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Full list of Leadbelly songs, sorted alphabetically by name. You can also sort the list of songs by year recorded (from oldest to newest, and from most recent to first recorded), by Song Rank (popularity rank of song versus all other songs) and by album name. [To sort the list - you need to change the Display from "List" to "Table"]
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  1. Gallis Pole
  2. House Of The Rising Sun
  3. Midnight Special
  4. 25 Cent Dude
  5. 4, 5, And 9
  6. A Lesson In History
  7. Abraham Lincoln
  8. Ain't Goin' Down To De Well No Mo'
  9. Ain't Goin' Down to the Well Anymore
  10. Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No Mo'
  11. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No Mo' / Go Down Old Hannah
  12. Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No Mo' / Goin' Down Old Hannah
  13. Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More
  14. Ain't Goin' Down to the Well No More / Go Down Ol' Hannah
  15. Ain't Goin' Drink No More
  16. Ain;t Going Down To The Well No Mo'
  17. Ain't Going Down To The Well No Mo / Go Down Old Hannah
  18. Ain't Going Down To The Well No More
  19. Ain't Going Down (WNYC Broadcast)
  20. Ain't Going' Drink No More
  21. Ain't Going to Drink No More
  22. Ain't Gonna Dring No More
  23. Ain't Gonna Drink No More
  24. Ain't Gonna Let You Worry My Life No More (WNYC Jazz-Festival)
  25. Ain't Gonna Ring Dem Yellow Woman's Do' Bells
  26. Ain't Gonna Study War No More
  27. Ain't It A Shame
  28. Ain't It A Shame To Go Fishin' On A Sunday
  29. Ain't It A Shame To Go Fishin' On Sunday
  30. Ain't It a Shame to Go Fishing on a Sunday
  31. Ain't You Glad
  32. Aint Goin' Down To The Well No Mo'
  33. Alabama Bound
  34. Alanama Bound
  35. Alberta
  36. Alberta Alberta
  37. All Out And Down
  38. Amazing Grace
  39. Angola Blues (So Doggone Soon)
  40. Army Life
  41. Baby Don't You Love Me No More
  42. (Baby) Take A Whiff On Me
  43. Baby, You Don't Love Me No More
  44. Back Water Blues
  45. Backslider, Fare Thee Well
  46. Backslider, Fare You Well
  47. Backwater Blues
  48. Becky Dean
  49. Becky Deem, She Was A Gamblin' Girl
  50. Becky Dream, She Was a Gamblin
  51. Beeky Deem, She Was A Gamblin Girl
  52. Big Fat Woman
  53. Bill Brady
  54. Bill Brody
  55. Billy In The Low Ground (155-A)
  56. Billy In The Lowlands / Here Rattler Here (147-B)
  57. Billy The Weaver
  58. Birmingham Jail
  59. Black Betty
  60. Black Betty / Old Man / On A Monday
  61. Black, Brown and White
  62. Black Gal
  63. (Black Gal) Where Did You Sleep Last Night
  64. Black Girl
  65. Black Snake
  66. Black Snake Blues
  67. Black Snake Moan
  68. Black Snake Moon
  69. Blind Lemon
  70. Blind Lemon Blues
  71. Blind Lemon Jefferson's Blues
  72. Blind Lemon Memorial Record
  73. Blind Lemon Song
  74. Blue-tail Fly
  75. Blue-Tailed Fly (Jimmie, Crack Corn)
  76. Blues About New York ["So Doggone Soon"]
  77. Blues I Got Make A New-Born Baby Cry (47-B)
  78. Boll Weevil
  79. Boll Weevil Blues
  80. Boll Weevil Song
  81. Borrow Love And Go
  82. Borrow Love and Goe
  83. Bottle It Up And Go
  84. Bottle Love and Go
  85. Bottle Up And Go
  86. Bourgeois Blues
  87. Bourgois Blues
  88. Brady
  89. Bricks in My Pillow
  90. Bring A Little Water Sylvie
  91. Bring Me A Li'l Water, Silvy
  92. Bring Me a Little Water
  93. Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy
  94. Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy / Julie Ann Johnson / Line 'Em Whoah Back, Buck
  95. Bring Me A Little Water, Sylvie
  96. Bring Me A Little Watter
  97. Bring Me L'il' Water, Silvy
  98. Bring Me Li'I Water, Silvy
  99. Bring Me Li'l Water Silvy
  100. Bring Me Lil' Water Silvy
  101. Bring Me Lil Water Silvy / Julia Ann Johnson / Line 'Em / Whoa Back Buck
  102. Bring Me Lil' Water Sylvie
  103. Bring Me Little Water, Silvy
  104. Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie
  105. Bring Me Water Silvy
  106. Bull Cow
  107. Bull Cow Blues
  108. Bully Of The Town
  109. Burrow Love & Co
  110. Burrow Love & Go
  111. By And By When The Morning Comes
  112. Bye & Bye When The Morning Comes
  113. C.C. Rider
  114. C'est Bon, Les Oeufs
  115. Can't You Line æEm
  116. Can't You Line 'Em
  117. Careless Love
  118. Cc Rider
  119. Chicken Crowing For Midnight
  120. Children's Blues
  121. Chinatown
  122. Christmas Is A-Coming
  123. Christmas Is Coming
  124. Christmas (Monologue)
  125. Christmas Song
  126. Come And Sit Down Beside Me
  127. Corn Bread Rough
  128. Cotton Fields
  129. Cotton Fields Back Home
  130. Cotton Song
  131. Cottonfields
  132. Cow Cow Yickety, Yickety, Yea
  133. Cow Cow Yicky / Out on the Western Plains
  134. Cow Cow Yicky Yea / Out On The Western Plain
  135. Cow Cow Yicky Yea / Out On The Western Plains
  136. Cow Cow YicKy Yicky Yea
  137. Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yeah Out On The Western Plains
  138. Cowboy Song
  139. Cry For Me
  140. Daddy I'm Coming Back To You
  141. Daddy I'm Comming Back To You (Take 3)
  142. Daddy Ime Coming Back To you
  143. Dakalb Woman (Remastered Version)
  144. Dallas & Fort Worth Blues
  145. Dance Calls (252-A-1)
  146. Dance Calls (Includes "One Dollar Bill, Baby")
  147. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  148. Dancing With Tears in My Heart
  149. De Kalb Blues
  150. De Kalb Woman
  151. De Kalb Women
  152. Dear Mr. President / President Roosevelt (6407-A-1 & 2-LC)
  153. Dear Old Daddy (Interpreting Jimmy Rogers) (In 4 Parts) (145-B-1/-2/-3/-4)
  154. Death Letter Blues
  155. Death Letter Blues 1
  156. Death Letter Blues 2
  157. Death Letter Blues I & II
  158. Death Letter Blues Part 1
  159. Death Letter Blues Part 2
  160. Death Letter Blues Pt. 1
  161. Death Letter Blues Pt. 2
  162. Death Letter Blues Pt1
  163. Death Letter Blues Pt2
  164. Death Letters Blues (Part 2)
  165. Defence Blues
  166. Defense Blues
  167. Dekalb Blues
  168. Dekalb Woman
  169. Delia
  170. Dick Licker's Holler (147-A)
  171. Dick Licker's Holler (154-A)
  172. Dick Ligger S Holler
  173. Dick Ligger's Holler
  174. Dicky
  175. Didn't Ol' John Cross The Water
  176. Didn't Old John Cross The Water . ."
  177. Didnt Ol' John Cross the River
  178. Diggin' My Potatoes
  179. Digging My Potatoes
  180. Dog Latin Song
  181. Don't Lie Buddy
  182. Don't Sleep Too Long
  183. Don't You Love Me No More
  184. Don't You Love Your Daddy No More
  185. Down In Louisiana
  186. Down In The Valley
  187. Down In The Valley To Pray
  188. Drinkin' Lum Y A Alla
  189. Drinkin' Rum Y A Alla
  190. Drinkin's Lum Y A Alla
  191. Driving Song (Whoa Back And Gee!)
  192. Duncan & Brady
  193. Eagle Rock Rag
  194. East, Mr. Tom
  195. East, Mr. Tome
  196. Easy Mr. Tom
  197. Easy Rider
  198. Easy Rider Blues
  199. Easy Rider/C.C. Rider
  200. Ella Louise
  201. Ella Luoise
  202. Ella Speed
  203. Elnora (150-B-2)
  204. Eva (2504-B)
  205. Every Time I Feel The Spirit
  206. Every Time I Feel The Spirit / Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / They Hung Him On The Cross
  207. Everytime I Feel The Spirit
  208. Everytime I Feel The Spirit/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/They Hung Him On [A Cross]
  209. Fannin Steet
  210. Fannin Street
  211. Fiddler's Dram
  212. Fiddlers Dream
  213. Fiddler's Dream / Yallow Gal / Green Corn
  214. Field Holler
  215. Flowered Beds Of Ease
  216. Fo' Day Worry Blues
  217. Fort Worth And Dallas Blues
  218. Four Day Worry Blues
  219. Franki And Albert
  220. Frankie & Albert
  221. Frankie And Albert ~ Completion
  222. Frankie And Albert Part 1
  223. Frankie And Albert Part 2
  224. Frankie And Albert Part One
  225. Frankie And Albert Part Two
  226. Frankie & Albert Pt. 2
  227. Frankie And Alberta Part 1
  228. Frankie And Alberta Part 2
  229. Frankie Snd Albert ~ First Half
  230. Galiis Pole
  231. Gallis Pole
  232. Gallow Pole
  233. Gallows Pole
  234. Get Up In The Mornin'
  235. Git On Board
  236. Go Down, Ol' Hannah
  237. Go Down, Old Hannah
  238. Goin' Back Home To Mary (If I Had You Governor...)
  239. Goin' Back to Mary (If I Had You Governor / Governor Pat Neff)
  240. Goin' Down Old Hannah
  241. Going Back To Mary
  242. Good-Good-Good
  243. Good Mornign Babe, How Do You Do?
  244. Good Mornin' Blues
  245. Good Morning Babe
  246. Good Morning Babe, How Do You Do?
  247. Good Morning Blues
  248. Good Morning Blues #2
  249. Good Night Irene
  250. Goodnight Irene
  251. Got A Gal In Town With Her Mouth Chock Full Of Gold
  252. Governer O. K. Allen
  253. Governer Pat Neff
  254. Governor O.K. Allen
  255. Governor OK Allen
  256. Governor Pat Neff
  257. Grasshopper In My Pillow
  258. Grasshoppers In My Pillow
  259. Grasshoppers On My Pillow
  260. Gray Goose
  261. Green Corn
  262. Grey Goose
  263. Gwine Dig A Hole
  264. Gwine Dig A Hole To Put The Devil In
  265. Ha Ha This A-way
  266. Ha! Ha! This Away
  267. Ha Ha This Way
  268. Ha-ha Thisaway
  269. Hallelujah
  270. Ham An' Eggs
  271. Ham And Eggs
  272. Ham'n'Eggs
  273. Haul Away Joe
  274. Haul Me Away, Joe
  275. Hawaiian Song
  276. He Neber Said A Mumblin' Word
  277. He Never Said a Mumblin' Word
  278. He Never Said A Mumbling Word
  279. He Was The Man
  280. Hello Central
  281. Hello Central, Give Me Long Distance Phone
  282. Henry Ford Blues
  283. He's Just The Same Today (2020-A)
  284. Hesitation Blues
  285. Hitler Blues
  286. Hitler Song
  287. Ho-Day
  288. Ho Day / Ain't Going Down To The Well No Mo' / Go Down Old Hanna
  289. Ho-Day Ain't It Goin' Down To The Well No More
  290. Hollywood And Vine
  291. Honey, I'm All Out And Down
  292. House Of The Rising Sun
  293. How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
  294. How Come You Do Me Like You Do Do Do
  295. How Come You Love Me Like You Do Do Do
  296. How Do You Know?/Don't Mind The Weather
  297. How Do You Know? / Don't Mind the Whether
  298. How Long
  299. How Long Blues
  300. How Long, How Long
  301. Howard Hughes
  302. I Ain't Bothered A Bit
  303. I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More
  304. I Ain't Going Down to the Well No More
  305. I Ain't Going To Drink No More
  306. I Ain't Gonna Drink Anymore
  307. I Ain't Gonna Drink No More
  308. I Ain't Gonna Ring Dem Yellow Women's Do Bells
  309. I Called Her This Morning
  310. I Don't Know You, What Have I Done?
  311. I Don't Know You, What I Done
  312. I Don't Want No More Army Life
  313. I Don't Want No More Of Army Life
  314. I Got A Pretty Flower
  315. I Know It Was The Blood
  316. I'll Be Down On The Last Bread Wagon
  317. I'm All Out And Down (144-A)
  318. I'm All Out And Down (156-B)
  319. I'm Almost Done
  320. I'm Alone Because I Love You
  321. I'm Goin' Back Down In Louisiana
  322. I'm Goin' Mother (Aka Mama)
  323. I'm Going Back Down In Louisiana
  324. I'm Going Down In Louisiana
  325. I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole
  326. I'm Gonna Hold It In Her While She's Young And Tender (146-A)
  327. I'm Leavin' on the Midnight Train
  328. I'm Leavin' on the Mornin Train
  329. I'm Leavin' On The Morning Train
  330. I'm Leaving Blues
  331. I'm On My Last Go-Round
  332. I'm Sorry Mama
  333. I'm Thinking Of A Friend
  334. I've A Pretty Flower
  335. I've A Pretty Flowers
  336. I've Got A Pretty Flower
  337. I Walked Her And I Talked Her (157-B-1)
  338. I Want Some of Your Pie
  339. I Want To Go Home
  340. I Want To Go Home Army Life
  341. I Was Standing In The Bottom
  342. I Will Be So Glad When I Get Home
  343. I Will Make It
  344. If It Wasn't For Dicky
  345. If You Want To Do Your Part
  346. Im Almost Done
  347. In Dem Long Hot Summer Days (50-A)
  348. In New Orleans
  349. In On "People, You Know . . ."
  350. In The Evenin' When The Sun Goes Down
  351. In The Evening, When The Sun Goes Down
  352. In The Pines
  353. In The World
  354. Introduction (WNYC Broadcast)
  355. Irene
  356. Irene, Good Night
  357. Irene Goodnight
  358. Irene Goodnight Intro
  359. It Hurts Me Too
  360. It Was Early One Mornin' (Jail House Blues)
  361. It Was Early One Mornin' (Jail House Bound)
  362. It Was Early One Morning
  363. It Was Soon One Morning
  364. It's Tight Like That
  365. Jail House Blues
  366. Jawbone Walk (993-A-3)
  367. Jean Harlow
  368. Jesus Christ
  369. Jim Crow
  370. Jim Crow #2
  371. Jim Crow Blues
  372. John Hardy
  373. John Henry
  374. Join The Band
  375. Jolly O The Ransom
  376. Jolly O The Ranson
  377. Julia Ann Johnson
  378. Juliana Johnson
  379. Julianne Johnson
  380. Julie And Johnson
  381. Julie Ann Johnson
  382. Jumpin Judy
  383. Kansas City Papa
  384. Keep Your Hand Off Her
  385. Keep Your Hands Off Her
  386. Key to the Highway
  387. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
  388. Lake Superior
  389. Last Night In The Evening (4469-A-1)
  390. Last Night In The Evening (994-A)
  391. Laura
  392. Lead Belly's Dance
  393. Leadbelly's Dance
  394. Leavin' Blues
  395. Leavin In The Mornin
  396. Leavin' In The Morning
  397. Leaving Blues
  398. Leaving On The Morning Train Blues
  399. Let It Shine On Me
  400. Line 'Em
  401. Linin Track
  402. Lining Track
  403. Little Boy, How Old Are You?
  404. Little Children's Blues
  405. Little John Henry
  406. Little Sally Walker
  407. Little Sally Walker / Ha! Ha! This A-Way / Red Bird
  408. Little Sally Walker / Ha Ha Thisaway / Red Bird
  409. Liza Jane
  410. Look, Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Women's Doorbells
  411. Look, Looky Yoner/ Black Betty
  412. Look-y, Look-y Yonder
  413. Looky Look Yonder / Black Betty / Yallow Women's Door Bells
  414. Looky Looky Vonder
  415. Looky Looky Yonder
  416. Looky, Looky Yonder Black Belly
  417. Looky Looky Yonder, Black Belly / Yella Woman's Doorbell
  418. Looky, Looky Yonder / Black Betty / On A Monday
  419. Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yallow Women's Doorbells
  420. Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Woman's Doorbell
  421. Looky, Looky Yonder, Black Betty, Yellow Woman's Doorbells
  422. Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Women's Door Bells
  423. Looky Looky Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Women's Doorbells
  424. Mama, Did You Bring Any Silver?
  425. Mama, Did You Bring Me Any Silver?
  426. Man Going Around Taking Names
  427. Mary And Martha
  428. Mary Don't You Weep
  429. Mary Don't You Weep And Don't You Moan
  430. Match Box Blues
  431. Matchbox Blues
  432. Medicine Man
  433. Medley: (a) Everytime I Feel The Spirit; (b) Swing Low Sweet Chariot; (c) They H
  434. Medley: a) Everytime I Feel the Spirit / b) Swing Low Sweet Chariot / c) They Hung Him on the Cross
  435. Medley: Look, Looky Yonder / Black Betty
  436. Meet At The Building
  437. Meeting At The Building
  438. Meeting at the Building / Talking Preaching / We Shall Walk Through the Val
  439. Meeting At The Building / Talking Preaching / We Shall Walk Through The Valley
  440. Midnight Special
  441. Miss Lisa Jane
  442. Miss Liza Jane
  443. Mississippi River
  444. Mister Tom Hughes' Town
  445. Mister Tom Hughes's Town
  446. Mister Tom Hugh's Town
  447. Mistreatin' Mama
  448. Mistreatin' Momma
  449. Mo' Yet / (Little Boy) How Old Are You? / Then There's a Limb on the Tree
  450. Mo' Yet / (Little Boy) How Old Are You / There's A Limb On The Tree (Green Grass Grows All Around)
  451. Moanin'
  452. Moaning
  453. Monkey Man
  454. Monologue: Dance Calls, Dance Steps
  455. Monologue: Joining The Church
  456. Monologue On Square Dances Or Sookey Jumps
  457. Monologue On The Blues
  458. Monologue On The Mourner's Bench
  459. Monologue: Prison Singing
  460. Monologue: Square Dances, Sooky Jumps
  461. Monologue: The Blues
  462. More Yet
  463. More Yet / How Old Are You? / Green Grass Growing All Around
  464. More Yet / Little Boy How Old Are You / Green Grass Growing All Around
  465. Mother's Blues
  466. Mr Hitler
  467. Mr Tom Hughes' Town
  468. Must I Be Carried To The Sky...
  469. Must I Be Carried To The Sky On Flowered Beds Of Ease?
  470. My Baby Quit Me
  471. My Friend Blind Lemon
  472. My Lindy Lou
  473. National Defence Blues
  474. National Defense Blues
  475. New Black Snake
  476. New Black Snake Moan
  477. New Iberia
  478. New Orleans
  479. New York City
  480. New York City Blues
  481. No Good ["Noted"] Rider
  482. No Good Rider
  483. Nobody In The World Is Better Than Us
  484. Nobody In This World Is Better Than Us
  485. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  486. Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out
  487. Nobody Knows When Your Down And Out
  488. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
  489. Nobody's Knows When You Are Down and Out
  490. Noted Rider
  491. Noted Rider / Big Fat Woman / Borrow Love And Go
  492. Noted Rider Blues (2502-B-1)
  493. Oh Baby Why Do You Have To Go?
  494. Oh, Something On My Mind
  495. Ol' Riley
  496. Old Black Cow
  497. Old Black Crow
  498. Old Hannah
  499. Old Man
  500. Old Man Settin' In The Corner Dyin' (142-B-2)
  501. Old Man, Will Your Dog Catch A Rabbit?
  502. Old Rattler
  503. Old Reilly (In Them Long Hot Summer Days)
  504. Old Riley
  505. Old Ship Of Zion
  506. Old Time Religion
  507. On A Christmas Day
  508. On A Monday
  509. On a Western Plain
  510. On Christmas Day (It's Almost Day)
  511. On Monday
  512. One Dollar Bill Baby
  513. Out in the Western Plains
  514. Out On The Western Plains
  515. Out On The Western Plane
  516. Outshine The Sun
  517. Outskirts Of Town
  518. Ox Drivers Monologue
  519. Ox Driver's Song (Whoa, Back, Buck!) (1)
  520. Ox Driver's Song (Whoa, Back, Buck!) (2)
  521. Ox Drivin' Blues
  522. Ox Driving Moan
  523. Packin' Truck
  524. Packin' Truck Blues
  525. Packin' Trunk
  526. Packin' Trunk Blues
  527. Packing Trunk
  528. Packing Trunk Blues
  529. Parting Song (When You Smile-O)
  530. Pick A Bail Of Cooton
  531. Pick A Bale O'Cotton
  532. Pick A Bale Of Cotton
  533. Pick A Ball Of Cotton
  534. Pig Latin Boogie (2nd version)
  535. Pig Latin Song
  536. Pig Meat
  537. Pig Meat Papa
  538. Pigmeat
  539. Pigmeat Blues
  540. Pigmeat Version A
  541. Pigmeat Version B
  542. Po' Howard
  543. Po' Howard/Green Corn
  544. Polly Polly Wee
  545. Polly Wee (The Frog Song)
  546. Polly Wolly Wee
  547. Poor Howard
  548. Poor Howard Green Card
  549. Poor Howard / Green Corn
  550. Poor Howard Greenhorn
  551. Prayer
  552. Pretty Flower in You Backyard
  553. Pretty Flower In Your Back Yard
  554. Pretty Flower In Your Backyard
  555. Pretty Flowers in My Back Garden
  556. Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard
  557. Pretty Flowers In My Backyard
  558. Pretty Flowers In Your Backyard
  559. Pretty Fowers in Your Back Yard
  560. Pretty Papa (WNYC Jazz-Festival)
  561. Prison Holler
  562. Queen Marie
  563. Queen Mary
  564. Raccoon Up The 'Simmon Tree (996-A-2)
  565. Ramblin' Round
  566. Red Bird
  567. Red Cross Sto'
  568. Red Cross Store Blues
  569. Red River
  570. Red River / Black Girl (In The Pines) / Don't Miss Your Water Blues
  571. Red River / Black Girl (In the Pines) / Don'y Miss Your Water Blues
  572. Red River Blues
  573. Red River In The Pines
  574. Redbird
  575. Relax Your Mind
  576. Relax Yuor Mind
  577. Ride On
  578. Rider Blues
  579. Roberta
  580. Roberta 1
  581. Roberta 2
  582. Roberta, Part 1
  583. Roberta, Part 2
  584. Roberta Pt. 1
  585. Roberta Pt. 2
  586. Roberta Pts 1&2
  587. Rock Island Line
  588. Rock Island Nine
  589. Rock Of Ages (2023-A)
  590. Rooster Crows At Midnight
  591. Run Sinners
  592. Sail On Little Girl
  593. Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
  594. Sally Walker
  595. Salt Dog
  596. Salt Lake City (New York City)
  597. Salty Dog
  598. Samuel Hall
  599. San Francisco Bay Blues
  600. Scottsboro Boys
  601. Scrambled Egg Song
  602. See See Raider
  603. See See Rider
  604. Send Down Your Hand (149-A)
  605. Send Down Your Hand (151-B)
  606. Shake Down
  607. Shine On Me
  608. Ship Of Zion
  609. Short George
  610. Shorty George
  611. Shorty George 2
  612. Shory George
  613. Shout On
  614. Shreveport Jail
  615. Silver City Bound
  616. Silver City Hound
  617. Skin to My Lou
  618. Skip To Me Lou
  619. Skip To My Lou
  620. Skip to My Lou / Christmas Day (It's Almost Day)
  621. Skip To My Lou / Christmas Day (It's Almost Over)
  622. Skip To My Lou / It's Almost Day
  623. Soldier In The Army Of My Lord (4471-A-4[a])
  624. Somebody's Diggin' My Potatoes
  625. Somebody's Digging My Potatoes
  626. Somethin', Somethin' Keeps-A-Worrin' Me (994-B)
  627. Southern Flood Blues
  628. Spring Time in the Rockies
  629. Springtime In The Rockies
  630. St. Louis Blues
  631. Stand Your Test In Judgement
  632. Stew Ball
  633. Stewball
  634. Story
  635. Story Of The 25 Cent Dude
  636. Story Of The 25¢ Dude
  637. Sugared Beer
  638. Sugared The Beer
  639. Sukey Jump
  640. Sweet Jenny Lee
  641. Sweet Mary
  642. Sweet Mary Blues
  643. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  644. Sylvie
  645. T.B. Blues
  646. T.B. Woman Blues
  647. Take A Whiff On Me
  648. Take Me Back
  649. Take This Hammer
  650. Tale This Hammer
  651. Talk About Fannin Street
  652. Talk About Governer And Writing The Song
  653. Talk About Governor and Writing the Song / Governor Pat Neff
  654. Talk About Louisiana & Governer Allen
  655. Talk About Louisiana and Governor Allen / Governor O.K. Allen
  656. Talking Preaching
  657. TB Blues
  658. TB Woman Blues
  659. Tell Me Baby
  660. Tell Me Baby What Was Wrong With You
  661. The Blood Done Sign My Name
  662. The Blood Done Signed My Name
  663. The Blue Tailed Fly
  664. The Bo Weevil
  665. The Boll Weevil
  666. The Boll Weevil Song
  667. The Borgeois Blues
  668. The Bourgeious Blues
  669. The Bourgeois Blues
  670. The Burgeouis Blues
  671. The Cotten Song
  672. The Cotton Song
  673. The Eagle Rocks
  674. The Gallis Pole
  675. The Gallis Poll
  676. The Gallows Pole
  677. The Gallows Song
  678. The Gray Goose
  679. The Grey Goose
  680. The Hesitation Blues
  681. The Hindenburg Disaster
  682. The Hindenburg Disaster Part 1
  683. The Hindenburg Disaster Part 2
  684. The House of the Rising Sun
  685. The Last Leaving Blues'
  686. The Maid Freed From The Gallows
  687. The Medicine Man
  688. The Midnight Special
  689. The National Defense Blues
  690. The Old Chisholm Trail (Western Cowboy)
  691. The Parting Song
  692. The Raptism
  693. The Red Cross Store Blues
  694. The Rock Island Line
  695. The Roosevelt Song
  696. The Scottsboro Boys
  697. The Shreveport Jail (133-B)
  698. The Titanic
  699. There Is a Man Going Around
  700. There Is A Man Going Around Taking Names
  701. There's A Man Going Around Taking Names
  702. There's A Man Going Round Taking Names
  703. They Hung Him On A Cross
  704. They Hung Him On The Cross
  705. Thirty Days in the Work House
  706. Thirty Days In The Workhouse
  707. Tight Like That
  708. Titanic
  709. Tom Hughes Town
  710. Tuning: Introduction to the Gallis Pole
  711. Tuning; Talk About Stewball
  712. Tuning: Talk About Stewball / Stewball
  713. Turn Yo' Radio On
  714. Turning; Introduction To
  715. Two Hollers: A) Ho-Day B) Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More
  716. Uncle Sam Says
  717. Untitled (994-B-2-LC)
  718. Way Over In The Promised Land (131-B-2)
  719. Way Over In The Promised Land (4471-B-2)
  720. We're In The Same Boat, Brother
  721. We're In The Same Oat, Brother
  722. We're InI The Same Boat, Brother
  723. We Shall Be Free
  724. We Shall Walk In The Valley
  725. We Shall Walk Through The Valley
  726. We Shall Walk Thru The Valley
  727. Well You Know I Had To Do It
  728. Went Out On The Mountain
  729. Western Cowboy
  730. Western Plain
  731. (What Are) Little Boys (Mad of) Let Me Hold Your Hand (All for You)
  732. What Are Little Boys Made Of / All For You / Polly, Polly, Polly, Wee
  733. (What Are) Little Boys (Made Of) / Let Me Hold Your Hand (All For You) / Polly Wolly (Polly) Wee
  734. What Are Little Boys Made Of - Polly Wee
  735. What Can I Do To Change You Mind?
  736. What Can I Do To Change Your Mind?
  737. What Little Boys Are Made Of / Polly Wee
  738. What's You Goin' Do With Your Long Tall Daddy? (146-B)
  739. When A Man's A Long Way From Home
  740. When I Was A Cowboy
  741. When That Train Comes Along (4471-A-2)
  742. When The Boys Were On The Western Plain
  743. When The Boys Were On The Western Plains
  744. When The Boys Were On Three Western Plains
  745. When the Boys Were Out in the Western Plain
  746. When The Boys Were Out On The Western Plains
  747. When The Boys Where Out On The Western Plains
  748. When The Train Comes Along
  749. When You Get To Sleep, Please Don't Sleep Too Long (WNYC Broadcast)
  750. Where de Sun Go Down
  751. Where De Sun Gone Down
  752. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
  753. Whoa Back
  754. Whoa, Back Buck
  755. Whoa Back Up
  756. Whoa Buck
  757. Whoe Back Buck
  758. Whole Back Buck
  759. Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues
  760. Winsborro Cotton Mill Blues
  761. Witness For My Lord (4471-A-4)
  762. Woah Back Buck
  763. Worried Blues
  764. Yallow Women's Doorbell
  765. Yellow Gal
  766. Yellow Girl
  767. Yellow Jacket
  768. Yellow Jacket Blues
  769. Yellow Woman's Doorbells
  770. Yellow Women's Door Bells
  771. Yellow Women's Doorbells
  772. Yes, I'm Goin' Down To Louisiana
  773. Yes, I'm Going Down In Louisiana
  774. Yes, I'm Going Down to Louisiana
  775. Yes, I Was Standing In The Bottom
  776. You Cain' Loose-A-Me Cholly
  777. You Can't Loose-A Me Cholly
  778. You Can't Lose A Me, Charley
  779. You Can't Lose a Me, Charlie
  780. You Can't Lose-A Me Cholly
  781. You Can't Lose Me, Baby
  782. You Can't Lose Me, Charlie
  783. You Can't Lose Me, Cholly
  784. You Can't Mistreat Me
  785. You Cant Lose-A Me Cholly
  786. You Don't Know My Mind
  787. You Don't Know My Name
  788. You Don't Miss Your Water
  789. You Don't My Mind
  790. You Know I Got To Do It
  791. You Must Have That Pure Religioin, Halleloo
  792. You Must Have That Pure Religion, Halleloo
  793. You Must Have That Religion, Halleloo
  794. You Must Have That True Religion
  795. You Must Have That True Religion, Halleloo

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