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SPOILER: The Ranger`s Power Weapons, Black Ranger`s Power Axe, Pink Ranger`s Power Bow, Yellow Ranger`s Power Daggers, Blue Ranger`s Power Lance, and Red Ranger`s Power Sword were mainly used in Season 1 of the show. In season two, the Power Weapons were barely used. However, Pink Ranger used her Power Bow as both a harp and as a weapon in Season 2`s "The Song of Guitardo", the Red Ranger used his Power Sword in both "The Green Dream" and "Two for One" in Season 2, Blue Ranger used his Power Lance in Season 2`s "Goldar`s Vice-Versa", the Pink, Black and Blue Rangers used their respective Power Weapons in Season 2`s "Rangers Back in Time, part 2", the Power Blaster was featured in several episodes in Season 2 as a way to destroy several of Lord Zedd`s monsters, and in "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" (2007), Adam returned in "Once a Ranger" as the Black Ranger and used his Power Axe.

SPOILER: There are a total of seven rangers (by color) with only a maximum of six appearing at one time. However, the season 2 three-part episode "Return of the Green Ranger", allow for there being seven Ranger colors in one show, although they don`t all appear on-screen at the same time.

During a video interview at the 2007 Power Morphicon, actor Steve Cardenas, who played Rocky the second Red Ranger, said one of the best things about working on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" were the celebrities who would visit their sets. Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS, Mike Myers, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, who had brought his children with him to the set, were among the many celebrities who dropped by at one point to see the Rangers on the set.

In season one and the first thirteen episodes of season two, the Power Rangers would regularly use their Blade Blasters in battle against monsters created by Rita Repulsa and later Lord Zedd. However, in later episodes of season two, the Rangers would have their Blade Blasters holstered in their belts and would scarcely use them because parents complained about the violence and the Rangers`s use of blaster guns on the television series. While the weapons were not used in combat, they were used a few times for other reasons, such as Blue Ranger using his Blade Blaster in season three`s "Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 3" to open the secret emergency exit in the Ninja Megazord`s foot.

In the episode "Happy Birthday, Zack", when the Ranger teens are helping Ernie (Richard Genelle) set up decorations for Zack`s birthday party, he talks with them about the Power Rangers. Ernie tells the teens that "they (the Rangers) are going to do for Angel Grove what Batman has done for Gotham City." Ironically, Disney would buy the rights of the Power Rangers franchise from Saban Entertainment in 2002, and then in 2009, Disney would buy Marvel Comics, the rival comic book company of DC Comics, which owns Batman.

Black Ranger`s Zord in season 2; the Lion Thunderzord, is used by a Green Ranger in "Gosei sentai Dairanger" (1993). When the Thunder Megazord action figure was released in the U.S., the Lion Thunderzord face was painted black over its green parts to better fit with being used by the Black Ranger.

In the original "Gosei sentai Dairanger" (1993) (which MMPR season 2 is based on), Tommy`s White Ranger counterpart Kou Hoshinsei is actually a child, which is why Tommy appears shorter in his first fight as the White Ranger.

Walter Jones (Zack Taylor, the first Black Ranger), first tried out to be the Blue Ranger, but Walter chose to be the Black Ranger so the kids could recognize him easily.

It has been announced that starting in January 2010 ABC Family will stop creating new episodes of Power Rangers and bring back the original Mighty Morphin` Power Rangers in remastered episodes. The episodes will also be accompanied by a new toy line of the original Power Rangers. The episodes will air on Saturday mornings.

This is the only series so far to have two rangers (Red and Green) have the same design for their opaque visors. Whether or not this has anything to do with their Zyuranger counterparts being brothers is unknown.

Being the original series, Mighty Morphin` Power Rangers is also the most favorite of all Power Rangers fans, winning a viewer contest conducted by ABC Family in 2004, receiving the most votes.

The original series has the distinction of being the longest-running incarnation lasting for three years (1993-1996).

The Command Center, seen in most of the original shows, was also used in Marilyn Manson`s music video, The Dope Show and the "Dead Run" segment of "The Twilight Zone: The Leprechaun-Artist/Dead Run (#1.19)" (1985).

In 2007, Austin St. John, who played Jason Lee Scott/the original Red Ranger, said at the Power Morphicon that Austin is his stage name and his real first name is Jason. This means that he is the only actor of the original Rangers to have the same first name as his Power Rangers character.

In a viewer contest held by ABC Family, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John) was voted by fans as the greatest Red Ranger of all time. At the Power Morphicon in 2007, it was confirmed that Jason still holds the title as best Red Ranger by fans.

This series was originally going to be the second in the Power Rangers series. The first series was going to be based in "Chojin sentai Jettoman" (1991), but Saban couldn`t create this series, and "Mighty Morphin` Power Rangers" (1993) was based in "Kyôryû sentai Jûrenjâ" (1992).

Rocky DeSantos (Steve Cardenas) was the only Red Ranger to not be included in the "Power Rangers Wild Force" (2002) episode "Forever Red".

Billy Cranston last name was not officially given in the series, although it`s considered by many fans as official.

The name of the character Jason Lee Scott is considered to be an anagram of that of the actor Jason Scott Lee.

In Malaysia, as part of its campaign against drugs, the word "Morphin" is censored, by substituting or muting footage where the word is spoken (the phrase "It`s morphin` time") or displayed onscreen, for fear that it could encourage children to become addicted with the uses of morphine. When it was broadcast on RTM (along with its toy commercials), it was called Mighty Power Rangers, or simply Power Rangers or Power Ranger.

When brought up on VH1`s "I Love the `90s" (2004), the original cast members interviewed (Amy Jo Johnson, Walter Jones) as well as other celebrity commentators, mentioned that the original line-up had Jones` role as the Black Ranger and Thuy Trang`s role as the Yellow Ranger as the actors and characters were of African and Asian descent, respectively.

The name of the character Tommy Oliver is a reference to staff member Tony Oliver.

Although they were portraying high school students, Austin St. John (Jason) was the only one still of high school age, 18, when the show debuted. Thuy Trang (Trini) and Jason Narvy (Skull) were 19. Jason David Frank (Tommy) was 20. Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly), Walter Jones (Zack), and Paul Schrier (Bulk) were all 23. David Yost (Billy) was the oldest at 24.

While the work schedule for the show ran Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, filming actually ran seven days a week for the actors who played the Power Rangers. The six Ranger actors had to come in on the weekends for dialog recording for their characters` Power Rangers battle scenes and the recording sessions often ran late into the night.

Despite being in his debut episode "A Pressing Engagement", the monster King Sphinx was never able to appear in U.S. footage because the monster costume did not hold up well after being used in production. However, the head of his suit would later appear as a background prop at Zoom Comics in another live-action Fox Kids series by Saban Entertainment, "Big Bad Beetleborgs" (1996).

The pre television pilot version of the first episode, `Day of the Dumpster`, was shown on the Fox Kids programming block in 1999. There are several differences between it and the tv series: -`Trini` was played by a different actress, Audri Dubois, and was completely different personality (and nationality) wise to the `Trini Kwan` in the TV series played by Thuy Trang. -`Zordon` was named `Zoltar` and the image of his head in a tube was also blurred and somewhat pulsating. -There was no Juice bar (and hence no Ernie). Instead the Earth based scene took place in a bowling alley. -The Command Center`s interior had different control panels and lighting. -The plating on Alpha 5`s upper torso was notably larger and didn`t have the familiar "lightning bolt" logo. -`Flyguy`, renamed `King Sphinx` for his eventual appearance in the TV series, appeared in the episode to battle the rangers with `Goldar`. -The Dinozords were known as Dinodroids`. -There was a Bulk character, but no Skull character. Instead there were three other bullies/punks alongside Bulk.

Although the Ninja Megazord appears before the Shogun Megazord in `Power Rangers`, the exact opposite occurred in "Ninja sentai Kakurenjâ" (1994), one of the Japanese `sentai` series from which `Power Rangers` was adapted. Additionally, the Ninja Ultrazord and Shogun Ultrazord combinations, which used Titanus, never appeared in any Japanese productions, as Titanus only appeared in "Kyôryû sentai Jûrenjâ" (1992). Instead, the combinations used stills of the either the Ninja Mega Falconzord or the Shogun Mega Falconzord toys standing inside a Titanus toy.

Jason David Frank (Tommy) was never meant to stay on the series for as long as he did, He was only supposed to be a regular until "The Green Candle Part 2" minus a cameo in "Doomsday Part 2". but during his temporary time on the show his popularity was higher than any other Ranger. Saban received large amounts of letters daily after "The Green Candle" requesting Tommy to be brought back into the series, Eventually the company gave in and brought Frank back in the episode "Return of an Old Friend." and ended up staying on the show lasting till "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997) and recently in returning for "Power Rangers DinoThunder" (2004). He has appeared in a total of 217 episodes in the entire Power Rangers series.

In the original pilot episode, Zordon`s name was Zoltar. Zoltar is the name of the main villain in Battle of the Planets and G-Force: Guardians of Space. It was also the name of a fortune-telling machine in the Tom Hanks movie, Big.

In the original Japanese footage, the Yellow Ranger was male. This is why the Pink Ranger has a skirt, but Yellow doesn`t.

Zordon was the one that came up with the phrase, "It`s Morphin` Time!"

The only onscreen credit ever given to "Ninja sentai Kakurenjâ" (1994) was at the end of the Power Playback Funniest Moments special (Season 3`s credits never credited Kakuranger as the footage source).

The character of Scorpina (Ami Kawai) disappeared at the beginning of the second season. She returned in the middle of the season, in "Goldar`s Vice-Versa" (played by a new actress), then left the show permenantly. Scorpina was supposed to return to the show as a main character in that episode, but Saban was unable to keep the actress for more than one episode.

Lord Zedd is Jewish. During his wedding to Rita in Season 2`s "The Wedding: Part 3," he wore a yarmulke, he did the traditional breaking of a glass to commemorate the destruction of the Temple, and the song "Hava Nagila" was played.

The original names for Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were Dredwing, Grock, and Mongo.

Mondo the Magician, a metal-faced humanoid the Rangers defeated rather quickly in Season 2`s "Storybook Rangers: Part 2," was actually the main villain from "Gosei sentai Dairanger" (1993).

Early on in the first season, when Bulk and Skull were punks, they were joined by a punked-out blonde girl and an African-American guy in shades. They were quickly phased out and were gone before the Green Ranger arrived.

Ninjor`s voice was a spoof of Dudley Do-Right`s.

The voices of both Fang and Vampirus were both spoofs of Peter Lorre. Lizzinator`s voice was a spoof of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dischordia`s voice was a spoof of Ethel Merman.

The show`s violence led to it being pulled off the air by some broadcasters, in particular YTV Canada, and reopened the debate on violence in programming geared towards children.

When Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack) and Thuy Trang (Trini) were no longer filming episodes of the series, additional dialog for their characters` voices were done by uncredited actors. For the new episodes, Trini`s voice was done by an unknown actress named Judy, Jason`s was done by associate producer Paul Rosenthal and Zack`s was done by Joel Rogers, Bob Manahan`s second engineer.

Katherine Hillard (Catherine Sutherland) has the record for the shortest time serving as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. She becomes the Pink Ranger after receiving the Pink Power Coin from Kimberly at the end of "A Different Shade of Pink, Part 3". She appears as a Power Ranger for only eight episodes before the show changes to "Power Rangers Zeo".

Katherine "Kat" Hillard (Catherine Sutherland) takes over the role of the Pink Ranger in season three and she is the only Ranger to appear as the same color for two more Power Ranger teams after this series (the Pink Zeo Ranger in "Power Rangers Zeo" and the Pink Turbo Ranger for "Power Rangers Turbo").

The character Billy Cranston (David Yost), the Blue Ranger, is the only Power Rangers character to appear in every episode of the series. Yost appeared as Billy for every episode but two (season three`s two-part "Alien Rangers of Aquitar"), when his character is temporarily turned from a teenager into a child.

Billy and Kimberly are the two longest serving male and female rangers in the history of the Power Rangers franchise.

Billy Cranston, the Blue Power Ranger (David Yost), is, to date, the only Power Ranger to hold the same position for the longest time (3 years, 1993-1996) without ever switching colors. Kimberly Ann Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) is currently the longest-serving female Power Ranger and Pink Ranger of all time. She appeared in 137 episodes of the TV series until her departure from the series.

Kimberly Ann Hart (Amy Jo Johnson) was the first to coin the phrase "Morphinomenal."

Jason (Austin St. John) and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) are the only Power Rangers to have their full names revealed. Jason`s full name, Jason Lee Scott, is revealed in season two`s "Missing Green" episode, while Kimberly`s full name, Kimberly Ann Hart, is revealed in season three`s "The Potion Notion".

The birthdays of the original five Power Rangers were revealed in both an Interactive CD-Rom and on the back of their action figure boxes. Kimberly the Pink Ranger`s birthday is on February 14th, Billy the Blue Ranger`s birthday is on April 1st, Zack the Black Ranger`s birthday is on May 3rd, Trini the Yellow Ranger`s birthday is on August 9th and Jason the Red Ranger`s birthday is on October 20th.

According to a 2004 contest held by ABC Family, Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John), Kimberly Ann Hart (Amy Jo Johnson), and Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang) were voted as the best Red, Pink and Yellow Rangers of all time.

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