All the Drinks Jay Z Has Name-dropped

Over the years, Jay Z has rapped about everything from selling drugs in his younger years in Brooklyn to becoming a husband and, more recently, a father ...

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'Best Bars In America' Shows You How To Get Drunk And Bowl In Someone's House (VIDEO)

Every year, booze spirit-guide and c*cktail historian David Wondrich partners with Esquire magazine to determine a list of the best bars in America. While ...

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Ron Burgundy Is Finally Getting His Own Scotch, 'Great Odin's Raven' (PHOTO)

Exciting news to report: Ron Burgundy Scotch is coming. It's kind of a big deal. We're still hedging our bets that this is a promotional stunt ...

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Celebrity Spirits

No fruity wine for Marilyn; he's going for bold and in-your-face with Mansinthe, a pure absinthe with no flavorings or additives.

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