The 14 Phases of Participating in a Fantasy Football Draft

Line up, ya nerds. Who wants a shot at the champ?! 1. Excitement The draft order has been set. The draft date has been picked. Your team name is a clever ...

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Ariana Grande Doesn't Always Order a Grande at Starbucks, Relates to "Brunette, Severed Head" Emoji

Ariana Grande's last name happens to also be the medium-sized drink at Starbucks, but that doesn't mean it's her go-to beverage size. "No ...

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Zoe Saldana Photobombed by Man's Naked Butt...But Why Was He Mooning the Camera?

It's not easy to steal the spotlight from pregnant Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, but one unidentified man (and his butt crack) managed ...

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18 + Funny Wedding Moments

Funny Weddings

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Funniest Video In the World 2014

Najsmješniji video 2014. g.

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The 19 Most Important Things You Need to Know About the 2014 Emmys

It's Monday night. Do you know where your Emmys are? If you don't know, it was just on your TV because NBC was scared of the MTV VMAs and Sunday ...

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Robin Williams Remembered at 2014 Emmys: Billy Crystal Pays Touching Tribute to Comedy Legend, Sara Bareilles Sings 'Smile'

Robin Williams' spirit remained very much alive tonight at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Just two weeks to the day after the revered comedian ...

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How Much Do People Really Care About the Emmys?! Seth Meyers and Billy on the Street Find Out—Watch Now!

While the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are undoubtedly taking over Hollywood tonight, many folks are simply carrying on with their typical Monday ...

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See Every Outfit Kate Middleton Has Ever Worn—in Simpsons Fashion! Check Out the Pics

If Kate Middleton is ever called upon to make an official visit to Springfield, she is more than ready. Having plenty of chic outfits to work with, ...

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The Definitive Ranking of Taylor Swift's Dance Moves at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift came. Taylor Swift performed.  Taylor Swift danced. At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Swifty did what she always does when attending ...

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Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo Walk First Red Carpet as Newlyweds as His "F--k You VMAs" Tweet Resurfaces

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo made their red carpet debut as a married couple Sunday at the 2014 MTV VMAs. Both the Voice coach, 35, and his model ...

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Britney Spears' Woody Woodpecker Impression Is Spot On—Watch Her Hilarious Video!

Who knew songbird Britney Spears did a crackerjack impersonation of Woody Woodpecker?! The pop princess in fact does know how to channel the cartoon ...

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Jennifer Lopez Doesn't "Whore Around", But Does She Prefer Younger Men? Watch Now!

Chelsea Handler isn't shy about her um, exploits in the bedroom—heck, she's the author of a book called My Horizontal Life: A Collection ...

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You Have to Watch This Girl Do the Ice Bucket Challenge After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Out

For anyone in the world who is thinking about making an Ice Bucket Challenge video, just donate the money and forget everything else. No one will ever ...

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This Is the Only Ice Bucket Challenge Video You Need to Watch Today

All you have to do is stand there and get ice water poured over your head. What could possibly go wrong? Turns out: everything. You know why? Because ...

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Here Is Every Character Taylor Swift Has Played in Her Music Videos, From "Band Geek" to "Stalker"

From "Tim McGraw" to "Shake It Off," Taylor Swift has played at least 40 different people in her music videos. At least, according to The ...

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Joe Manganiello Dishes on His Fave Rom-Com, Imitates Schwarzenegger in E!'s Would You?/Could You? Challenge—Watch!

Naturally when Joe Manganiello took E!'s Would You?/Could You? Quickfire Challenge, it got hot up in here real fast! He came into the E! studios ...

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Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye 007 Against Jimmy Fallon, Loses—Watch Now!

You'd think the real James Bond could defeat anyone at his own game, but this just wasn't the case for Pierce Brosnan! On Tuesday's Tonight ...

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WATCH: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite in Pawn Shop With Julia Louis-Dreyfus And It’s Perfect

Today is a good day for television lovers. Not only did our favorite duo Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite for the first time since the finale of ...

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