Procrastination Is Key, Dress Codes Suck, Nerds Become Kings and 50 Other Important Lessons From School

Happy back to school season! If you get to go shopping for school supplies, we are so jealous! No one liked going back to school after a summer vacation ...

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Thanks to The Internet We Now Know That Zac Efron and One Direction Are a Match Made in Heaven

You remember Zac Efron. He's the guy in Neighbors, and you probably recognize him from those nudie photos on the set of the new Robert De Niro movie ...

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Won't You Donate Money to Help Save Meek Mill?

Hey, you there! The one that's always saying you're going to start helping the less fortunate but never actually gets around to it. The one who ...

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The Miami Dolphins Inadvertently Posted a Crotch Shot to Instagram

[Insert Tom Brady-balls joke here]. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the team, the Miami Dolphins unveiled photos of the throwback jerseys that is ...

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No Risky Business Here, Jimmy Fallon And Tom Cruise Take On 'Top Gun' In An Epic Lip Sync Battle

Tom Cruise joined Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" on Monday night for a round of Lip Sync Battle -- the skit that started the whole Spike TV ...

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Girl Who Has to Choose Between Holding a Toddler and Catching the Bouquet Chooses Poorly

Damn, this girl is hardcore. Sometimes at a wedding you are faced with tough choices. Chicken or fish? Wine or beer? Dance with the sweaty drunk groomsman ...

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Kelly Ripa Is a Fierce Runway Model: Watch Now!

How do Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan spend their commercial breaks on Live With Kelly and Michael? By channeling fierce runway models, of course! This ...

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Busted Sexting! Teen Sisters Pass 'Your Wife Is Cheating On You' Note To Woman's Husband At Braves Versus Dodgers Baseball Game

Several photos of an alleged cheating wife at an MLB game are making rounds on the Internet. Reportedly, two teen sisters busted a woman sexting and passed ...

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If Only This Confused Funny And Adorable Puppy Can Figure Out What To Do With its Doggie Dish: Funny Animal Video Ahead

Put aside your hobbies, arts and entertainment; living nature is here at its best. Read More >

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The Top 10 Cockiest Kanye West Songs

It really makes you wonder how he gets his head through the door. Read More >

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'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Kill The Centaur' - An Evening Of Dress-Up

This week's episode of Impractical Jokers involves climbing on statues, too many balls, and someone possibly getting killed. In other words, it's ...

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Michael Ian Black: "Liz Banks is a Bit of a Bitch'' and ''Go F--k Yourself, Paul Rudd''

Michael Ian Black, who starred in Wet Hot American Summer almost 15 years ago, discussed working on the set of the Netflix prequel series (prequel, 15 ...

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'Game Of Thrones' Creator George R.R. Martin Killed Off In Gory Fashion In 'Sharknado 3'

Author George R.R. Martin, best know for his A Song of Ice and Fire book series that a little show on HBO called Game of Thrones is based upon, made a ...

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Funny Animal Video: Obviously, Raccoons Don't Share Their Food, But They Can Milk-Dive Head First

It's Friday and time for another funny animal video. This week's hilarious footage comes by way of a Facebook user, who graciously introduced the ...

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Paula Abdul And James Corden Recrate 'Opposites Attract' On 'Late Late Show' [WATCH]

You just might not be able to unsee James Corden as MC Skat Kat in a live-action recreation of Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract." Read ...

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We Tried Out the Donald Trump Insult Generator and This Is What Happened

Donald Trump has been insulting a lot of people lately. Latinos. Prisoners of war. Hillary Clinton. In fact his offensives have become so widespread that ...

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Miley Cyrus Is Hosting the VMAs, so of Course We Have Some Ideas for Her

This year's VMAs are going to be a sight for sore eyes. And by sore eyes, we actually mean very, very mature eyes.  That's because none other ...

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Hilarious Dog Photo: Global Warming Aside, This Is What Happens If We Keep Cutting Down Trees

A funny dog picture is making rounds on social media -- and for a hilarious reason that will have you, err, peeing in your pants. The doggie pic appears ...

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'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Bathroom Break' - Get On The Hook

TruTV's Impractical Jokers are finally back with new episodes to finish out their season, and they're not wasting any time embarrassing themselves ...

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'Impractical Jokers': Joe And Murr Preview New Episodes

Last week, the Impractical Jokers once again crashed San Diego Comic-Con - this time, with an entire museum in their honor. Starpulse visited the Museum ...

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