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Johnny Storm: Digital camera - $250. Memory stick - $59. The look on your hard-ass former C.O.'s face when he finds out he's your junior pilot - priceless. (

Susan Storm: We're all in this together, Ben.
Ben Grimm: Together? Susie, look at me. You got no idea what I'd - what I'd give to be invisible. (

(as the four enter the elevator, it creaks and from Ben's massive body weight)
Johnny Storm: Either we're moving really fast or not at all.
(the elevator's "exceed maximum weight" sign lights up)
Ben Grimm: I'll take the stairs. (

Victor Von Doom: Isn't it funny the way things turn out?
Reed Richards: Hilarious. (

Johnny Storm: (to Reed) Hey. Nice do. Likin' the grandpa look. (

Johnny Storm: (to Doom, after he sent a heat seeking missile after him) You missed me!

Johnny Storm: (after Ben has transformed back to the Thing) Had a little relapse, huh? Welcome back!

Reed Richards: A few days in space. What's the worst that could happen?

Nurse: Johnny! You're on fire!
Johnny Storm: Thanks! You're pretty good too!

Ben Grimm: You know, you could'a run an ad in the personals.
Alicia Masters: Sensual blind chick seeks three-ton, rock-hard he-man for deep spiritual relationship.
Ben Grimm: (sounding more hopeful than realistic) This ain't permanent. My friend Reed is working on a cure... I think.
Alicia Masters: Bennie... you feel good 'as is'.

(Susan and Reed enter the laboratory happily chatting, but fall silent when they become aware of Ben waiting for them)
Ben Grimm: Yeah - I have that effect on people.

X Games Announcer: (after Johnny has ignited during a biker stunt) He's ok! He's all right! I have to give you props Johnny. You were on fire!

(Reed opens the bathroom door as Sue get's out)
Susan Storm: (Sue goes invisible) You could knock!
Reed Richards: Sorry.
(Reed slams the door shut)

Reed Richards: Exposure to a high energy cosmic storm could advance our knowledge of planetary life.
Victor Von Doom: Same old Reed, always stretching, reaching for the stars.

(after he falls off his snowboard and lights on fire, melting the snow around him into water, talking to nurse)
Johnny Storm: Care to join me?

Alicia Masters: You know, being different isn't always a bad thing.
Ben Grimm: Trust me, this ain't one of them times.
Alicia Masters: Not if you don't want it to be.

Ben Grimm: (after Victor was talking about him) Reed does the talking. I do the walking.
Victor Von Doom: So take a walk, Ben.

Ben Grimm: Good thing you're flexible enough to watch your own back... 'cause I ain't doing it no more.

(Ben zips Johnny's suit all the way up)
Johnny Storm: Thank you. That's so sweet.
Ben Grimm: I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits.

Victor Von Doom: Isn't it funny the way things turn out?
Reed Richards: Hilarious.

Reed Richards: (to Ben) I swear to you... I will do everything in my power until there is not a breath left in me- You're gonna be Ben again.

Reed Richards: I found a broken gasket from space.

Reed Richards: (after leaning in to kiss Sue, she turns invisible) ... That's not fair.

Susan Storm: It's too dangerous for you to go out into public.
Johnny Storm: You've been saying that for years.

Reed Richards: Ben, I've been crunching the numbers on the machine. I think if we can rework the power settings...
Ben Grimm: (casually) Forget it, egghead. I'm good as is.
Alicia Masters: (approaches and hands Ben a large metal mug of beer) Better than good, baby.
(they clink glasses causing hers to shatter)
Alicia Masters: You just... need to work on your touch.
Ben Grimm: (hugging her and smiling widely) I like the sound of that.

X Games Reporter: (referring to Ben) What is that? What do you call that thing?
Johnny Storm: That's it - the Thing. Yeah, you think this is bad, you should have seen him before!
Ben Grimm: Okay. Now I'm gonna go kill him!

Susan Storm: (invisible) Look at me!
Reed Richards: I can't.

Leonard: (to Victor) Uh, sir, Larry King just canceled. Apparently there's a bigger story.

Johnny Storm: (referring to the nurse) My future wife!

Johnny Storm: Wake up, Ben. Hey, rise and shine, big boy. How you feeling?
Ben Grimm: Where am I?
Johnny Storm: Back on Earth. We're in quarantine. Victor's medical facility.
Ben Grimm: Reed? Sue?
Johnny Storm: Oh, they're fine. Everybody else is fine.
Ben Grimm: What's wrong with me?
Johnny Storm: I swear to you, Ben, they've done everything humanly possible. The best plastic surgeons in the world are here, Ben. You had the best.
(Johnny picks up a hand mirror on the bed table before Ben can reach it, reluctant to give it to him)
Ben Grimm: Give me that mirror.
Johnny Storm: I don't think if that's a good idea. They said the shock alone...
Ben Grimm: I said, give me that goddamn mirror!
Johnny Storm: Okay, Ben. Just be strong.
(Ben grabs it from him. Then slowly raises it to look and see that he's totally normal)
Johnny Storm: Unfortunately, the doctors just couldn't do anything to fix your face.

Victor Von Doom: (facing the Fantastic Four in full strength) This is gonna be fun!

Ben Grimm: Hey, no more wise cracks about the way I look.
Johnny Storm: Hey, call me Mr. Sensitivity.
Johnny Storm: (walking through the crowd) Okay, wide load coming through! Everybody move! He's huge!
Ben Grimm: Hey! Come here, Mr. Sensitive.
Johnny Storm: Flame on!
Ben Grimm: Show-off!
(Johnny flies into the sky to make a fiery 4)

(watching Johnny on TV at the Moto-X Games)
Susan Storm: He didn't.
Ben Grimm: Oh, yes, he did! Flame boy never listens!
Susan Storm: What did he do to his uniform?
X Games Reporter: Johnny, I've got to ask you about this outfit.
Johnny Storm: Yeah, it's sorta Armani meets astronaut.
X Games Reporter: So, what are your superhero names?
Johnny Storm: They call me the Human Torch. Ladies call me Torch.
X Games Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
(Sue's picture is shown on the huge screen)
Johnny Storm: That's the Invisible Girl.
Susan Storm: "Girl"?
X Games Reporter: What about your leader, Reed Richards? I hear you call him Mr. Fantastic.
Ben Grimm: Could've been worse.
Reed Richards: I guess.

Ben Grimm: (in a fight with Reed) Get off me, rubber boy!

Ben Grimm: (Sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge) Oh yeah Ben, few days in space, it'll be great, what's the worst that could happen?

(Standing in underware, yelling at Reed)
Susan Storm: Any more bright ideas? Why don't you strip down and have a hundred people stare at you!

Alicia Masters: (Alicia and Ben reach the gallery) Look around.
(she decides to get drinks)
Alicia Masters: I'll get us drinks.
(anticipating his objection of going through the trouble for him)
Alicia Masters: They always let blind girls cut the line.

Johnny Storm: (Sue turns invisible, then begins taking off her clothes but loses her invisibility) I'm going to need therapy.

Reed Richards: I'm trying to figure out why we each ended up with different symptoms.
Johnny Storm: Oh, well that's easy: I'm hot. You're... well, you're a little limp. Sue's easy to see through. And Ben's always been a hardass.

Ben Grimm: You done good, kid.

Reed Richards: What worries me is that our powers are evolving.
Johnny Storm: I know - I know! I'm so close to flying, guys, I can taste it.
Susan Storm: You can't fly.
Johnny Storm: Yet.

Reed Richards: What I see in your relationship is what I considered the best part of ours.
Susan Storm: That is?
Reed Richards: Passion... for science.

(in a heated fight with Ben)
Johnny Storm: Let's see if we can get blood from a stone.

Reed Richards: How many times have I ever asked you to do something that you said you absolutely could not do?
Ben Grimm: Five times.
(walks off)
Reed Richards: I had it at four.
Ben Grimm: (from offscreen) Well, this is number five.

Johnny Storm: You know that looked cool!

Susan Storm: Johnny, have you seen Ben?
Johnny Storm: Yeah, Sunshine just left. Look Sue, I'm sorry, I... I can't stay in this freak show, I gotta get back to the real world.
Susan Storm: You're calling that the real world?
Johnny Storm: Sue stop, you're not mum, don't talk to me like I'm a little boy, okay?
Susan Storm: Maybe I would if you stopped acting like one! Do you even hear yourself? Who do you think you are?
Johnny Storm: Why is everyone on my ass? If you guys are jealous, that's fine; I didn't expect it to come from you though.
Susan Storm: You really think those people out there care about you? You're just a fad to them, Johnny!
Johnny Storm: Let's try something new. You live your life, I'll live mine. Sound good?
(before Johnny walks out of the Baxter Building, he turns back to Sue)
Johnny Storm: Oh, and just for the record - they love me!

Leonard: Sir, I have always wondered. Why Sue? You could have any other woman in the world.
Victor Von Doom: That's why. Because I could have any other woman.

Johnny Storm: I need names... and shots. Bartender!

Reporter- City TV: Excuse me. That thing doesn't look so fantastic.
Reed Richards: Ben Grimm is a genuine American hero.
Johnny Storm: What he means is, every team needs a mascot.
(the reporters laugh)
Johnny Storm: A new day is dawning. *The day of the Fantastic Four!*

(Susan has just taken off all of her clothes while she was invisible)
Johnny Storm: I'm gonna need therapy.

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