People of Jewish descent

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  1. People of Chinese-Jewish descent

    People of Chinese-Jewish descent

     - 1 list, 1 member

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  2. Ashkenazi Jews

    Ashkenazi Jews

     - 22 lists, 179 members

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  3. Asian people of Jewish descent 4 views

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  4. Caribbean people of Jewish descent 1 view

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  5. People of Czech-Jewish descent

    People of Czech-Jewish descent

     - 6 lists, 1 member

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  6. People of Ethiopian-Jewish descent

    People of Ethiopian-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 1 member

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  7. European people of Jewish descent

    European people of Jewish descent

     - 28 lists, 4 members

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  8. Groups claiming Jewish descent

     - 3 lists, 1 member
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  9. Groups claiming Israelite descent 2 views

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  10. Mizrahi Jews

    Mizrahi Jews

     - 17 lists, 67 members

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  11. North American people of Jewish descent 0 views

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  12. People of Egyptian-Jewish descent

    People of Egyptian-Jewish descent

     - 7 lists, 4 members

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  13. People of Iraqi-Jewish descent

    People of Iraqi-Jewish descent

     - 10 lists, 4 members

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  14. People of Jewish descent by nationality 29 views

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  15. People of Lebanese-Jewish descent

     - 3 lists, 1 member
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  16. People of Lithuanian-Jewish descent 2 views

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  17. People of Moroccan-Jewish descent

    People of Moroccan-Jewish descent

     - 9 lists, 2 members

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  18. People of Polish-Jewish descent

    People of Polish-Jewish descent

     - 21 lists, 8 members

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  19. People of Portuguese-Jewish descent

     - 6 lists, 3 members
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  20. People of Romanian-Jewish descent

    People of Romanian-Jewish descent

     - 8 lists, 1 member

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  21. People of Syrian-Jewish descent

    People of Syrian-Jewish descent

     - 4 lists, 5 members

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  22. People of Ukrainian-Jewish descent

    People of Ukrainian-Jewish descent

     - 13 lists, 3 members

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  23. People of Algerian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  24. People of Argentine-Jewish descent 1 view

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  25. People of Austrian-Jewish descent

    People of Austrian-Jewish descent

     - 8 lists, 1 member

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  26. People of Azerbaijani-Jewish descent

    People of Azerbaijani-Jewish descent

     - 3 lists, 1 member
    1 view

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  27. People of Belarusian-Jewish descent

    People of Belarusian-Jewish descent

     - 3 lists, 1 member

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  28. People of Belgian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  29. People of Bosnia and Herzegovina-Jewish descent 0 views

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  30. People of Brazilian-Jewish descent 1 view

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  31. People of British-Jewish descent 3 views

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  32. People of Bulgarian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  33. People of Burmese-Jewish descent 0 views

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  34. People of Croatian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  35. People of Danish-Jewish descent

    People of Danish-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 2 members

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  36. People of Dutch-Jewish descent

    People of Dutch-Jewish descent

     - 5 lists, 5 members

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  37. People of Estonian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  38. People of Finnish-Jewish descent 0 views

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  39. People of French-Jewish descent

    People of French-Jewish descent

     - 4 lists, 1 member

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  40. People of German-Jewish descent

    People of German-Jewish descent

     - 23 lists, 6 members

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  41. People of Greek-Jewish descent

    People of Greek-Jewish descent

     - 5 lists, 6 members

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  42. People of Hungarian-Jewish descent

     - 10 lists, 3 members
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  43. People of Indian-Jewish descent 0 views

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  44. People of Iranian-Jewish descent 1 view

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  45. People of Italian-Jewish descent

    People of Italian-Jewish descent

     - 8 lists, 8 members

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  46. People of Latvian-Jewish descent

    People of Latvian-Jewish descent

     - 4 lists, 4 members
    1 view

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  47. People of Libyan-Jewish descent

    People of Libyan-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 1 member
    1 view

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  48. People of Mexican-Jewish descent 4 views

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  49. People of Moldovan-Jewish descent 1 view

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  50. People of Russian-Jewish descent

    People of Russian-Jewish descent

     - 18 lists, 7 members

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  51. People of Serbian-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 1 member
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  53. People of Spanish-Jewish descent

    People of Spanish-Jewish descent

     - 5 lists, 1 member

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  54. People of Swedish-Jewish descent 2 views

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  55. People of Swiss-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 1 member
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  57. People of Tunisian-Jewish descent 2 views

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  58. People of Turkish-Jewish descent

    People of Turkish-Jewish descent

     - 4 lists, 1 member

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  59. People of Yemeni-Jewish descent 5 views

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  60. People of Jewish descent by religion

     - 5 lists, 2 members
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  61. Sabbateans

     - 1 list, 20 members
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  62. Samaritans

     - 3 lists, 3 members
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  63. Sephardi Jews

    Sephardi Jews

     - 26 lists, 327 members

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  64. People of Slovak-Jewish descent

    People of Slovak-Jewish descent

     - 2 lists, 1 member

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  65. South American people of Jewish descent 0 views

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  1. John Mayer

    John Mayer


    John Clayton Mayer (/ˈm.ər/; born October 16, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter and producer. He was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and raised in nearby Fairfield. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, but disenrolled and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1997 with Clay Cook. Together, they formed a short-lived, two-man band called Lo-Fi Masters. After their split, Mayer continued to play local clubs—refining his skills and gaining a following. After his appearance at the 2001 South by Southwest Festival, he was signed to Aware Records, and then Columbia Records, which released his first EP, Inside Wants Out. His following two full-length albums—Room for Squares (2001) and Heavier Things (2003)—did well commercially, achieving multi-platinum status. In 2003, he won the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for the single "Your Body Is a Wonderland".

  2. David Guetta

    David Guetta


    Pierre David Guetta (born 7 November 1967) is a French DJ, record producer and remixer. He co-founded Gum Productions and released his first album, Just a Little More Love, in 2002. Later, he released Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life (2007) featuring 2 tracks with the UK's Tara McDonald.

  3. Twiggy



    Lesley Lawson (née Hornby; born 19 September 1949), widely known by the nickname Twiggy, is an English model, actress and singer. In the mid-1960s, she became a prominent British teenage model of swinging sixties London with others such as Penelope Tree.

  4. Lacey Schwimmer

    Lacey Schwimmer


    Lacey Mae Schwimmer is an American ballroom dancer and singer. She is best known as a fourth place finalist of the third season of So You Think You Can Dance. She is the daughter of noted dancer Buddy Schwimmer, as well as the cousin of Heidi Groskreutz, who placed fourth on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance and younger sister of Benji Schwimmer, the winner of the show's second season. She participated in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars as a professional dancer paired with Lance Bass of 'N Sync, in the eighth season of the show paired with Jackass star Steve-O and in the ninth season paired with actor and Iron Chef America host Mark Dacascos. Schwimmer returned to Dancing with the Stars for its eleventh season and she was partnered with Disney Channel star, Kyle Massey and in the 12th season, paired with radio host Mike Catherwood. In the thirteenth season, she was paired with transgender activist Chaz Bono. Schwimmer did not return for season 14 of Dancing With The Stars'.

  5. Daria Zhukova

    Daria Zhukova


    Darya "Dasha" Alexandrovna Zhukova (Russian: Дарья Александровна Жукова; born 8 June 1981) is a Russian-born businesswoman, art collector and magazine editor. She is married to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

  6. Leonard Cohen

    Leonard Cohen


    Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21 September 1934) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist. His work has explored religion, politics, isolation, sexuality, and personal relationships. Cohen has been inducted into both the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is also a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation's highest civilian honor. In 2011, Cohen received a Prince of Asturias Award for literature.

  7. Lapo Elkann

    Lapo Elkann


    Lapo Eduard Elkann (born October 7, 1977) is a New York-born Italian entrepreneur and grandson of Gianni Agnelli, the former controlling CEO and controlling shareholder of Fiat Automobiles and one of the richest men in modern Italian history. Elkann, who was a Fiat marketing manager and manager of brand promotion at Group Fiat, is currently president of LA Holding, Italia Independent and Independent Ideas.

  8. Bob Geldof

    Bob Geldof


    Robert Frederick Zenon "Bob" Geldof, KBE (born 5 October 1951) is an Irish singer-songwriter, author, occasional actor and political activist. He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Irish rock band The Boomtown Rats in the late 1970s and early 1980s alongside the punk rock movement. The band had hits with his compositions "Rat Trap" and "I Don't Like Mondays". He co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?", one of the best-selling singles of all time, and starred in Pink Floyd's 1982 film Pink Floyd – The Wall as "Pink".

  9. Robbie Robertson

    Robbie Robertson


    Jaime Royal "Robbie" Robertson, OC (born Jaime Robert Klegerman; July 5, 1943) is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter and guitarist best known for his work as lead guitarist and primary songwriter within The Band. As a songwriter, Robertson is credited for such songs as "The Weight", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down", "Up On Cripple Creek", "Broken Arrow" and "Somewhere Down the Crazy River". He has been inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, and was ranked 59th in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

  10. Cecilia Attias

    Cecilia Attias


    Cécilia María Sara Isabel Attias (née Ciganer-Albéniz, previously Martin and Sarkozy) (born 12 November 1957) was the second spouse of French President Nicolas Sarkozy until October 2007.

  11. Alexa Ray Joel

    Alexa Ray Joel


    Alexa Ray Joel (born December 29, 1985) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. She is the oldest daughter of singer-songwriter Billy Joel and first child of model Christie Brinkley. She released an EP Sketches (2006) and several singles on independent record labels. She has performed at numerous charity events and New York City fashion events, and in 2010 was chosen to be the spokesmodel for Prell shampoo.

  12. Brenda Starr

    Brenda Starr


    Brenda K. Starr (born Brenda Kaplan; October 15, 1966) is an American singer and songwriter. She is well known originally in dance-pop, but now mostly in salsa-based music. She is also well known for her 1980s work with freestyle music.

  13. Abbie Hoffman

    Abbie Hoffman


    Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman (November 30, 1936 – April 12, 1989) was an American political and social activist and anarchist who co-founded the Youth International Party ("Yippies").

  14. Irán Eory

    Irán Eory


    Irán Eory (October 21, 1937 – March 10, 2002, born Elvira Teresa Eory Sidi in Tehran, Iran) was an Iranian-born Mexican actress and former model.

  15. Laurent Fabius

    Laurent Fabius


    Laurent Fabius (born 20 August 1946) is a French Socialist who has been Foreign Minister of France since 16 May 2012. Previously he served as Prime Minister of France from 17 July 1984 to 20 March 1986. He was 37 years old when he was appointed and is, so far, the youngest Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic.

  16. Barry Goldwater

    Barry Goldwater


    Barry Morris Goldwater (January 2, 1909 – May 29, 1998) was a businessman and five-term United States Senator from Arizona (1953–65, 1969–87) and the Republican Party's nominee for president in the 1964 election.

  17. Helmut Newton

    Helmut Newton


    Helmut Newton (born Helmut Neustädter; 31 October 1920 – 23 January 2004) was a German-Australian photographer. He was a "prolific, widely imitated fashion photographer whose provocative, erotically charged black-and-white photos were a mainstay of Vogue and other publications."

  18. Alberto Moravia

    Alberto Moravia


    Alberto Moravia (November 28, 1907 – September 26, 1990), born Alberto Pincherle, was an Italian novelist and journalist. His novels explored matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism.

  19. Mikalah Gordon

    Mikalah Gordon


    Mikalah Analise Gordon (born January 14, 1988) is an American singer and eleventh-place finalist on the fourth season of American Idol. She was the second finalist eliminated on March 25, 2005.

  20. Sally Taylor

    Sally Taylor


    Sarah Maria "Sally" Taylor (born January 7, 1974) is the daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon. Like her parents and brother Ben Taylor, she has pursued a musical career and has become known for her acoustic sound, witty vocals, and evocative, introspective writing. She is a former member of the indie band The Slip.

  21. Laila Mourad

    Laila Mourad


    Layla Murad (Arabic: ليلى مراد‎; Hebrew: לילה מוראד‎; February 17, 1918- November 21, 1995) was an Egyptian singer and actress of Jewish descent. She is also credited as "Layla Murad".

  22. Nicolas Massu

    Nicolas Massu


    Nicolás Alejandro Massú Fried (born October 10, 1979), nicknamed Vampiro (Spanish: "vampire"), is a Chilean former tennis player, a former World No. 9 in singles, and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He is the only male player to have won both the singles and doubles gold medals during the same games in modern Olympic tennis (since 1988). Massú also reached the final of the 2003 Madrid Masters and won six singles titles.

  23. Natacha Atlas

    Natacha Atlas


    Natacha Atlas (Arabic: نتاشا أطلس‎; born (1964-03-20)20 March 1964) is a Belgian singer known for her fusion of Arabic and Western electronic music, particularly hip-hop. She once termed her music "cha'abi moderne" (modern popular music). Her music has been influenced by many styles including Arabic, hip hop, drum 'n' bass and reggae.

  24. Judith A. Resnik

    Judith A. Resnik


    Judith Arlene Resnik (April 5, 1949 – January 28, 1986) was an American engineer and a NASA astronaut who died when the Space Shuttle Challenger was destroyed during the launch of mission STS-51-L.

  25. Mirra Alfassa

    Mirra Alfassa


    Mirra Alfassa (21 February 1878 – 17 November 1973), known to her followers as The Mother, was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo. Her full name at birth was Blanche Rachel Mirra Alfassa.

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