Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

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Served in the Marine Corps, and now runs a non-profit f

Served in the Marine Corps, and now runs a non-profit foundation called Arts in the Armed Forces that stages theatrical performances for military personnel ...

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Courage Isn't a Competition - Reflections on Caitlyn Jenner

Here we go again, another Kardashian story. But this time it's not about scandalous affairs, pedophilia or who is having their next kid. On June ...

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#DropAndGiveMe10 Viral Pushup Charity Challenge Raises Money For Military Families

You don't need ice or a bucket to take part in the latest charitable challenge gone viral. The only prerequisite is a desire to help families of fallen ...

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Osama bin Laden's Porn and Policy Library (and the Banal Evil of the Unread War Novel Over Memorial Day Weekend)

Osama bin Laden begged his favorite wife to join him in paradise (should death come by drone or SEAL raid or hypertension triggered by a Hunker Down Diet ...

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Marines Get Wasted with David Letterman: Watch!

David Letterman changed the face of late night talk shows. And after his final sign-off last night, he threw it down with mega-celebs at The Museum of ...

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Cara Delevingne - Burberry 'London in Los Angeles' Event

Cara Delevingne in a long sleeve military inspired black with a yellow paneled coat.

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Military Members Who Lost Vision While Serving Find 'Life-Altering' Sense Of Purpose Through Sports

At a school in Baltimore, Maryland, blind veterans are partaking in a uniquely ther*peutic activity. This week, a group of active-duty military members ...

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Navy SEAL, Shot 27 Times In Iraq, Raises More Than $83,000 (And Counting) For Wounded Vets

Mike Day doesn't need a battlefield to be a hero. After surviving 27 gun shots from a single incident in Iraq, the retired Navy SEAL Sr. Chief brought ...

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Angie Harmon Understands the Power of Walking in Your Ancestors Footsteps

Angie Harmon and her daughters, proud roots and an amazing gene pool (courtesy of TLC) This Sunday on Who Do You Think You Are? (March 22, 2015 at 10/9c ...

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What Research Did American Sniper Screenwriter Jason Hall Do for the Oscar Nominated Film?

What are the conversations like between you and the subject of your screenplay when you're in the research phase?: originally appeared on Quora: The ...

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'American Sniper' Attracts the Fly By Night Patriot

American Sniper creates an interesting dialogue on human emotions, vitriol and arrogance when it comes to the people willing to express their opinion on ...

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Air Force Airman Returns From Duty, Shocks Girlfriend With Airport Proposal: Watch!

When she welcomed home her boyfriend, Air Force airman Jon Greko, at the Detroit airport before Christmas, Emma Trabue got more than she bargained for. In ...

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O'Reilly and McCain Come to Blows: ‘My Job to Interrogate You!’ (Video)

D.C.'s “maverick” John McCain entered the “No Spin Zone” Thursday, and Senator John McCain and Bill O'Reilly had themselves ...

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Honoring Our Veterans

Let’s hear it for the Veterans! Today we pay homage to the men and women in uniform, and give thanks to those who defend our country and fight hard ...

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Veterans Day 2014: See 19 Celebrities Who Served Our Country With Pride

When you think of celebrities, you think of glitz, glamor, luxury and larger than life personas, not people who humbly put the needs of others before their ...

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Apology Accepted? United State Army Officially Apologizes & Removes “Negro” As Acceptable Term For Black Employees

U.S. Army Issues Apology For Use Of “Negro” In Reference To Black Soldiers The United States Army recently faced a slew of backlash for ap ...

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Beware of 'Alarmist' Journalism During Times of National Crisis

In America, the President reigns for four years and Journalism governs forever and ever -- Oscar Wilde I am afraid, folks. Not of ISIS or Ebola or ...

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John McCain Mocks ‘Idiot’ Pentagon Spokesman During Live Interview: ‘Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah’

Senator John McCain uncensored is always fun and last week he showed his disdain for a Pentagon spokesman through the art of imitation. See photos: John ...

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Side by Side With Military

From my vantage point, I think that the sports world does a very good job of recognizing the sacrifices made by members of the military. And it's more ...

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