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  1. Kumi Koda

    Kumi Koda


    Kumi Koda (倖田 來未 Kōda Kumi, born November 13, 1982), is a Japanese singer from Kyoto, known for her urban and R&B songs. Having debuted in 2000 with the single "Take Back", Koda gained fame for her seventh single, "Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba", the songs of which were used as themes for the video game Final Fantasy X-2. Her popularity grew with the release of her fourth studio album Secret (2005), her sixteenth single "Butterfly" (2005), and her first greatest hits album Best: First Things (2005), reaching the number-three, number-two and number-one spot respectively.

  2. Can We Go Back

    Can We Go Back


    Can We Go Back is a song recorded by Kelly Clarkson during the sessions for her 2009 album, All I Ever Wanted. It appeared as a iTunes Store pre-order song for the deluxe version of the album, as well as a bonus track on the Japanese deluxe version of the album. It was then later recorded in Japanese by singer Kumi Koda in 2009 with differing lyrics.

  3. Japonesque

    Japonesque (2012)


    Japonesque is the tenth studio album by Koda Kumi. The album was released on January 25, 2012.

  4. Butterfly

    Butterfly (2005)


    "Butterfly" is Kumi Koda's 16th domestic single. "Butterfly" was the theme of TBS's drama Kosume no mahō 2 (コスメの魔法2), and "Your Sunshine" was used in a televised advertisement for Nivea Body Yakyo Whitening UV (ニベアボディ 薬用ホワイトニングUV nibea bodi yakyō waitoningu UV).

  5. Trick

    Trick (2009)


    Trick is the seventh studio album released by J-Urban singer Koda Kumi. It was released on January 28, 2009, available in CD and CD+2DVD format. The CD contains ten previously unreleased songs as well as the CD singles Moon Crying, That Ain't Cool, Taboo, and Stay with Me. The first DVD contains the music videos for "Moon Crying", "That Ain't Cool", "Taboo", "Stay with Me", "Show Girl", and "Just the Way You Are". The second DVD contains concert footage from "Dirty Ballroom: One Night Only," recorded on October 23, 2008.

  6. Crazy 4 U

    Crazy 4 U (2004)


    "Crazy 4 U" is Koda Kumi's 10th domestic solo single. The title song was the opening theme of the Japanese anime series Gilgamesh.

  7. Hot Stuff

    Hot Stuff (2011)


    "Hot Stuff" is Kumi Koda's 15th domestic single. The song was in April 2005 the ending theme to TX's television program Ryuha-R (流派-R). The single was a limited edition release, only 30,000 copies were pressed.

  8. Come With Me

    Come With Me (2004)


    "Come with Me" (stylized as "COME WITH ME") was Kumi Koda's eighth domestic solo single. The title song was used in a television commercial for Choya Umeshu's "Ume jelly". The English versions of "Real Emotion" and "1000 no Kotoba" found on this single are not the ones that were included in the English release of the Final Fantasy X-2 video game; the versions found in the game were sung by Jade Villalon from the group Sweetbox.

  9. You

    You (2005)


    "You" (stylized as you) is Koda Kumi's 19th single. It went to #1 in the official Japanese top 200 singles chart making it her very 1st single to hit #1 on the Oricon single chart. It is the first of the twelve singles to be released in succession of twelve weeks. The single also includes the song Sweet Kiss. It has sold over a million copies in Japan in digital sales.

  10. Dejavu

    Dejavu (2011)


    Dejavu is the ninth studio album by Kumi Koda. The album was released in two editions, CD only and CD + 2DVD First Press Limited Edition. After CD + 2DVD is sold out, only CD + DVD will be available.

  11. Kingdom

    Kingdom (2008)


    Kingdom is the sixth studio album by Kumi Koda; it was released on January 30, 2008. The album debuted at number one on the Oricon Weekly Chart with sales of 421,302.

  12. Chase

    Chase (2004)


    "Chase" is Kumi Koda's 12th domestic CD single. The title song is the ending theme for ANB's program Summers to Yuka no ayashii××kashi chau no kayo!!.

  13. Flower

    Flower (2005)


    "Flower," (stylized as flower) is Kumi Koda's 17th domestic single. "Flower" was written as the theme song for the novel Koibana (恋バナ Koibana) and also used in the television advertisement for the novel. The lyrics was written by the author of Koibana, Yoshi. This was also the first domestic single released by Kumi Koda that was not accompanied by a promotional music video. It reached number four on the weekly Oricon Chart.

  14. Birthday Eve

    Birthday Eve (2005)


    "Birthday Eve" is a limited edition single by Koda Kumi, 50,000 copies available. "Birthday Eve" was used in a television advertisement for NTT DoCoMo Tokai (エヌ・ティ・ティ・ドコモ東海 enu ti ti dokomo tōkai).

  15. Candy

    Candy (2006)


    Candy is the 7th of the 12 singles released in 12 weeks by Koda Kumi. The music video is also the prelude to the other videos in the story-line arc (you, Lies, feel and Someday/Boys♥Girls).

  16. Wind

    Wind (2006)


    "Wind" (stylized as "WIND") is a J-pop song by Japanese singer Koda Kumi. The song appears on her 6th album Best: Second Session, and it is also the 11th single in the 12 Single Collection. With most of the other 11 singles in the collection, this single is also limited to 50,000 copies. The song is the theme song of Fuji TV's Torino 2006 Relay program.

  17. Feel My Mind

    Feel My Mind (2004)


    Feel My Mind is the third studio album released by Japanese pop singer Koda Kumi, released on February 2004.

  18. Black Cherry

    Black Cherry (2006)


    Black Cherry is Kumi Koda's 5th studio album. Much like the two best collections before it, this album came in three editions; a CD only, a CD+DVD and a CD+2DVD version. The first DVD included all but one of Koda's post: second session solo PVs (Futari de…) and the second DVD featured a drama called Cherry Girl, which starred Koda in her first acting role as a main character. This drama was produced by the team who created the drama Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (the drama for which Koi no Tsubomi was the themesong for). On top of all this, the first press versions of these albums featured three bonus tracks: "Twinkle" (from the "Amazing Nuts!" single), "GO WAY!!" (the theme song for the 2006 Crayon Shin-chan anime movie) and "Won't Be Long: Cherry Version" (a different version of the collaboration single "Won't Be Long" Kumi performed with Exile). The first press versions also included an access code to a special Koda website, the chance to win original Koda "Black Cherry" goods (only if purchased alongside the Cherry Girl / Unmei single) and a bonus making feature on the PV DVD. 'Milk Tea' (Track 14) was Koda's first composition that was released on a CD. The "Introduction" track was produced into a full length song and included as a bonus track on Koda's "Kingdom" album.

  19. Kiseki



    "Kiseki" is Kumi Koda's 13th domestic single. "Kiseki" (奇跡) was the theme of NHK's television program "J-League" (Jリーグ Jei Rīgu). "Love Holic" was the ending theme of TBS' television program "Sekai Bari Bari Value" (世界バリバリ☆バリュー Sekai Bari Bari Baryū).

  20. Hands

    Hands (2005)


    Koda Kumi's 14th domestic single, "Hands", was the end theme of ANB's television program Uchimura produce (内村プロデュース uchimura purodyuusu), and Through the Sky the end theme of NTV's The Sunday (The サンデー the sandee).

  21. 4 Times

    4 Times


    "4 Times" (stylized as "4 TIMES") is the 50th single by J-pop singer Koda Kumi. It was released on August 17, 2011. The single's idea to have four a-sides was in commemoration due to it being the artist's 50th Single. Therefore, it became her first single to have four a-sides since her 2006 single 4 hot wave.

  22. Kamen

    Kamen (2006)


    "Kamen" (stylized as "KAMEN) is the tenth single of Koda Kumi's 12 single releases. It is limited to 50,000 copies. The song features the Japanese band Kome Kome Club's frontman Tatsuya Ishii (石井竜也 Ishii Tatsuya). The song debuted at #3 in the Oricon Daily Singles 50 chart on February 8, 2006.

  23. Secret

    Secret (2005)


    Secret is the fourth studio album released by J-pop singer Kumi Koda, released in February, 2005. The album was released in four different formats: the regular CD and CD+DVD editions, plus three special editions: "Secret Special Edition" (with the video of "Hot Stuff" feat. KM-Markit" included on the DVD, which wasn't included before), "Secret Special Edition for Live" (both of them CD+DVD, one edition comes with a T-shirt, the other with a tank-top). These editions were released on April 13, 2005.

  24. It's All Love !

    It's All Love ! (2009)


    "It's All Love!" is a collaboration single by Koda Kumi and her younger sister Misono. The single was originally set to be released on March 4, 2009, but was pushed back to March 31, 2009. The single reached #1 on the Oricon daily and weekly charts. This is also Misono's first #1 single.

  25. Ai o Tomenaide

    Ai o Tomenaide


    "Ai o Tomenaide" is the 51st single by J-pop singer Koda Kumi. It was released on September 21, 2011. This was released in three different versions: a CD only edition, a CD only movie edition, and a CD+DVD edition that comes with a DVD of the music videos of the title song and the B-side "You Are Not Alone". The last edition comes with newly arranged versions of her previously released song "Anata Dake ga". The title song is used as the theme song for the movie Second Virgin. The drama version previously featured "Anata Dake ga" as its theme song. "You Are Not Alone" is said to be the national theme or hymn representing hope and a way for Kumi to reach out to her fans and anyone else due to the earthquakes that struck Japan in early 2011.

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