Justin Bieber Arrested While Spending Day With Selena Gomez in Canada

The 'Beauty and a Beat' singer blames paparazzi for an accident that led to his dangerous driving and assault charges.

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Apple Denies iCloud Security Breach in Massive Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks

The giant tech company admits celebrity accounts were hacked but insists none was a result 'from any breach in any of Apple's systems including ...

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Joan Rivers Remains on Life Support, Daughter Says

Melissa Rivers confirms her mother is hooked on machines to survive but denies rumor that she is brought out of coma.

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Wiz Khalifa: ‘My Wife Has A Great Ass’

Wiz Khalifa talks to us about the motivation behind "Ass Drop" and the positivity that Amber Rose's twerk videos bring to their relationship ...

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Watch Kevin Jonas’ Baby Fling Money Around Like A True Rich Kid Does

Joe Jonas shares a video of his brother Kevin's baby, Alena, playing with hundred-dollar bills. Get it!

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Paparazzi Ruined Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaceful Retreat’ With Selena Gomez Before Arrest

Justin Bieber's lawyers speak out, claiming paparazzi may have been the cause of his arrest for dangerous driving and assault.

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Floyd Mayweather Questions 50 Cent’s Musical Relevance In Latest Jab

Floyd Mayweather jabs back at 50 Cent.

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What the Hacker Scandal Means for Society

By now we've all heard about the recent celebrity hack that resulted in the release of nude photographs taken of numerous celebrity women, with the ...

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Celebrity Phone Hacking Was A ‘Targeted Attack,’ Says Apple

Apple has finally released a statement on the celebrity phone hacking incident, stating that, "certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very ...

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Charli XCX Calls Out Sexist DJ Who Deserves A Boom-Slap

A Dutch DJ asked Charli XCX a rather sexist, inappropriate question on the radio -- and also disparaged female musicians on the whole.

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Don’t Call It A Scandal: Here’s How Not To Talk About Jennifer Lawrence’s Photos

Everyone is calling Jennifer Lawrence's photos a "leak" or a "scandal," but that's not how we should talk about the crime.

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Only Love Can Bring You Down: Why Neil Young and Pegi's Split Broke My Heart

She was Such a Woman. Once an Angel. His Unknown Legend. Once upon a time, he ordered just to watch her cross the floor. There are some things in life ...

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Joan Rivers Is ‘On The Road To Recovery,’ In Stable Condition

Joan Rivers is getting better, a source says, after she stopped breathing during a routine throat procedure last Thursday, August 28.

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Chris Brown Had A Court Date In D.C. This Morning, So How Did It Go?

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assault charges and walekd out of court with time served.

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11 Things We Learned About Kimye’s Wedding During the ‘KUWTK’ Finale

11 things that surprised us about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding during the finale of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

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Robin Williams’ Daughter Returns To Twitter With Powerful Anti-Bullying Message

PIC: Zelda Williams returned to Twitter after bullies harassed her with fake photos of her deceased father.

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Justin Bieber Charged With Assault And Dangerous Driving In Canada

Justin Bieber had a run-in with the law near his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, Friday when he was charged with dangerous driving and assault after an ...

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Cee Lo Tried To Have A Discussion About Rape And Consent On Twitter And It Went Horribly Wrong

Cee Lo's attempt to discuss r*pe on Twitter wasn't a great idea.

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Snooki And JWOWW’s Kids Enjoy Their Very First Play Date

Snooki and JWOWW's adorable offspring look inseparable during their first official play date.

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