Can't Get This in a Box: Hair Color by a Professional, See Your Stylist to Lighten for Summer

It happens just like the seasons. Weather warms up and we begin lightening our hair. It is so important that you consult with a professional stylist ...

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Kylie Jenner: Blue Hair Out, Blue Eyes IN

Out with the hideous aqua debacle, and in with some blue eyes? Kylie Jenner‘s newest instgram photo showcases her natural (or close) hair hue ...

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Kylie Jenner Looks HORRIBLE

There, I said it. I feel MUCH better... The thing is, Kylie Jenner is a BEAUTIFUL young woman. She is! But when I see her posting pics like this up on ...

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Well, Kylie Jenner Looks…Different

Kylie Jenner just got a major makeover, but as reference here’s a pic of Kylie Jenner back in 2010. Nowadays, she’s sporting some major makeup ...

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The Most Common Gray Hair Myths Debunked

There are two groups of aging people. Those who embrace their grays as a badge of gracefully growing older-- the ones who end up better looking as a result ...

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Bridgit Mendler's Apparently "Dyed Blonde" Hair

Hello readers! I'm a big fan of Bridgit Mendler's, and recently I was looking at her profile on this website, which was suprisingly detailed. How ...

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Celebrities with last name: Dye

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