Norwegian heavy metal guitarists

Posted May 8, 2011
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  1. Roy Khan

    Roy Khan


    Roy Sætre Khantatat (born March 12, 1970 in Elverum, Hedmark, Norway), is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. Commonly known as Roy Khan or simply Khan, he was the lead vocalist for the symphonic power metal band Kamelot from 1997 to his departure in 2011. He co-wrote most of Kamelot's songs with the band's guitarist and founder Thomas Youngblood during his tenure. Prior to joining Kamelot, Khan was lead singer for the Norwegian progressive metal band Conception from 1991 until 1997 when they disbanded.

  2. John Norum

    John Norum


    John Terry Norum (born 23 February 1964 in Vardø, Norway) is a rock music guitarist and founder of the Swedish rock band Europe. Concurrent to his role with Europe, he also maintains a side solo project.

  3. Satyr



    Satyr (born Sigurd Wongraven on 28 November 1975) is the vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarist, bassist, and keyboardist for the Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. He was a founding member of Satyricon (although the band had been around for a short length of time as Eczema without him) and have so far released eight albums, two demos, and a live DVD. He has also contributed to other bands such as Darkthrone, Eibon, Storm, Thorns, Black Diamond Brigade and Wongraven. About black metal, he stated "It, black metal, doesn't necessarily have to be all satanic as long as it's dark." He has recently been endorsed by ESP Guitars.

  4. Shagrath



    Shagrath (born Stian Tomt Thoresen on 18 November 1976) is a Norwegian musician best known as the vocalist of Dimmu Borgir.

  5. Ihsahn



    Ihsahn (born October 10, 1975 as Vegard Sverre Tveitan) is a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. He is best known for his work with Norwegian black metal band Emperor. He has appeared in Thou Shalt Suffer, played in Peccatum with his wife Ihriel (real name Heidi S. Tveitan), and now devotes himself to his solo albums.

  6. Samoth



    Samoth (born Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) (9 June 1974) is a musician and multi-instrumentalist in the Norwegian black metal scene. He was well known for his distinct guitar work and drumming in the band Emperor, as well as his formation of the death metal band Zyklon. In very early Emperor releases, he was called Samot (his name "Tomas" backward), and with the formation of Zyklon he became known as Zamoth. Samoth was the owner of the record label Nocturnal Art Productions and had a close relationship with Candlelight Records.

  7. Olve Eikemo

    Olve Eikemo


    Olve Eikemo (born 27 June 1973), better known by his stage name Abbath Doom Occulta or simply Abbath, is a Norwegian musician best known as a founding member of the black metal band Immortal. Before founding Immortal, Abbath performed with Old Funeral alongside future Immortal member Demonaz. While working with Old Funeral, he also joined Demonaz's band Amputation which later became Immortal. He also plays bass in Demonaz's eponymous project.

  8. Infernus



    Roger Tiegs (born on June 18, 1972), better known by his stage name, Infernus, is a Norwegian black metal musician and Satanist. He is the sole founding member and chief ideologist of the Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, which was formed in 1992, as well as the founder and head of Forces of Satan Records. He is mainly a guitarist, but has also participated as bassist, drummer and vocalist on several recordings released both by Gorgoroth and other bands.

  9. Silenoz



    Silenoz (born Sven Atle Kopperud on 1 March 1977) is a Norwegian guitarist who is a founding member, along with Shagrath and Tjodalv, of the Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir which he is the primary songwriter. He is also guitarist for the death metal supergroup, Insidious Disease.

  10. ICS Vortex

    ICS Vortex


    Simen Hestnæs (born March 4, 1974, in Oslo, Norway), also known as I.C.S. Vortex, or just simply Vortex, is a Norwegian musician, best known as the current vocalist of the similar named band ICS Vortex, the avant-garde metal band Arcturus, the current vocalist and bass guitarist to the progressive black metal band Borknagar, vocalist in the doom metal band Lamented Souls and the former bass guitarist and backing vocalist for the Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir.

  11. Harald Nævdal

    Harald Nævdal


    Harald Nævdal (born 6 July 1970) known by his stage names Demonaz Doom Occulta and Demonaz, is a Norwegian musician best known as the founding guitarist and chief lyricist for the black metal band Immortal.

  12. Galder



    Galder is a Norwegian-Polish composer, guitarist, and vocalist. His birth name is Tom Rune Andersen. He is from the small town Jessheim, north of Oslo. He is a founding member of the melodic black metal band Old Man's Child as well as the lead guitarist in Dimmu Borgir. In 1993, under the stage name Grusom, he, Jardar and Tjodalv created Old Man's Child. On Old Man's Child albums, he has performed vocal work, guitars, bass, and keyboards, though with a full line-up his primary instruments are guitar and keyboards, as well as vocals. He joined Dimmu Borgir in 2000 but has kept Old Man's Child alive.

  13. Nocturno Culto

    Nocturno Culto


    Ted Skjellum (born 4 March 1972 in Kolbotn, Oppegård), also known by the stage names Nocturno Culto, Nocturno or Kveldulv, is a Norwegian musician best known as the vocalist, lead guitarist, and partial bassist (shared with Fenriz) of the influential black metal band Darkthrone. He has been with the band since 1988. He is also the vocalist of the band Sarke. He currently works in Norway as a school teacher, and has a son and a daughter. He has also released a documentary film called The Misanthrope in which he deals with black metal music and life in Norway.

  14. Arve Isdal

    Arve Isdal


    Arve Isdal (born 28 August 1977, Bergen, Norway), also known as Ice Dale, is a Norwegian musician and producer.

  15. Carl-Michael Eide

    Carl-Michael Eide


    Carl-Michael Eide is a Norwegian black metal musician, multi-instrumentalist (mainly known as a drummer), and vocalist. He is also known under stage names Aggressor, Czral and Exhurtum. He has played in various black metal and avant-garde metal bands. These include Ved Buens Ende, Aura Noir, Cadaver, Dødheimsgard, Satyricon, Ulver, Infernö and recently the jazz/rock band Virus. His drumming is unusual in style, with very little repetition and a tendency to shy away from traditional drumming. For example, many of the blast beats on Ved Buens Ende's Written in Waters feature a highly active and non-repetitive right hand, which becomes a separate voice from the foot and left hand, often playing in a different meter than the other two. (This description refers to right-handed drummers; Eide is in fact left-handed.)

  16. Ivar Bjørnson

    Ivar Bjørnson


    Ivar Bjørnson (born 1977) is a Norwegian composer/guitarist for the progressive black/viking metal band Enslaved. He is, along with Grutle Kjellson, one of only two founding members left in the current line-up, being only 13 years old at the time of the band's formation. He contributed keyboard/synth work to Borknagar's first three albums and synth/piano work on the Gorgoroth albums Incipit Satan and Destroyer under the name "Daimonion"; and also produced the first demo from black metal band Orcustus.

  17. Morten Veland

    Morten Veland


    Morten Veland (born 4 December 1977) is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and producer. He is one of the founding members of the Norwegian gothic metal band Tristania, and the founding member of Sirenia and Mortemia.

  18. Rune Eriksen

    Rune Eriksen


    Rune Eriksen (born January 13, 1975) is a Norwegian Spellemann-award winning musician and composer. He is best known as the former guitarist in the black metal band Mayhem under the stage name Blasphemer, which he took from a Sodom song. He joined the band in 1995, but parted ways in late 2008. He also plays in various other Norwegian bands: In Silence, Aura Noir, Nader Sadek, Mezzerschmitt, and the Portuguese band Ava Inferi. He resides in Portugal.

  19. Lars Eric Si

    Lars Eric Si


    Lars Eikind, also known as Lars Eric Si, has been a part of the Scandinavian rock/metal scene for many years both as musician and producer. He has been involved in numerous bands, either as a full-time or session member.

  20. Tchort



    Terje Vik Schei (Born 7 July 1974), better known by his stage name Tchort, is a Norwegian musician. He is known for his time spent playing bass for the black metal band Emperor and for leading the progressive metal band Green Carnation. He has also played with Carpathian Forest and Blood Red Throne, Satyricon and Einherjer. Tchort is known to be married and to have a son and a daughter.

  21. Ole Moe

    Ole Moe


    Apollyon (born as Ole Jørgen Moe) is a black metal/thrash metal multi-instrumentalist, formerly associated with Dødheimsgard and Cadaver, now playing in Aura Noir and also Immortal after its reforming in 2006. He has done guest vocals on the Darkthrone albums Plaguewielder and Sardonic Wrath, and also on Audiopain's EP 1986 (2000). He was a live guitarist for Gorgoroth from 2003 to 2004, and performed at Gorgoroth's now infamous Kraków gig in February 2004. In 2004 Apollyon participated in a live tribute to Quorthon of Bathory at the Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway. Apollyon played bass on all songs, and also did the vocals on the song Equimanthorn. In addition to Apollyon, the line-up of this tribute band consisted of Bård Faust (ex-Emperor) on drums and Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Samoth (Emperor) on guitars, as well as guest vocalists Gaahl (Gorgoroth), Abbath (Immortal), Grutle Kjellson (Enslaved), Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) and Satyr (Satyricon).

  22. Øystein Brun

    Øystein Brun


    Øystein Garnes Brun (born 14 April 1975) is the guitarist and founder of the Norwegian black metal supergroup Borknagar. He has been the only permanent member of the group and has written almost all of their songs. Brun is noted for having many albums already written ahead of time.

  23. Ronni Le Tekrø

    Ronni Le Tekrø


    Ronni Le Tekrø (born Rolf Ågrim Tekrø, 5 October 1963, Oslo, Norway) is a Norwegian guitarist best known for playing with the Norwegian hard rock band TNT and as a solo guitarist cooperating with guitarists Terje Rypdal and Mads Eriksen as "N3". Tekrø moved to Raufoss at a young age, and he has lived there all his life except between 1982 and 1985 when he lived in Trondheim.

  24. Asgeir Mickelson

    Asgeir Mickelson


    Asgeir Mickelson (born 30 September 1969) is a Norwegian musician, artist, photographer and music reviewer. Although primarily a drummer, Mickelson has stated that he considers himself a musician above a drummer, and is also a guitarist and bassist.

  25. Emil Nikolaisen

    Emil Nikolaisen


    Emil Nikolaisen (born 4 February 1977 in Moi, Norway) is a musician and producer from Norway. He is frontman, bandleader, songwriter, guitarist & singer of the well-known Norwegian alternative rock band Serena-Maneesh.

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