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Jackson Curtis: Hey, have a safe trip, you little bastards.
Oleg: Now you're laughing, Curtis, but we have tickets to go on on a big ship. We will live and you will die. (imdb.com)

President Thomas Wilson: Six months ago, I was made aware of a situation so devastating that, at first, I refused to believe it. However, through the concerted efforts of our brightest scientist, we have confirmed its validity. The world, as we know it, will soon come to an end. (imdb.com)

Laura Wilson: (On phone) Dad, where are you?
President Thomas Wilson: You wouldn't have gotten on that plane if I told you.
Laura Wilson: Daddy, what's happening? I thought you were coming on the plane.
President Thomas Wilson: Do you know what strength it gives me to know that my daughter is going to survive? (imdb.com)

Adrian Helmsley: So what? Are you just going to kill anyone who tries to tell the people what was going on?
Carl Anheuser: Adrian, people who interfere with our plans are not only an enemy of the state, they're an enemy of humanity.
Adrian Helmsley: The Director of the Louvre was an enemy of humanity?
Carl Anheuser: After he called a press conference, he WAS! What did you think was going to happen? Did you think the world was going to hold hands and sing "Koom-bay-yah"? Get yourself seated. (imdb.com)

Yuri Karpov: (while flying over Hawaii) What is that?
Sasha: The State of Hawaii.
Yuri Karpov: Not good. That is not good. (imdb.com)

Jackson Curtis: (to pilot) Here. Take this. This is a very expensive watch. My editor gave it to me when he thought I was gonna be somebody.

Carl Anheuser: Where the hell is President Wilson!
Sally - President's Secretary: He's praying, sir, and under these circumstances that's not such a bad idea.

Charlie Frost: This marks the last day of the United States of America. And, by tomorrow, all of mankind. And we will be visible from the Milky Way as a tiny little puff of smoke. I'm watching the earth crumble before my eyes. The giant ash cloud created by this super-volcano will first envelop Vegas and then St. Louis and then Chicago and then, at long last, Washington, D.C. will have its lights go out!

Sasha: Boss, I found us a plane.
Yuri Karpov: Can you still fly that thing?
Sasha: Sure, boss. But I need co-pilot.
Lilly Curtis: Gordon's a pilot.
Gordon Silberman: No, I'm not. I'm not.
Jackson Curtis: Yes, he is. Great pilot. Let's go.
Yuri Karpov: Good. Let's go!
(both groups set out for the plane)
Gordon Silberman: (just before going outdoors) Jackson, stop saying I'm a pilot.

Kate Curtis: (on the "ark") Where have you been all my life?
Jackson Curtis: Gift shop.

Professor West: The equalization of the oceanic seabeds has not turned out to be as extreme as we expected. The waters are receding much faster than we thought, thank God. And this is hard to believe, the Himalayas are no longer the roof of the world. It's now the Drakensberg mountains of KwaZulu-Natal.
Adrian Helmsley: The entire African continent has risen.
Professor West: Several thousand feet, and likely never even flooded.
Captain Michaels: That's why they call it the Cape of Good Hope. We've already set course for it.

Charlie Frost: (as he witnesses the Caldera erupt) I have goosebumps, people.

Gordon Silberman: Honey, women pay me thousands of dollars to handle their boobs, and you get it for free.

Kate Curtis: So, now that you have your map, where are we going?
(Jackson holds a one-finger signal before unfolding the map with the ships to discover that it is located in "China")
Jackson Curtis: We're going to need a bigger plane.
(looks back at the map)

Harry Helmsley: I barely see my boy, but at least we talk.
Tony Delgatto: About what?
Harry Helmsley: Life, and how short it is.

(They're about to drive out from the plane with the Bentley)
Jackson Curtis: All right, let's go!
Tamara: Wait! Where's Sasha?
Gordon Silberman: Sasha's fine. We need to get out of here before he touches down.
Tamara: No, no, no! We have to wait for him.
Yuri Karpov: Go Jackson, go!
Jackson Curtis: (Tries to start the car) It won't start!
(Everyone panics)
Yuri Karpov: Shut up, everbody!
(Everyone stops screaming)
Yuri Karpov: Engine... start!
(Car starts)

Adrian Helmsley: (standing in the Oval Office) I was wrong.
President Thomas Wilson: Do you know how many times I've heard those words in this office? Zero.

Carl Anheuser: (about Laura Wilson) Cute girl, huh?
Adrian Helmsley: Sir?
Carl Anheuser: The First Daughter. I saw you looking at her.
Adrian Helmsley: I wasn't looking at her.
Carl Anheuser: Better move fast, kid. The end is near.

Gordon Silberman: Honey, why don't we make a baby?
Kate Curtis: We're not making a baby in the supermarket!

Lilly Curtis: (inside Charlie's camper) That guy's crazy. Right, daddy?
Jackson Curtis: No. I don't think so.

Jackson Curtis: We gotta get to the Santa Monica Airport!
Gordon Silberman: Well, take the freeway! It'll be half the time!
Jackson Curtis: (as the freeway collapses from the earthquake) Yeah, right!

Gordon Silberman: What he said about you and Sasha, is it true?
Tamara: Sasha was worth 100 times a man like Yuri. I should have listend to you, Dr. Silberman. I actually like the way I looked before that monster talk me into it.
Gordon Silberman: Did you know he asked for a discount? And he paid in installments.
Tamara: Cheap bastard.

Adrian Helmsley: The moment we stop fighting for each other, that's the moment we lose our humanity.

(from trailer)
Jackson Curtis: No matter what happens, we'll all stay together.

Adrian Helmsley: Sir, you don't have the authority.
Carl Anheuser: Who's got the authority? You? You've got the authority? You couldn't keep your goddamn mouth shut. You betrayed top-secret information last year. Could've had us all killed?
Adrian Helmsley: What the hell are you talking about?
Carl Anheuser: You told your father everything. Put this entire plan in jeopardy. Good thing for you the old man could keep his mouth shut better than you. Oh, come on. Don't look so shocked. We had to monitor everybody who knew. How do you think we kept it a secret for so long?
Adrian Helmsley: So we just killed people who tried to talk?
Carl Anheuser: Anybody who tried to talk was not just an enemy of the state, they're an enemy of humanity.
Adrian Helmsley: The Director of the Louvre was an enemy of humanity?
Carl Anheuser: After he called a press conference, he was! Jesus. What did you think? We're all just gonna get onboard, hold hands and sing "Kumbaya"? Sit down and buckle up.

Charlie Frost: You'd have to keep a thing like this underwraps. I mean, just think about it, okay? First, the stock market would go. Then the economy, boom! The dollar, boom! And then pandemonium in the streets. War, genocide, ba-ba-ba-ba, boom, boom, boom!
Jackson Curtis: Bullsh*t. Nobody could keep that big a secret, Charlie. Somebody would blow the whistle.
Charlie Frost: And every once in a while, some poor little sucker tries. Well, like these guys, boom, boom!
(pulls down a screen of posted obituaries)
Charlie Frost: Every one of these guys, dead, dead, dead.
Jackson Curtis: (notices one of them) Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's Professor Meyers.
Charlie Frost: He ran the Atlantis shuttle program. Why, did you know him?
Jackson Curtis: Yeah, he helped me with research on my book.
Charlie Frost: Well, that must have been before this "accident."
Jackson Curtis: Meyers is dead?
Charlie Frost: Oh, two months ago. He was one of my most avid listeners and he had it all figured out. Everything the government was doing, where and why... He even sent me a map.
Jackson Curtis: A map for what Charlie? What's the map for?
Charlie Frost: They're building spaceships, man.
Jackson Curtis: sh*t, man, I have to go because I gotta get back to Earth.

President Thomas Wilson: (Addressing the nation) My fellow Americans. This will be the last time I address you. As you know, catastrophe has struck our nation... has struck the world. I wish I could tell you we can prevent the coming destruction. We cannot. Today, none of us are strangers. Today, we are one family, stepping into the darkness together. We are a nation of many religion, but I believe these words reflect the spirit of all our faiths. The Lord is my Shepard...
(cuts off)

(Ark Computer: Impact warning. Thirty degrees west. Forty-five degrees east. Target elevation, 29,035 feet)
Carl Anheuser: 29,000 feet? What the hell is at 29,000 feet?
Captain Michaels: We're headed straight for the north face of Mount Everest, Mr. Anheuser. And if we can't start our engines, we will not survive the impact.

(Both are on the phone)
Tony Delgatto: I- I'm sorry. Who is this?
Yoko Delgatto: This is Yoko Delgatto. Do you wanna speak to my daddy?
Tony Delgatto: (sighs) Yes, please.
Yoko Delgatto: Who should I say is calling?
Tony Delgatto: Tell him... it's his father.
Yoko Delgatto: You're my grampa?
Tony Delgatto: Yes, sweetheart. I am.
(Looks at a photo of Yoko)

Kate Curtis: (on the phone with Jackson) Hello?
Jackson Curtis: (in the limo en route to Kate's house) Kate, stop what you're doing.
Kate Curtis: Jackson?
Jackson Curtis: Listen to me. I've rented a plane. Pack up the kids, I'm gonna be there in five minutes.
Kate Curtis: What are you talking about? We're gonna do our regular Saturday. Noah has music at 2 and Lil has karate.
Gordon Silberman: Not gonna expect him to remember.
Jackson Curtis: Kate, California is going down! Pack up the kids now!
Kate Curtis: They just got back. God, you sound like a cray person. The Governor just said we're fine.
Jackson Curtis: The guy's an actor! He's reading a script! When they tell you not to panic...
(makes a hard left)
Jackson Curtis: that's when you run!
Kate Curtis: Look, will you call me back when you calm down?
(hangs up phone)
Lilly Curtis: Mommy, why is Daddy so crazy?
(Gordon looks at Kate)
Kate Curtis: Finish your pancakes, Al Capone.

Dr. Satnam Tsurutani: It looks like the neutrinos coming from the sun have mutated into a new kind of nuclear particle. They're heating up the earth's core and suddenly act like microwaves.

Laura Wilson: How were all these people chosen?
Carl Anheuser: The same way your art was: By experts from all over the world. We had geneticists determine the perfect gene pool we need to repopulate.
Adrian Helmsley: These people were chosen by geneticists?
Laura Wilson: Looks to me like their checkbooks got them onboard.
Carl Anheuser: That's right, Dr. Wilson. Without billions of dollars from the private sector, this entire operation would've been impossible.
Adrian Helmsley: We sold tickets. And what about all these workers? They all get passes?
Carl Anheuser: What, life isn't fair? Is that it? You want to donate your passes to a couple Chinese workers, you be my guest.

Kate Curtis: (as they escape Los Angeles in the plane) I don't understand. How did you know this was to happen?
Jackson Curtis: It's not just California. It's the whole goddamned world that gone to sh*t. I met this guy at Yellowstone, this crazy guy, but he's been right about that's happened so far. And he says that the government is building these ships, spaceships, I don't know what, but something.
Gordon Silberman: What, ships?
Jackson Curtis: Yeah, places where we can be safe. He knows where they are. He's got a map.
Kate Curtis: Jackson...
Kate Curtis: Kate, you gotta just trust me on this, okay?
Gordon Silberman: Guys... look.
(L.A. is sinking into the Pacific as they fly away)

(as Satnam's family are about to leave India)
Dr. Satnam Tsurutani: Don't worry, Ajit. We are going on a big ship.

Kate Curtis: Do you think people change?
Jackson Curtis: By "people," do you mean me?
Kate Curtis: Yes. Do you think you've changed since we separated?
Jackson Curtis: I certainly eat a lot more cereal now.

President Thomas Wilson: Did you ever meet my wife, Dorothy?
Adrian Helmsley: No, sir. I didn't have that honor.
President Thomas Wilson: She was in and out of it towards the end. The night before she passed on, she took my hand and she told me: "I think you should have a lottery. Everyone should have a chance to go." Maybe that's what we should have done. I'll be the last president of the United States of America. Do you know how that feels, son?
Adrian Helmsley: No one could have saved the country, sir. And I think... I think people have a right to know.
President Thomas Wilson: Don't worry. I'll take care of that.

Jackson Curtis: Going to this place really special place that I know. Actually, it's a place where your Mom and I used to hang out a lot.
Noah Curtis: I don't wanna know where you and Mom had sex. I'm not ready for that, Jackson.
Jackson Curtis: Stop calling me that. It's creeping me out. What's wrong with "Dad"?

Laura Wilson: (On phone) Dad, where are you?
President Thomas Wilson: You wouldn't have gotten on that plane if I told you.
Laura Wilson: Daddy, what's happening? I thought you were coming on the plane.
President Thomas Wilson: Do you know what strength it gives me to know that my daughter is going to survive?

Scotty: It's been upgraded to a 10.9 by the guys at Harvard.
Adrian Helmsley: What does Caltech have to say?
Professor West: The whole city of Pasadena was wiped out just a few minutes ago.

Lama Rinpoche: Do not believe in something simply because you have heard it, Nima.
Nima: But great Lama, Tenzin is my brother. He works inside the tunnel, whee the ships are built. But where is in your wisdom, great Lama, if Tenzin is right... what if our world is indeed coming to an end?
(Rinpoche responds by pouring tea into Tenzin's cup, causing it to overflow)
Nima: It is full, great Rinpoche.
(after a moment, Rinpoche stops)
Lama Rinpoche: Like this cup, you are full of opinions and speculations. To see the light of wisdom... you first must empty your cup.
(Tosses Nima the truck's keys)
Lama Rinpoche: Be careful with the clutch... it tends to slip.

(Outside the gates of the ark docks)
Kate Curtis: You don't have to save us, but please, just take my kids!
Tenzin: Why should I do that?
Jackson Curtis: The same reason you let in your family.

Charlie Frost: (on radio) Folks, did you hear that? The authorities in L.A. say there's nothing to worry about. I'd love to see their dumb faces when Malibu and Beverly Hills get sucked into the gurgling maw of the Pacific. Where are they going to plug in their electric cars then? Ha, ha, ha.

Adrian Helmsley: The president has ordered us to clean out the White House.
Harry Helmsley: About time somebody cleaned up that mess.

Carl Anheuser: You're telling me that the North Pole is now some where in Wisconsin?
Professor West: Actually, that's the South Pole now.

Charlie Frost: (Repeated line) Always remember, folks. You heard it first from Charlie.

Adrian Helmsley: Who are you bringing?
Carl Anheuser: Nobody. Who, my ex-wife? Last thing she said to me, she never wanted to see me again. So be it.

Adrian Helmsley: Satnam didn't get picked up.
Professor West: What?
Carl Anheuser: A lot of people didn't get picked up in this chaos. This is not a conspiracy, Helmsley. You're predictions haven't exactly panned out, have they, doctor?

Jackson Curtis: (as Kate's house is collapsing in an earthquake) Get in the f**king car!

Lilly Curtis: I'm not scared. No more Pull-Ups.
Jackson Curtis: Nice.

Ark Communications Officer: The capital's been hit by a 9.4.
Ark Communications Officer: We've lost communication with the White House, sir.
Adrian Helmsley: Where's it centered?
Scotty: North Chesapeake Bay.

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