Norwegian Royal Consorts

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  1. Queen Sonja

    Queen Sonja


    Queen Sonja of Norway (born Sonja Haraldsen on 4 July 1937) is the wife of King Harald V.

  2. Dronning Maud

    Dronning Maud


    Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Wales, (26 November 1869 – 20 November 1938) was Queen of Norway as spouse of King Haakon VII. She was the youngest daughter of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Queen Alexandra; the younger sister of King George V. Maud of Wales was the first queen of Norway since 1380 who was not also queen of Denmark or Sweden.

  3. Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp

    Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp


    Hedwig Elisabeth Charlotte of Holstein-Gottorp (Swedish: Hedvig Elisabeth Charlotta; 22 March 1759 – 20 June 1818) was Queen of Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Charles XIII and II. She was also a famed diarist, memoirist and witticist. She is generally known in Sweden by her full pen name in Swedish (above), though her official name as queen was Charlotte.

  4. Caroline Matilda of Great Britain

    Caroline Matilda of Great Britain


    Caroline Matilda of Great Britain (Danish: Caroline Mathilde; 11 July 1751 – 10 May 1775) was Queen of Denmark and Norway from 1766 to 1772 and a member of the British Royal Family.

  5. Isabella of Austria

    Isabella of Austria


    Isabella of Austria (also known as Isabella or Elisabeth of Burgundy, of Habsburg,of Denmark or of Castile) (18 July 1501 – 19 January 1526), Archduchess of Austria and Infanta of Castile and Aragon, was Queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Christian II. She was the daughter of King Philip I and Queen Joanna of Castile and the sister of Emperor Charles V. She was born at Brussels. She served as regent of Denmark in 1520.

  6. Josephine of Leuchtenberg

    Josephine of Leuchtenberg


    Joséphine of Leuchtenberg or Joséphine de Beauharnais (Joséphine Maximilienne Eugénie Napoléone) (14 March 1807 – 7 June 1876) was Queen consort of Sweden and Norway as the wife of King Oscar I. She was known as Queen Josefina, and was regarded to be politically active during the reign of her spouse. She acted as his political adviser and actively participated in state affairs. She was particularly active within the laws of religion in Sweden and Norway, and is attributed to have introduced more liberal laws regarding religion.

  7. Emma of Normandy

    Emma of Normandy


    Emma (born c. 985 – 6 March 1052 in Winchester, Hampshire) was born in Normandy to Richard the Fearless Duke of Normandy and his second wife, Gunnora. Through her marriages to Æthelred the Unready (1002-1016) and Cnut the Great (1017-1035), she became the Queen Consort of England, Denmark, and Norway. She was the mother of three sons, Edward the Confessor, Alfred, and Harthacnut, as well as two daughters, Goda of England, and Gunhilda of Denmark. Even after her husbands' deaths Emma remained in the public eye, and continued to participate actively in politics. As Anne J. Duggan notes, Emma is the "first of the early medieval queens" portrayed visually and she is the central figure within the Encomium Emmae Reginae, a critical source for the history of early 11th-century English politics.

  8. Margaret of Scotland, Queen of Norway

    Margaret of Scotland, Queen of Norway


    Margaret of Scotland (28 February 1261 – 9 April 1283) (Old Norse: Margrét Alexandersdóttir; Norwegian: Margrete Alexandersdotter; Scottish Gaelic: Maighread Nic Rìgh Alasdair) was Queen consort of Norway and wife of King Eric II of Norway.

  9. Sigrid the Haughty

    Sigrid the Haughty


    Sigrid the Haughty, also known as Sigríð Storråda, is a queen of contested historicity appearing in Norse sagas as wife first of Eric the Victorious of Sweden, and then Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark. While given a Nordic ancestry in the sagas, she has been hypothesized to be identical to historically attested queens of Polish or Pomeranian origin. Alternatively, she is held to be apocryphal by some modern scholars such as Birgitta Fritz.

  10. Anne Sophie Reventlow

    Anne Sophie Reventlow


    Anne Sophie Reventlow (16 April 1693, Clausholm Castle – 7 January 1743) was a Danish noble, royal mistress, spouse by bigamy and, later, queen consort of Denmark and Norway 1721–30, the second spouse of king Frederick IV of Denmark and Norway.

  11. Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach

    Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach


    Sophia Magdalene of Brandenburg-Kulmbach (28 November 1700 – 27 May 1770) was queen-consort of Denmark and Norway as the wife of King Christian VI of Denmark and Norway.

  12. Margaret I of Denmark

    Margaret I of Denmark


    Margaret I (Danish: , Norwegian: , Swedish: , Icelandic: ) (1353 – 28 October 1412) was Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and founder of the Kalmar Union, which united the Scandinavian countries for over a century. While she acted as queen regnant, the laws of contemporary Danish succession denied her formal queenship. Her title in Denmark was derived from her father King Valdemar IV of Denmark. She became Queen of Norway and Sweden by virtue of her marriage to King Haakon VI of Norway.

  13. Astrid Olofsdotter

    Astrid Olofsdotter


    Astrid Olofsdotter (Norwegian: Astrid Olavsdatter; English: Aestrith) (died 1035) was the Queen Consort of King Olav II of Norway.

  14. Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg

    Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg


    Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg (9 July 1511 – 7 October 1571), consort of Christian III from 1525 and Queen consort of Denmark and Norway. She was daughter of Duke Magnus I of Saxe-Lauenburg and Catherine, daughter of Henry IV, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Her sister Catherine was the first consort of Gustav I of Sweden.

  15. Désirée Clary

    Désirée Clary


    Bernardine Eugénie Désirée Clary (8 November 1777 – 17 December 1860), was Queen of Sweden and Norway as the consort of King Charles XIV John, a former French General and founder of the House of Bernadotte, and one-time fiancée of Napoleon Bonaparte. She officially changed her name there to Desideria, a Latin name which she did not use herself.

  16. Dagny Haraldsen

    Dagny Haraldsen


    Queen Sonja of Norway (born Sonja Haraldsen on 4 July 1937) is the wife of King Harald V.

  17. Marie Sophie of Hesse-Kassel

    Marie Sophie of Hesse-Kassel


    Marie Sophie Frederikke of Hesse-Kassel ( 28 October 1767 – 21/22 March 1852) was queen consort of Denmark and Norway. She also served as regent of Denmark in 1814–1815.

  18. Tyra of Denmark

    Tyra of Denmark


    Tyra of Denmark, also called Tyri Haraldsdatter and Thyra (10th-century – 1000) was a Danish princess and a Norwegian Viking age Queen consort, spouse of King Olav I of Norway.

  19. Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of Norway

    Ingeborg of Denmark, Queen of Norway


    Ingeborg Eriksdotter (ca. 1244 – 24/26 March 1287) was a Danish princess. She was married to King Magnus VI of Norway and was Queen consort of Norway. Later as Queen dowager, she played an important part in politics during the minority of her son King Eirik II of Norway.

  20. Euphemia of Rügen

    Euphemia of Rügen


    Euphemia Güntersdotter of Rügen (or Euphemia of Arnstein) (1270 – May 1312) was the Queen consort of Norway as the spouse of Håkon V of Norway. She is famous in history as a literary person, and known for her translation of ballads.

  21. Philippa of England

    Philippa of England


    Philippa of England (4 June 1394 – 7 January 1430), also known as Philippa of Lancaster and anachronistically as Philippa Plantagenet, was the Queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway from 1406 to 1430. She was the consort to Eric of Pomerania, who ruled the three kingdoms. Queen Philippa served as the de facto regent of Sweden in 1420 and the regent of Denmark and Norway from 1423 to 1425.

  22. Blanche of Namur

    Blanche of Namur


    Blanche of Namur (1320–1363) was queen-consort of Sweden and Norway, as the spouse of King Magnus Eriksson. She was the eldest daughter of John I, Marquis of Namur and Marie of Artois.

  23. Gunnhild, Mother of Kings

    Gunnhild, Mother of Kings


    Gunnhild konungamóðir (mother of kings) or Gunnhild Gormsdóttir (c. 910  –  c. 980) is a character who appears in the Icelandic Sagas, according to which she was the wife of Eric Bloodaxe (king of Norway 930–34, 'King' of Orkney c. 937–54, and king of Jórvík 948–49 and 952–54). Many of the details of her life are disputed, including her parentage. Although she is treated in the sagas as a historical person, even her historicity is a matter of some debate. Gunnhild appears prominently in many Norse sagas, including Fagrskinna, Egil's Saga, Njal's Saga, and Heimskringla. What details of her life are known come largely from Icelandic sources, which generally asserted that the Icelandic settlers had fled from Harald's tyranny. While the historicity of such sources as the Landnamabok is disputed, the perception that Harald had exiled or driven out many of their ancestors led to an attitude among Icelanders generally hostile to Erik and Gunnhild. Scholars such as Gwyn Jones therefore regard some of the episodes reported in them as suspect.

  24. Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel

    Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel


    Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (Danish: Juliane Marie; 4 September 1729 – 10 October 1796) was queen of Denmark between 1752 and 1766, second consort of king Frederick V of Denmark and Norway, mother of the prince-regent Hereditary Prince Frederick of Denmark and Norway and herself de facto regent 1772–1784, King Christian VIII of Denmark descends from her.

  25. Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow

    Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow


    Sophie of Mecklenburg-Güstrow (4 September 1557, Wismar – 14 October 1631, Nykoping) was a German noble and Queen of Denmark and Norway. She was the mother of King Christian IV of Denmark. She was Regent of Schleswig-Holstein 1590–94.

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