6 Ways To Take All The Fun Out Of Fashion

This story by Winona Dimeo-Ediger first appeared at ravishly.com, an alternative news+culture women's website. While flipping through a fashion ...

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Count The Freckles

When I was 13, my mother finally said yes and gave in to my then-lifelong wish for curly hair. As a child, my hair was so straight that my grandmother ...

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The Mediatization of the Black Gay Man: A Q&A With The Tenth Zine

I first heard of the The Tenth Zine, a magazine by and for men who are Black and gay, in spring 2014. Through fashion editorials and multidisciplinary ...

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If You Like Cats And Couture, PUSS PUSS Magazine Is For You

As Taylor Swift continues to prance around New York with her adorable kitten, it's now becoming trendier by the moment to show off your feline. And ...

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How Broke Girls From History Lived Out Their Fashion Fantasies

1869 Fashion Plate, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons As someone who helps people commission original, personalized art, I've noticed that il ...

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Fashion Magazine Covers Were So Much More Glamorous In The 1950s

It's an indisputable fact that the 1950s were a more glamorous time than the present, sneaker-filled world we live in. Nowhere is this more apparent ...

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No One Wants To Buy Magazines With Taylor Swift On The Cover

Taylor Swift can sell albums but she can’t sell magazines. Magazines with Taylor Swift on the cover don’t move off the shelves compared to ...

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Gloria Fashion Magazine Website

http://wwww.gloriamedias.com Fashion And Lifestyle Magazine in India,Creative Work

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Gloria Medias - Fashion And Lifestyle Magazine in India

GLORIA, Redefining Style, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that has been taking the fashion markets by storm in metro and other major cities since ...

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Rhea Durham

This is a video of Rhea Durham. These are gorgeous photographs of Rhea taken throughout her career in modeling. The music is entitled

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