Celebrities with last name: Kiss

Natasha Kiss
Natasha Kiss3,921 views
Kimberly Kiss
Kimberly Kiss600 views
Manyi Kiss
Manyi Kiss121 views
Karen Kiss53 views
Lauren Kiss
Lauren Kiss23 views
Gergely Kiss
Gergely Kiss15 views
Tünde Kiss
Tünde Kiss12 views
Lesly Kiss
Lesly Kiss8 views

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Kiss (more often styled as KISS) is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Well known for its members' face paint and stage outfits, the group rose to prominence in the mid to late 1970s with their elaborate live performances, which featured fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits and pyrotechnics. Before arriving at their current lineup, the band went through some lineup changes, with Stanley and Simmons the last two members of the original lineup of the band. Counting the 1978 solo albums, Kiss has been awarded 28 gold albums to date, the most of any American rock band. The band has sold more than 40 million albums in the United States, of which 24 million have been certified by the RIAA and their worldwide sales exceeds 100 million records, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. The original 1973–80 lineup consisted of Stanley (vocals and rhythm guitar), Simmons (vocals and bass guitar), Ace Frehley (lead guitar and vocals) and Peter Criss (drums and vocals). Wikipedia
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'The Fosters' Features Same-Sex Kiss Between 13-Year-Olds
'The Fosters' Features Same-Sex Kiss Between 13-Year-Olds
Television drama "The Fosters" continues to break new ground.
The ABC Family series broadcast a kiss between two 13-year-old characters...

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