The Best Is Yet to Come: Maite Alberdi's Tea Time Screens on PBS's POV

I've always regretted the passing of my grandfather Hans before I could properly pay tribute to his greatness, his courage and his artistry. It's ...

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Highly Suspect's Johnny Stevens Bares All (and Gives Zero F*cks)

Don't be mistaken -- Highly Suspect is definitely not your average "boy band." So exactly what is it about this trio that makes them so special? ...

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Lorde Makes Surprise Appearance at Taylor Swift's D.C. Show - and Tay Gets Stuck on Stage!

Swift experienced a stage malfunction causing her to get stuck above the audience

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Ben Affleck Leans on Matt Damon in Wake of Split from Jennifer Garner: Source

The two pals have been loyal friends for more than 30 years

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Pucker Up! Nicole Kidman Kisses Naomi Watts Before Receiving Excellence in Film Award: 'We're Like Sisters'

"We've known each other since we were teenagers," the honoree told PEOPLE

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5 Lessons I Want My Daughter to Learn from 'The Golden Girls'

by Amanda Russo When I was a kid, cartoons were only for Saturday mornings. More often than not, I watched whatever shows the adults watched. I spent ...

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Project Runway's Helen Castillo and Her No-Frills Take on Fashion

Recently, Helen Castillo of "Project Runway All Stars" visited Houston for the Vanity event at Henke and Pillot--a fashion event featuring local ...

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12 Couples That Almost But Never Were Actually Couples

Remember the time that C.J. and Toby finally realized they were madly in love and began a romantic relationship that went down in favorite-TV-couples ...

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In Case You Forgot What Your Best Friends Are For, Here's Your Reminder

What are friends for, if not to give it to you straight? Comedian Michael Henry perfectly encompasses the meaning of friendship in his sketch "Best ...

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Why Sports Are So Valuable

Vin Diesel said in The Fast and the Furious, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time... nothing else matters." He was talking about car racing ...

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7 Ways to Your Dream Body Right Now

Why is it so easy to fall into the pattern of negative self-talk about our bodies? One look at the latest models on fashion show runways and some bad ...

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Perry and Swift: How Do You Handle Friendship Fallouts?

It isn't always just happy music and dancing. Singer-songwriters Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are engaged in an ongoing rivalry. The alleged incident ...

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The 9 Most Feminist Things About 'Friends'

This post originally appeared on Bustle. By Ella Grace Downs By now, you are almost certainly most-definitely singing the "Friends" theme song ...

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Lorde and Taylor Swift Went to Shake Shack

Welcome to New York, Lorde and Taylor Swift have been waiting for you at Shake Shack.Read more...

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Lady Gaga is Still Keeping it Interesting

I was almost going to do a “which celebrity do you think this is” post, but you guys are too smart for that. CLEARLY, this is Lady Gaga, who ...

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Lady Gaga Shows Off New Tattoo

A HAND for Lady Gaga! The singer stepped out in Manchester today with a new “Mother Monster” tattoo on her underarm and an outfit only a mother ...

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What Your Wine Choice Says About You, Whether You Prefer a Bottle of Red Or a Glass of White

This post originally appeared on Bustle. By Marion Bernstein As a modern, liberal city-dwelling woman, I really don't care to judge who you are ...

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Lady Gaga and Allegra Versace Shop in Milan

Lady in red! Lady Gaga, my favorite chameleon, was looking extra avant garde today as she was spotted out and about shopping with Allegra Versace. The ...

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My Love-Hate With Online Dating

I contacted my friend Carla, owner of Huckleberry Market on California's central coast. I needed a quote on roses. I inquired, "How much does 10 ...

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Jaime Camil Gets Rush on Motorcycle With Big Time Rush Buddy

Sometimes celebs have friends that nobody expects. Take Jaime Camil for instance. The actor lives in Los Angeles and he loves to ride his motorcycle ...

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