What the hell happened to Pamela Anderson’s hair?

Pamela Anderson has been sporting a pixie cut for a while now, having cut off her long locks to shed the “life” that her old style had taken ...

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Pamela Anderson's Marathon Training Is All In The Name Of A Good Cause

Pamela Anderson will be running through the streets of New York, though unfortunately it won't be in slow motion or while clad in a red Speedo. Instead ...

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Pamela Anderson Dons White Dress, Flats At LAX Airport

Pamela Anderson might have once embodied the motto "less is more," but the former "Baywatch" beauty now seems to be embracing the idea ...

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POLL: Would You Still Hit It?

Pam Anderson, circa 2011. In all honesty, she doesn’t look all that different (from the, uh, neck down) than the Pam Anderson of the late eighti ...

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Pamela Anderson - Fashion Line

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