Celebrities with first name: Slim

Slim Whitman
Slim Whitman22,016 views
Slim Thug
Slim Thug23,201 views
Slim Shady
Slim Shady6,839 views
Slim Hawks
Slim Hawks5,027 views
Slim Pickens
Slim Pickens3,211 views
Slim Dusty
Slim Dusty3,103 views
Slim Jim Phantom
Slim Jim Phantom2,125 views
Slim Harpo
Slim Harpo370 views
Slim Dawg83 views
Slim Dunlap
Slim Dunlap48 views
Slim Smith
Slim Smith19 views
Slim Aarons14 views
Slim Willet
Slim Willet17 views
Slim Twig
Slim Twig5 views

Celebrities with last name: Slim

Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim21,376 views
Soulja Slim
Soulja Slim4,394 views
Memphis Slim
Memphis Slim596 views
Fillmore Slim
Fillmore Slim381 views
Anoushka302 views
Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim282 views
Guitar Slim
Guitar Slim72 views
Magic Slim
Magic Slim60 views
Alberta Slim
Alberta Slim35 views
Mongi Slim
Mongi Slim9 views

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Nancy Kulp

Nancy Jane Kulp (August 28, 1921 – February 3, 1991) was an American character actress best known as Miss Jane Hathaway on the popular CBS television series The Beverly HillbilliesWikipedia
69 (age at death)
28th August, 1921, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
3rd February, 1991, Palm Desert, California
5' 6" (168 cm)
The Beverly Hillbillies
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Alexandra Paul on Baywatch 3
Stephanie and CJ camping on the Island of Romance.

Alexandra Paul on Baywatch
Stephanie and Mitch captured.