. A lot of people still only know you because of Go. Do you ever wish you'd never sampled the Twin Peaks music?
  18. A Season In Hell
  19. A Seated Night
  20. A Strange Disconnect (Interview)
  21. A Very Specific Expression Of Quantum Physics (Interview)
  22. Ace Love
  23. Across The Universe
  24. Aerial
  25. Afro Jacker
  26. After
  27. After the release of 'Play', you were quoted as saying you wanted to make an album in the spirit of Bill Withers or Al Green meeting Massive Attack. Was that still in your mind when you actually started to make it?
  28. After the success of 'Play', you had a great abundance of possibilities. Was having such huge resources available to you a problem?
  29. Afterlife
  30. Ah-Ah
  31. Ah-Ah / Bring Back My Happiness
  32. Ain't Never Learned
  33. Alice
  34. All Sides Gone
  35. All that I need is to be loved
  36. All That I Need To Be Loved (House Of Suffering Mix)
  37. All That I Needs Is To Be Loved
  38. Almost Home
  39. Alone
  40. Although you're known for being a very engaged and conscious artist, is it important that you've kept this away from the actual music? You may be vegan, you may loath George Bush, but you don't sing about these things.
  41. American Dry (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  42. And I Know
  43. Angels Sing
  44. Anima
  45. Another highlight of "Hotel" is "Slipping Away". Can you tell us anything about this song?
  46. Another Perfect Life (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  47. Another track on this album is "Feeling So Real". What led you to call an album "Everything Is Wrong"?
  48. Another Woman
  49. Anthem
  50. Are you an outsider by nature?
  51. Are you ever surprised at how well songs featuring vocal samples turn out?
  52. Are you planning to tour this record as hard as you did with 'Play'?
  53. Are you ready to go through the media treadmill all over again?
  54. Are you still proud of "Animal Rights"?
  55. Around the time that "18" came out you claimed you'd written about three thousand songs in your life to date. Are you still so prolific?
  56. Arp
  57. As well as recording your ambient music, you also record under the alias Voodoo Child. Is this there because you can't do everything that you want under the name Moby?
  58. At Least We Tried
  59. At the beginning of your career, you were best known for being the "vegan teetotal celibate Christian dance star". Can you talk a bit about what led you to make those lifestyle choices?
  60. At what age did you find Christianity?
  61. At what point did you decide to go solo as a musician?
  62. Backstage Scotland
  63. Bad Days
  64. Ball Pit
  65. Barracuda
  66. Be The One
  67. Beat It
  68. Beautiful
  69. Bed
  70. Bedhead
  71. Besame
  72. Beyond The Sea (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)
  73. Big Room
  74. Bittersweet Symphony
  75. Blindness
  76. Blitzkrieg Bop
  77. Blue Light Of The Underwater Sun
  78. Blue Moon
  79. Blue Paper
  80. Body Rock
  81. Bodyrock
  82. Braveheart Theme Techno Remix
  83. Break On Through
  84. Bring Back My Happiness
  85. Bring Sally Up
  86. Brothers On The Corner
  87. C3 Bells
  88. Can't Be Funky
  89. Can we talk now specifically about "Play" and your memories of making "Play". Can you say what attracted you to the Lomax recordings of the 1930s Blues and Gospel singers?
  90. Can you picture a hotel when you're thinking of this album or is it not as clear as that?
  91. Can you tell us about the piece you were asked to compose for the Olympics?
  92. Can you tell us anything about the song "I Like It"?
  93. Can you tell us anything about "Where You End"?
  94. Can you tell us something about 'Sleep Alone'?
  95. CD 1
  96. CD 2
  97. Chord Sounds
  98. Clef
  99. Come On Baby
  100. Could you tell us about "Dream About Me"?
  101. Could you tell us about the various bands you were in before going solo?
  102. Could you tell us anything about the song "Beautiful"? Was there anybody or anything which inspired this one?
  103. credits
  104. Creep
  105. Cunning (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  106. Dead City
  107. Dead Sun
  108. Deep Seated
  109. Degenerate
  110. Degenerates
  111. Del Otro Lado Del Porton
  112. Did you ever get into serious trouble at school?
  113. Did you have a sense of vindication about your success, because there have been times when people have been sceptical about what you do?
  114. Did you have Debbie in mind when you wrote the song?
  115. Did you meet Sinéad and work with her on the track?
  116. Did you think the ammount of different musical influences on '18' make it a difficult album for the listener to understand?
  117. Dirt Diver
  118. Disco Lies
  119. Disco Lies/de
  120. Disco Lies Reggae
  121. Displaced
  122. Division
  123. DJ Solo
  124. Do I Got Something In My Teeth?
  125. Do you ever consider the idea of working with other musicians?
  126. Do you have a long term plan - a long term Moby plan?
  127. Do you have total confidence that you are achieving everything you want to achieve in life by working exclusively with music?
  128. Do you still enjoy playing live?
  129. Do you think that there's some kind of overriding theme that runs through the album?
  130. Do you think that you're misunderstood as a musician?
  131. Do you think that your life experiences have made it possible for you to make particularly moving music?
  132. Do you think the punk rock thing has gone forever? You laughed at the success of 'Everything Is Wrong', you made 'Animal Rights' and you said that was like a contrary thing to do. Do you think that now you've abandoned that kind of oppoditional thing?
  133. Do you think we're in a good phase for pop music at the moment or do you think it's harder for people who are unorthodox, like you are thought to be?
  134. Does ambient music work like that for you? The kind of therapeutic effect?
  135. Does it bother you that people always refer to your religious beliefs and veganism as if they were a bit weird?
  136. Does 'Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)' feature a sampled vocal or performance?
  137. Does the crytical reaction to your records affect how you make the next record?
  138. Dog
  139. Don't Go
  140. Don't Love Me
  141. Dont Love Me
  142. Down Slow
  143. Downhill
  144. Dream About Me
  145. Drop A Beat
  146. Drug Fits The Face
  147. E2D (Outtake From Play)
  148. Electricity
  149. Escapar (slipping Away)
  150. Escapar (Slipping Away) (Manhattan Clique Remix)
  151. Eternally Grateful (Interview)
  152. Evening Rain
  153. Everloving
  154. Every Time You Touch Me
  155. Everyday It's 1989
  156. Everyloving
  157. Everyone Is Gone
  158. Everything
  159. Everything Is Wrong
  160. Everything That Rises
  161. Everytime You Touch Me
  162. Exteme Ways
  163. Extreme Ways
  164. 'Extreme Ways' features one of the fullest lyrics on the album. Could you tell us something about this song?
  165. Face It
  166. Feel So Real
  167. Feeling So Real
  168. Few artists would have essays about environmentalism or the dangers of fundamentalism as their sleeve notes, but it seems quite a natural thing for you to do that. You seem to be driven by a sense of integrity. Would you say that's accurate?
  169. Final Monologue
  170. Finally, what's next after the Best Of?
  171. Find My Baby
  172. Fireworks
  173. 'Fireworks' seems to hark back to some of the ambient minimalist instrumentals you've done previously. Is that area of music still an interest to you?
  174. First Cool Hive
  175. Fish At The Airport
  176. Fish Goes To The Toilet
  177. Flatlands (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  178. Flower
  179. Flying Foxes
  180. Flying Over The Dateline
  181. Following the commercial success of 'Play', how do you feel about the old cliché of wealth being corrosive to the soul? Do you find there's any truth in that?
  182. Forever
  183. French Cultural Festival Report
  184. Frequency
  185. Fuck You Moby!
  186. Für Elise
  187. Gentlemen (Dahlback Remix)
  188. Ghost Return
  189. Ghost Rider
  190. Girl Bed (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  191. Go 2001
  192. Go 2006
  193. Go For Deeper Love
  194. Go
  195. God Bless The Child (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)
  196. God Moving over The Face of The Waters
  197. Going Wrong
  198. Gone To Sleep
  199. Grace
  200. Graciosa (Long Version)
  201. Great Escape
  202. 'Great Escape' features another female vocalist. Who is that?
  203. Grit (Bonus Track)
  204. Growing Up Moby (Interview)
  205. Guitar & Drums
  206. Guitar And Flute (Original Demo)
  207. Guitar Flute & String
  208. Guitar Solo
  209. Harbour
  210. 'Harbour' is the song with vocals from Sinéad O' Connor. How did you end up working with her?
  211. Harpie
  212. Has the belated succes of Play taken you by surprise?
  213. Have you been unfairly treated by the media?
  214. Have You Seen My Baby?
  215. Heaven
  216. Heavy Flow
  217. Helicopter
  218. Help Me To Believe
  219. Helpless
  220. High
  221. Homeward Angel
  222. Honey
  223. Honey.Wav (All)
  224. Hooligan 69
  225. Hope Is Gone
  226. Hopefully I've Relaxed A Little Bit (Interview)
  227. Horse & Carrot
  228. Horse Carrot
  229. "Hotel" also featured you singing quite a lot more. Is singing something that you enjoy?
  230. Hotel Finale
  231. Hotel Intro
  232. House Of Blue Leaves
  233. How about the song for your funeral?
  234. How did it feel, making another album against the backdrop of 'Play' selling 10 million copies?
  235. How did Play come about? What were the main influences?
  236. How did you come to record a James Bond theme?
  237. How did you find the field recordings on Play, and who did the originals?
  238. How did you select the tracks for your new album, "Go - The Very Best Of Moby"?
  239. How difficult was it to follow up a huge record like "Play"?
  240. How do you feel about the extreme right-wing Christian groups who have taken such a hold of the United States, and how does this sit next to your religious beliefs?
  241. How much of the material on '18' was written after September the 11th?
  242. How old were you when you formed your first band?
  243. How "Play" Came To Be (Interview)
  244. How would you describe the sound of Play?
  245. How would you say this album ralates to your previous album "18"?
  246. Huge success can often change people for the worst. Was there a danger of that with you or have you managed to stay fairly grounded throughout the whole experience?
  247. Hyenas
  248. Hymn
  249. I Feel It
  250. I Like It
  251. I Like To Score
  252. I Love To Move In Here
  253. I Love To Move In Space (Space Echo Return Dub)
  254. I Love To Watch You Sing (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  255. I'm In Love
  256. I'm Not Worried at All
  257. I Need Release
  258. I Tried
  259. I Wanna Be Your Dog
  260. I Wanted To Be A Singer (Interview)
  261. If Things Were Perfect
  262. If you could pinpoint one moment as the personal highlight of your career to date, what would that be?
  263. Ill Be Gone
  264. Illot Motto
  265. Immigrant Song
  266. In My Heart
  267. In My Life
  268. In order to write the piece for the Olympics did you have to visualise the event, because it was to be used for the moment they extinguish the torch.
  269. In retrospect, what are your feelings regarding the use of the music from 'Play' in advertising or film?
  270. In terms of putting this record together, did you bring in any other people as players or at a production level?
  271. In terms of when you are looking for samples, what is the process? Do you have a library?
  272. In The Bag (Tocadisco Remix)
  273. In the press you're often described as controversial. Why is this? Do you feel controversial?
  274. In This World
  275. Inside
  276. Interview
  277. Interview With David Lynch
  278. Into The Blue
  279. Intro (God Moving Over The Face Of The Water)
  280. Irish Sea Song
  281. Is dance music dead?
  282. Is "Hotel" your first album which contains no samples?
  283. Is it fair to say that the tracklisting includes your most successful singles?
  284. Is it possible to say why tracks like "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?", "Natural Blues" and "Porcelain" pull at the heartstrings so much?
  285. Is it true that you asked the Prodigy's Liam Howlett to help at one point?
  286. Is it true that you're related to the guy who wrote Moby Dick?
  287. Is it true that you've recorded a pop album ad another hardcore rock album as well?
  288. Is it true that you were influenced by Puff Daddy On Play?
  289. Is Play the sound of Richard Hall finally growing up?
  290. Is there a direct correlation between what's going on in your life at the time and the way your music evolves or is it more a question of drawing on the history of the emotional experience?
  291. Is there anything that you particularly want to persue outside of music?
  292. Isolate
  293. Iss
  294. It's OK
  295. iTunes Originals
  296. J Breas
  297. Jam for The Ladies
  298. James Bond Theme
  299. JLTF
  300. JLTF 1
  301. Just Long As I Got You (Warehouse Rave Remix)
  302. Kick (Moby's Edit)
  303. KR (Outtake From Play)
  304. La Même Nuit
  305. Lacrimae
  306. Land Of
  307. Landing
  308. Last Night
  309. Last question - so what would be better: an appearance in South Park or selling more than 10 million albums?
  310. Later
  311. Lean On Me
  312. Let's Go Free
  313. Let's Go Free 95
  314. Lie Down In Darkness
  315. Life Is So Sweet
  316. Life's So Sweet
  317. Lift Me up
  318. Lilly
  319. Listening Mix
  320. Little Movie #1
  321. Live For Tommorow (Tocadisco mix)
  322. Live For Tomorrow
  323. Live Forever
  324. Living
  325. Look Back In
  326. 'Look Back In' acts as a kind of musical interlude on the album. Did you compose the piece with this specific perpose in mind?
  327. Looking For My Name
  328. Love Hole
  329. Love Of Strings
  330. Love Should
  331. Love Song For My Mom
  332. Love Theme
  333. Lovesick
  334. Lucy Vida
  335. M-Four
  336. Ma Foom Bey (Tony Humphries Mix)
  337. Machete
  338. Machette
  339. Make Love Fuck War
  340. Make Love Xxxx War
  341. Making Music At Ground Zero (Interview)
  342. Making of Innocents
  343. Making of The Perfect Life
  344. Matrix Theme Song
  345. May 4 Two
  346. Memory Gospel
  347. Mercy
  348. Micronesia
  349. Mindflux
  350. Miss Lantern
  351. Mistake
  352. Mklvfkwr
  353. Mobility
  354. Moby / Extreme Ways
  355. Moby:Jam For The Ladies
  356. Moby / One Of These Mornings
  357. Moby / Sings Of Love
  358. Morning Dove
  359. Most post-rave artists seem to collaborate with other musicians and singers these days. Would you do that at any point?
  360. Mothers Of The Night
  361. Move
  362. Move The Colors
  363. Movement
  364. Mr. Fish
  365. Mulholland
  366. My Beautiful Blue Sky
  367. My Love Will Never Die
  368. My Machines
  369. My Weakness
  370. My Weakness/Find My Baby
  371. Myopia
  372. Nash
  373. Natural Blues
  374. Nearer
  375. Nest Is The E
  376. New Dawn Fades
  377. New Down Fades
  378. New York New York
  379. "New York, New York" features guest vocals by Debbie Harry. How did this collaboration come about?
  380. Next Is The E
  381. Nightclubbing
  382. Not Sensitive
  383. Novio
  384. Now I Let It Go
  385. Of all the videos you've made, which is the most memorable and why?
  386. Offland
  387. Oil 1
  388. Old
  389. On '18' did you want to make less obvious use of samples?
  390. On the last album "Hotel", you seemed to make a lot less use of samples. Was there any particular reason for that?
  391. One element in the success of "Play" was that a lot of the tracks were licensed to advertisements. How did that came about?
  392. One of the biggest hits from "Play" was "Porcelain". Can you tell us anything about the background to this song?
  393. One of the highlights of "Hotel" is "Raining Again". Could you tell us anything about this one?
  394. One of These Mornings
  395. One Time We Lived
  396. Ooh Yeah
  397. Opening Sequence (My Weakness)
  398. Operator (Dabruck & Klein Remix)
  399. Overland
  400. Pale Horses
  401. Party Time
  402. Peace Head
  403. Permanent Green
  404. Piano & String
  405. Piano & Strings
  406. Piano String
  407. Piano's String
  408. "Play" has now sold over 10 million copies. After years of struggle, how did you initially react to such a colossal success?
  409. Play was dismissed by many when it was first released. Now it seems that the very same people are hailing it as one of the best albums of 1999. Does this bother you?
  410. Playing With Knives
  411. Porcelaine
  412. Previous albums have come with statements, essays on religion and animal rights. Is there going to be anything similar on this one?
  413. Princess
  414. Protect Write
  415. Put The Headphones On
  416. Rafters
  417. Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders
  418. Raining Again
  419. Raining Clocks Again (Alternative Mix)
  420. Raining Clocks Again (Full Mix)
  421. Recorded Live In Berlin
  422. Ring Of Fire
  423. Rio
  424. Rock The House
  425. Rockets
  426. Rubber Man (Miles Dyson Remix)
  427. Run On
  428. Running
  429. Rushing
  430. Saatchi & Saatchi Hello, Future Video Challenge. 10 Finalist Videos
  431. Saints
  432. Say It's All Mine
  433. Say My Name (Recorded In My Bathroom With One Mic)
  434. Schaumgummi
  435. Scope
  436. Scream Pilots
  437. Sevastopol
  438. Seven
  439. Shining
  440. Shot In The Back Of The Head
  441. Sick In The System
  442. Signs Of Blues
  443. Signs of Love
  444. Sky Is Broken
  445. Sleep Alone
  446. Sleeping On A Plane
  447. Slight Return
  448. Slipping Away
  449. Slow Light
  450. Small Room
  451. Snowball
  452. So Bad
  453. So Far Gone (Outtake From 18)
  454. So have there been times when you've felt isolated, working in the medium of dance music?
  455. So Much Feeling
  456. So the kind of stuff that you were listening to that was feeding into this new record was old Soul and R&B?
  457. Soft
  458. Some of the songs on the album seem to have a very special Bowie-esque quality about them. How much of an influence has David Bowie been on your life and music?
  459. Someone To Love
  460. Song We Made Together In 30 Minutes
  461. Soul Of Love
  462. Soul To Love
  463. Sound
  464. South Side
  465. Southside
  466. Spaired Long
  467. Speed Metal Song
  468. Spiders
  469. Spirit
  470. Starcross
  471. Stars
  472. Stay
  473. Stay Down
  474. Stella Maris
  475. Stella Maris/en
  476. Stock Radio
  477. Straight To Hell
  478. Stream
  479. Stretch The Canvas
  480. String Electro
  481. Stripping It Down (Interview)
  482. Strong Island
  483. Stuck At The Airport
  484. Study War
  485. Summer
  486. Sunday
  487. Sunspot
  488. Sway
  489. Swear
  490. Sweet Apocalypse
  491. Sweetest
  492. Tell Me
  493. Temple Of Dreams
  494. Temptation
  495. That's When I Reach For My Rev
  496. That's When I Reach For My Revolver
  497. The album starts with 'We Are All Made Of Stars', which is a kind of euphoric, anthemic thing with guitars and synthesizers. How did that come about?
  498. The album was recorded from February 2001 to recently. What else was happening around that time?
  499. The Blue Light Of The Underwater Sun
  500. The Come Down
  501. The Concept For The New Album (Interview)
  502. The Day
  503. The Dogs
  504. The first single from "Hotel" is "Lift Me Up". Could you tell us anything about this song?
  505. The Glamorous Side Of Touring
  506. The Great Escape
  507. The Hymn (Laurent Garnier Wake Up Mix)
  508. The Last Day
  509. The limited edition of "Hotel" contains a bonus CD featuring your ambient material. Can you tell us anything about this?
  510. The Lonely Night
  511. The Low Hum
  512. The new album deals with extreme emotions, which is what you've always done. How do you get yourself into the state of mind where you can produce that kind of material, when you have to do it every day?
  513. The Only Thing
  514. The Perfect Life
  515. The Perfect Life: Choir (tutorial)
  516. The Perfect Life: Drums (tutorial)
  517. The Poison Tree
  518. The Punch
  519. The Rafters
  520. The Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders
  521. The Right Thing
  522. The Saint
  523. The Sky Is Broken
  524. The Son Of Flynn
  525. The Stars
  526. The Sun Never Stops Setting
  527. The title track of the new album is "Go". What gave you the idea of sampling the "Twin Peaks" theme on that song?
  528. The Violent Bear It Away
  529. The Whispering Wind
  530. There also seems to be a search for profundity in your music and a belief that music can affect people really deeply. Is that an underlying element to what you do?
  531. There's a wide range of musical styles on '18'. Was that a deliberate decision when you set out to make the record?
  532. This album opens and closes with instrumental pieces. Was there a specific reason for this?
  533. This song is called All That I Need Is To Be Loved, let's play it a little faster
  534. Thousand
  535. Time Signature
  536. Time's Up
  537. Tiny Elephants
  538. Tiny Rubberband
  539. Today We're Playing In A Castle In Rome
  540. Tongues
  541. Tour Of Exciting German Airport
  542. Tour Of Moby's House
  543. Towards the end of the album there are two songs, 'The Rafters' and 'I'm Not Worried At All', which seem to be a lot more joyful. Was that intentional?
  544. Tower (B-Side Outtake From 18)
  545. Turn The Music Up (AC Slater Remix)
  546. UHF 2
  547. Uhf 3
  548. UHF3
  549. Under The Sun (Herve Remix)
  550. Unloved Symphony
  551. Verb: That's What's Happening
  552. Very
  553. "Very" has a real disco feel to it. How did that song come about?
  554. Victoria Lucas
  555. Voodoo Child
  556. Wait For Me
  557. Wait For Me EPK
  558. Waiting (Outtake From 18)
  559. Walk On The Wild Side
  560. Walk With Me
  561. Was there a point when scale of the success of 'Play' actually hit you and you realised what it meant?
  562. We Are All Made of Stars
  563. "We Are All Made Of Stars" is a very beautiful track. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
  564. We Are All Made Out Of Stars
  565. Were you an outrageous teenager?
  566. Were you planning '18' while you were touring, because you toured for two years pretty much beforehand?
  567. What abou the re-working of New Order's "Temptation"?
  568. What about 'At Least We Tried'?
  569. What about "Love Should"?
  570. What appealed about combining the Gospel voices with ultra-modern electronic music?
  571. What are you looking for in a voice when you are searching for a suitable sample?
  572. What are your biggest regrets?
  573. What are your favourite moments of Play?
  574. What brought you the greatest joy last year?
  575. What is your real name?
  576. What Love
  577. What prompted the quantum leap from making dance music to making the punk rock album "Animal Rights"?
  578. What song would you have played at the birth of your child?
  579. What was the first Moby single?
  580. What would you be doing if you weren't a musician?
  581. What would you be doing if you weren't a musician and why?
  582. What's stayed with you from acid house?
  583. What's stayed with you from punk rock?
  584. What's the future for you after this record?
  585. What's the most Rock 'n' Roll thing you've done?
  586. What's the strangest experience you've ever had on the road?
  587. What's your favourite place in the world to perform, and why?
  588. What's your favourite song from your own catalogue?
  589. When did you first feel the need to make music?
  590. When It's Cold I'd Like To Die
  591. When It's Cold ID Like To Die
  592. When You Are Old
  593. When you came to make '18' did you have a really clear idea about what you wanted to do?
  594. When you look back over your musical output in the last 15 years, do you see a common spirit or ambition to what you do? Could you define your underlying drive in making music?
  595. When you released Everything Is Wrong, it was called eclectic. Then you did Animal Rights and it was condemned for being too straight-ahead rock. Now you've released Play which combines a number of styles with huge subtlety, yet you seem to be criticised
  596. When you were making "Play", did you have any inkling you were making something with the potential to be a huge success, commercially?
  597. Where and when were you born?
  598. Where did the title Play come from?
  599. Where You End
  600. Which character from the Simpsons is most like you?
  601. Which Greatest Hits or Best Of albums do you listen to yourself?
  602. Which vocalists feature on 'Jam For the Ladies'?
  603. Whip It
  604. Whispering Wind
  605. Who sang the vocals on 'At Least We Tried'?
  606. Who was the vocalist on 'I'm Not Worried At All'?
  607. Who would be in your fantasy band?
  608. Whole Lotta Love
  609. Why Can't It Stop?
  610. Why do you think so many people found Animal Rights so hard to understand?
  611. Why do you think so many people seem bothered or offended by your sleeve note essays?
  612. Why do you think you've collaborated with so many diverse artists over the course of your carreer?
  613. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
  614. Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad? (ATB Remix)
  615. Why Does My Heart Feels So Bad? (Ferry Corsten Remix)
  616. Why is your new album called "Hotel"?
  617. Wild Little Sisters (Moby And Oscar The Punk Remix)
  618. Would you describe yourself as a big Blondie fan?
  619. Xeroxed
  620. Yeah
  621. You
  622. You also seem to be a person with a degree of shyness and a very high degree of self-awareness. Do these qualities sit well with celebrity?
  623. You Gotta Believe
  624. You Make Me Feel Too Good
  625. You're always going against the grain of contemporary music fashion - why?
  626. You toured the US with the Prodigy in the early nineties - would you agree to do that again?
  627. You've covered Joy Division in the past and there's a re-working of a New Order song on the album. Would you consider them to be a major influence on your music?
  628. Your first musical influences seem to be mainly punk and new wave. What first attracted you about making dance music?
  629. Your music makes a lot of people very happy and moves them a great deal. Is this something that you give thought to and does this make you happy?

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