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Top 10 Johnnie Taylor Songs

1 Disco Lady
2 Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone
3 Cheaper To Keep Her
4 Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed
5 Steal Away
6 Take Care Of Your Homework
7 Next Time
8 Little Bluebird.
9 I Ain't Particular
10 I Could Never Be President

All Johnnie Taylor Songs

Full list of Johnnie Taylor songs, listed alphabetically:

  1. 383-Emergency
  2. A Fool Like Me
  3. A Love to Call Mine
  4. Adrift in This Storm
  5. After Hours Joint
  6. Ain't That Lovin You (For More Reasons Than One)
  7. Ain't That Loving You
  8. Airtight Alibi
  9. All I Want Is You
  10. All My Days
  11. And I Panicked
  12. Are You Down
  13. Are You in Position
  14. Are You Lonesome
  15. At Night Time (My Pillow Tells A Tale)
  16. At Night Time (My Pillow Tells A Tale On Me)
  17. Baby Don't Hesitate
  18. Baby Lay Down
  19. Baby Sittin'
  20. Baby, We've Got Love
  21. Back Street Love Afair
  22. Back Street Love Affair
  23. Big Blue Diamonds
  24. Big Head Hundreds
  25. Bittersweet Love
  26. Blues In The Night
  27. Body Rock
  28. Burning Desire
  29. Can I Love You
  30. Can't Live With You
  31. Can't Trust Your Neighbor
  32. Change Your Habits
  33. Changin' My Life With Your Love
  34. Changin' My Life Without Your Love
  35. Cheaper To Keep Her
  36. Cheatin on Me
  37. Come Lord
  38. Comings and Goings
  39. Con Lover
  40. Country All the Way
  41. Crazy 'bout You Baby
  42. Crazy over You
  43. Dance Floor To The Back Door
  44. Dance What You Wanna
  45. Darline I Love You
  46. Darling I Love You
  47. Did He Make Love To You
  48. Disco 9000
  49. Disco Lady
  50. Disco Lady, 2000
  51. Dog Gone Crazy
  52. Doing My Own Thing Part 1
  53. Doing My Own Thing (Part I)
  54. Doing My Own Thing (Part II)
  55. Doing My Own Thing (Pt. 1)
  56. Doing My Own Thing, Pt. 2
  57. Don't Go Giving It Away
  58. Don't Lose Your Soul
  59. Don't Make Me Late
  60. Don't Take My Sunshine
  61. Don't Touch Her Body (If You Can't Touch Her Mind)
  62. Don't Wait
  63. Don't You Fool With My Soul
  64. Don't You Fool With My Soul, Parts 1 & 2
  65. Double or Nothing
  66. Driving Me Crazy
  67. Driving Wheel
  68. Drown In My Own Tears
  69. Ease Back Out
  70. Ever Ready
  71. Everything's Out In The Open
  72. First Class Love
  73. For Your Precious Love
  74. Forgive And Forget
  75. Free
  76. Friday
  77. Friday Night
  78. Games People Play
  79. Girl Of My Dreams
  80. Give Me My Baby
  81. God Is Good God Is Great
  82. God Is Standing By
  83. Good Love
  84. Good With My Hips
  85. Got To Leave This Woman
  86. Gotta Get The Groove Back
  87. Gotta Leave This Woman
  88. Groove Me
  89. Guilty as Charged
  90. Happy Time
  91. Have Mercy On Me
  92. Heaven Bless This Home
  93. Hello Sundown
  94. Help Yourself
  95. Here I Go (Through These Changes Again)
  96. Here We Come
  97. Hey Mister Melody Maker
  98. Hi Jackin' Love
  99. Hijackin' Love
  100. Hold On This Time
  101. Huntin' Just Ain't No More Fun
  102. I Ain't Particular
  103. I Am Somebody, Part 2
  104. I Am Somebody, Pt. 1
  105. I Am Somebody
  106. I Appreciate
  107. I Believe In You
  108. I Can Read Between The Lines
  109. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
  110. I Could Never Be President
  111. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
  112. I'd Rather Hurt Myself (than To Hurt You)
  113. I Don't Have a Care
  114. I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You
  115. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  116. I Dreamed That Heaven Was Like This
  117. I Found A Love
  118. I Found All These Things
  119. I Got This Thing For Your Love
  120. I Got To Love Somebody's Baby
  121. I Gotta Keep Groovin' You
  122. I Had A Dream
  123. I Had A Fight With Love
  124. I Had A Fight With With Love
  125. I Just Don't Know What I'd Do Without You
  126. I Just Wanna Say Thank You
  127. I Know It's Wrong, But I Just Can't Do Right
  128. I Know You Hear Me Callin
  129. I Like My Life
  130. I Love To Make Love When It's Raining
  131. I Love You Lady
  132. I Love You Lord
  133. I Love You Woman
  134. I'm a Man On a Mission
  135. I'm Changing
  136. I'm From The Old School
  137. I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You
  138. I'm In A Midnight Mood
  139. I'm Just A Shoulder To Cry On
  140. I'm Not the Man You Need
  141. I'm Not The Same Person
  142. I'm So Proud
  143. I'm Trying
  144. I Need A Freak
  145. I Reach For You
  146. I Smell Trouble
  147. I Thank You Lord
  148. I've Been Born Again
  149. I've Got To Love Somebody's Baby
  150. I've Never Had a Woman Li
  151. I Wanna Get Into You
  152. I Wanna Testify
  153. I Want to Get Into You
  154. I Want You Back Again
  155. I Want Your Love
  156. I Was Looking for Somebody
  157. I Worry About You
  158. If I Had It To Do All Over
  159. If I Had It To Do Over Again
  160. If I Had To Do It All Over
  161. If I Lose Your Love
  162. If You Love Me (Like You
  163. If You're Lookin' For A Fool
  164. If You Really Love Your Girl
  165. If You Take Your Love Away
  166. In Control
  167. Introduction By Rufus Thomas
  168. Introduction (feat. Rufus Thomas)
  169. Is This Love Is This Business
  170. Is This Love Or Is This Business
  171. It Ain't What You Do (It's How You Do It)
  172. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Use To
  173. It Don't Hurt Me Like It Used To
  174. It Don't Pay To Get Up In The Morning
  175. It's a New Day
  176. It's Amazing
  177. It's Jesus
  178. It's Personal
  179. It's September
  180. It's Your Thing
  181. Jody Got Your Girl And Gone
  182. Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone
  183. Jody's Got Your Girl And Run
  184. Juke Joint
  185. Jump 4 Joy
  186. Just A Happy Song
  187. Just Ain't Good Enough
  188. Just Because
  189. Just Come
  190. Just Keep On Lovin' Me
  191. Just Keep On Loving Me
  192. Just One Moment
  193. Just One of Those Days
  194. Just The One I've Been Lookin' For
  195. Just The One (I've Been Looking For)
  196. Just the One (I Was Looking for)
  197. Keep On Dancing
  198. Keep Your Head Up
  199. Kickin' Back, Chillin' Out
  200. L.O.V.E.
  201. Lady In Red
  202. Lady, My Whole World Is You
  203. Lady Soul
  204. Last Night of the Setting Sun
  205. Last Two Dollars
  206. Lately
  207. Leave Me Alone
  209. Let's Get Back On
  210. Let's Get Closer
  211. Life Is Like a Roll Coaster
  212. Listen to the Sounds
  213. Little Blue Bird
  214. Little Bluebird.
  215. Little Dancin' Queen
  216. Look for Me I'll Be Gone
  217. Loose Hair in the Bathroom
  218. Love Account
  219. Love Bones
  220. Love Depression
  221. Love In The Streets (Ain't Good As The Love At Home)
  222. Love Is A Hurting Thing
  223. Love Is Better In The A.M. (Part 1)
  224. Love Is Better In The A.M. Part 1 & 2
  225. Love Is Better In The A.M. (Part 2)
  226. Love Is Better In The A.M. (Part I)
  227. Love Is Better in the A.M., Pt. 1 & 2
  228. Love On A Lease Plan
  229. Lover Boy
  230. Love's Easy To Fall Into
  231. Medicine
  232. Money's Running Funny
  233. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody
  234. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now
  235. My Heart Is Filled With P
  236. My Life
  237. My Way
  238. Never My Love
  239. Next Time
  240. Nightingale Melody
  241. Nightsky
  242. No Deal
  243. No Goodbyes
  244. No Refund
  245. Non-nite
  246. Not Just Another Booty Song
  247. Nothin' but the Blues
  248. Nothing As Beautiful As You
  249. Nothing Like A Lady
  250. Nothing Lilke A Lady
  251. Now That You Cheated
  252. Oh How I Love You
  253. One In A Million
  254. One More Chance
  255. One Thing Wrong With My Baby
  256. One Thing Wrong With My Woman
  257. Only My Woman Can
  258. (Ooh-Wee) She's Killing Me
  259. (Ooo.Wee) She's Killing Me
  260. Out of Here
  261. Out On A Hill
  262. Outside Love
  263. Pardon Me Lady
  264. Part Time Love
  265. Party Life
  266. Payback Hurts
  267. Peacefish
  268. Pick Up The Pieces
  269. Play Something Pretty
  270. Please Come Home For Chri
  271. Please Don't Stop (That Song From Playing)
  272. Please Don't Stop the Music
  273. Please Sign The Dotted Line
  274. Poor Boy Blue
  275. Poor Boy Blues
  276. Poor Make Believer
  277. Precious Life
  278. Pulling The Train
  279. Reaganomics
  280. Real Love
  281. Respect Yourself
  282. Right Now
  283. Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day)
  284. Rumors
  285. Run But You Can't Hide
  286. Running Out Of Lies
  287. Scared the Hell Out of Me
  288. Seconds Of Your Love
  289. Seeing It All Go Wrong
  290. Sending You a Kiss
  291. Separation Line
  292. Sexy Dancer
  293. Shackin' Up
  294. She's Bout Bout It
  295. She's Cheating on Me
  296. She's No Lady
  297. Shine, Shine, Shine
  298. Shoot For The Stars
  299. Since I Found a New Love
  300. Singing Off With Love
  301. Sixteen Tons
  302. Slide On
  303. Sneakin'
  304. Sneakin', Sneakin'
  305. Sold Out
  306. Somebody's Gettin' It
  307. Somebody's Got to Pay
  308. Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed
  309. Something Is Going Wrong
  310. Sometimey Woman
  311. Somewhere Down the Line
  312. Soul-A-Lujah
  313. Soul Fillet
  314. Soul Heaven
  315. Sparkle
  316. Srared the Hell Out of Me
  317. Standing In For Jody
  318. Starting All Over Again
  319. Steal Away
  320. Steal It
  321. Still Called The Blues
  322. Still Crazy
  323. Still Crazy For You
  324. Stop Doggin' Me
  325. Stop Giving People Hard Luck Stories
  326. Stop Half Lovin' These Women
  327. Stop Half-Loving These Women
  328. Stop Teasin' Me
  329. Stormy
  330. Stormy Weather
  331. Strange Things (Happening In My Heart)
  332. Swing Low
  333. Sylvia
  334. Take Care Of Your Homework
  335. Take Me To The Mardi Gras
  336. Talk To Me
  337. Testify (I Wanna)
  338. Testify (I Wonna)
  339. Testify (I Wonna) - Single Version
  340. That Bone
  341. That's America
  342. That's Just a Woman's Way
  343. That's the Thing
  344. That's The Way It Is
  345. That's Where It's At
  346. The Ceremony of the King
  347. The Heart Break Kid
  348. The Love Of God
  349. The Second Time Around
  350. The Things That I Used To
  351. The Users
  352. There U
  353. There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do
  354. This Bitter Earth
  355. This Is The Night For Makin Up
  356. This Is Your Night
  357. This Light
  358. This Masquerade
  359. Throw Your Hands in the Air
  360. Time After Time
  361. Toe Hold
  362. Too Close For Comfort
  363. Too Late to Try to do Right
  364. Too Many Memories
  365. Too Much Week at the End of My Money
  366. Too Much Week At The End Of The Money
  367. Too Wise To Be Your Fool
  368. Toot Your Flute
  369. True Love
  370. Try Me Tonight
  371. Universal Lady
  372. Use Me Lord
  373. Vol. 1"
  374. Walk Away
  375. Wall To Wall
  376. Wanting What You Can't Have (Having What You Don't Want)
  377. Watermelon Man
  378. We're Gettin Careless With Our Love
  379. We're Getting Careless With Our Love
  380. We Worship You
  381. What About My Love
  382. What Goods Is a Man
  383. What Is Love
  384. What Is Your Reason
  385. What Kind of Man Do You Want?
  386. What You Need Is a Ball
  387. When She Stops Askin'
  388. When She Stops Asking
  389. Where Can A Man Go From Here
  390. Where Is Your Woman Tonight
  391. Where There's Smoke There's Fire
  392. Where Will You
  393. Who Can I Turn To
  394. Who Do You Turn Too
  395. Whole Lotta Lovin'
  396. Who's Makin' Love
  397. Who's Making Love
  398. Will You Love Me Forever
  399. Without You
  400. Woman Across The River
  401. Woman Don't Be Afraid
  402. Wounded In The Battle Of Love
  403. You Can't Get Away From It
  404. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
  405. You Can't Strike Gold in a Silver Mine
  406. You Can't Win
  407. You Can't Win With A Losing Hand
  408. You Couldn't Break Me
  409. You Got Me in the Mood for Love
  410. You Knocked My Heart Out Of Line
  411. You Know It Ain't Right
  412. You'll Need Another Favor
  413. You're Good For Me
  414. You're the Best Girl in the World
  415. You're The Best In The World
  416. You Win, I Lose
  417. Your Love Is Rated X
  418. Zig Zag Lightning

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