Japanese lyricists

Posted Oct 27, 2009
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  1. Yasushi Akimoto

    Yasushi Akimoto

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  1. Makiko Esumi

    Makiko Esumi


    Makiko Esumi (江角 マキコ Esumi Makiko), née Makiko Hirano (平野真紀子 Hirano Makiko, born 18 December 1966 in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese model, actress, writer, essayist, and lyricist. Esumi is most well known for her role as Chinatsu Tsuboi in the Japanese television drama series Shomuni.

  2. Megumi Hayashibara

    Megumi Hayashibara


    Megumi Hayashibara (林原 めぐみ Hayashibara Megumi, born March 30, 1967) is a Japanese voice actress, singer, radio personality, and lyricist from Tokyo. She is affiliated with Woodpark Office. She is best known for her roles in Love Hina, Saber Marionette J, Ranma ½, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, Detective Conan, Pokémon, All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku, Video Girl Ai, and Shaman King.

  3. Masaharu Fukuyama

    Masaharu Fukuyama


    Masaharu Fukuyama (福山雅治 Fukuyama Masaharu, born February 6, 1969) is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor from Nagasaki. He is represented by the agency Amuse, Inc.. He debuted in 1990 with the single "Tsuioku no Ame no Naka".

  4. Kana Nishino

    Kana Nishino


    Kana Nishino (西野 カナ Nishino Kana, born March 18, 1989) is a Japanese singer and songwriter signed with SME Records' Newcome Inc. She debuted on February 20, 2008, with the single "I". CNN said that she was the favorite singer of teenage girls in Shibuya, Tokyo, signalling Sony's jump on the bandwagon effect started by Avex.

  5. Izumi Sakai

    Izumi Sakai


    Izumi Sakai (坂井泉水 Sakai Izumi), born Sachiko Kamachi (蒲池幸子 Kamachi Sachiko, February 6, 1967 – May 27, 2007), was a Japanese Pop singer, songwriter, and member of the group Zard. As Sakai was the only member who stayed in the group while others joined and left regularly, Zard and Sakai may be referred to interchangeably. She was the best-selling female recording artist of the 1990s and has sold over 37 million copies of sales, making her one of the best-selling music artists in Japan of all time.

  6. Rita (Japanese singer)

    Rita (Japanese singer)


    Rita (理多, born March 25) is a Japanese singer, lyricist, and voice actress from Osaka. The majority of her work is dealt with adult visual novels. She was also the singer for all the vocal music in Key's visual novel Little Busters!, as well as Liar-soft's "Steampunk" series.

  7. Yasushi Akimoto

    Yasushi Akimoto


    Yasushi Akimoto (Japanese: 秋元 康 Hepburn: Akimoto Yasushi, born May 2, 1958) is a Japanese record producer, lyricist and television writer, best known for creating and producing some of Japan's top idol groups, Onyanko Club and the AKB48 franchise.

  8. Chiaki Ishikawa

    Chiaki Ishikawa


    Chiaki Ishikawa (石川智晶 Ishikawa Chiaki, previously 石川 知亜紀 before 2005, born March 29, 1969 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese singer/songwriter. She is also the lead vocalist of Japanese musical duo See-Saw. Many of her songs, both solo and with See-Saw, have been used as theme songs in various anime series. Since 2003, her popularity abroad as part of See-Saw and as a solo artist has risen significantly. She made an appearance at Anime Expo 2007 as a Guest of Honor. She has also performed at Animelo Summer Live in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 including collaborations with Chihiro Yonekura in 2008, Angela in 2009 and Minori Chihara in 2012, and being one of the artists in the Animelo Summer Live theme song singles in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010. She has also been a guest performer at the C3 anime convention in Hong Kong.

  9. Shûji Terayama

    Shûji Terayama


    Shūji Terayama (寺山 修司 Terayama Shūji, December 10, 1935 – May 4, 1983) was an avant-garde Japanese poet, dramatist, writer, film director, and photographer. According to many critics and supporters, he was one of the most productive and provocative creative artists to come out of Japan. He was born December 10, 1935, the only son of Hachiro and Hatsu Terayama in Hirosaki city in the northern Japanese prefecture of Aomori. His father died at the end of Pacific War in Indonesia in September 1945. When Terayama was nine, his mother moved to Kyūshū to work at an American military base, while he himself went to live with relatives in the city of Misawa, also in Aomori. Terayama lived through the Aomori air raids that killed more than 30,000 people.

  10. Kanon Fukuda

    Kanon Fukuda


    Kanon Fukuda (福田花音 Fukuda Kanon, born March 12, 1995) is a Japanese pop singer, lyricist and voice actress. She is a former member of ANGERME, and a former member of S/mileage and Shugo Chara Egg!.

  11. Masahiko Kondō

    Masahiko Kondō


    Masahiko Kondō (近藤 真彦 Kondō Masahiko, born July 19, 1964 in Yokohama, Japan) or Matchy is a Japanese singer, lyricist and actor represented by Johnny & Associates.

  12. Aki Hata

    Aki Hata


    Aki Hata (畑 亜貴 Hata Aki, born August 13, 1966 in Tokyo) is a Japanese musician and lyricist. She is noted for having penned and composed songs for various anime and video games, including popular titles like Zettai Shōnen, Azumanga Daioh, Haibane Renmei, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu, Rocket Knight Adventures, Lucky Star and Love Live! School Idol Project, and for singers and voice actresses. She has even composed game soundtracks; formerly, Hata was a composer for Konami and Treasure games.

  13. Sayuri Katayama

    Sayuri Katayama


    Sayuri Katayama (片山 さゆり Katayama Sayuri, previously 片山 沙有里) born July 3, 1979 is a Japanese singer, stage actress and songwriter.

  14. Miho Komatsu

    Miho Komatsu


    Miho Komatsu (小松 未歩 Komatsu Miho, born March 30, 1974), is a former Japanese pop singer and songwriter. Four of her songs were included in The Best of Detective Conan, a soundtrack album for the anime Detective Conan. She has recorded 26 singles and 11 albums.

  15. Takashi Yanase

    Takashi Yanase


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  16. Masashi Hamauzu

    Masashi Hamauzu


    Masashi Hamauzu (浜渦 正志 Hamauzu Masashi, born September 20, 1971) is a Japanese composer and pianist. Hamauzu, who was employed at Square Enix from 1996 to 2010, was best known during that time for his work on the Final Fantasy and SaGa video game series. Born into a musical family in Germany, Hamauzu was raised in Japan. He became interested in music while in kindergarten, and took piano lessons from his parents.

  17. Joe Rinoie

    Joe Rinoie


    Joe Rinoie (ジョー・リノイエ) (born December 13, 1960 in Kanagawa, Japan) is a music producer, singer, keyboardist, saxophone player, and composer.

  18. Jinsei Tsuji

    Jinsei Tsuji


    Hitonari Tsuji (辻 仁成 Tsuji Hitonari, born October 4, 1959) is a Tokyo-born Japanese writer, composer, and film director. In his film and singing work he uses the name Jinsei Tsuji, an alternative reading of the Japanese writing of his name. He debuted as a writer in 1989. His films include Hotoke (ほとけ) (2001) and Filament (フイラメント) (2001).

  19. Eri Nitta

    Eri Nitta


    Eri Nitta (新田 恵利 Nitta Eri, born Eri Nagayama (長山 恵利 Nagayama Eri), March 17, 1968 in Kamifukuoka (now part of Fujimino), Saitama Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese singer, actress, lyricist, and tarento. She made her professional debut as the fourth member of the all-female singing group Onyanko Club in 1985. She made her solo debut with the hit song Winter Opera Glasses (冬のオペラグラス Fuyu no Opera Gurasu) on January 1, 1987. Nitta performed the opening and ending theme songs for the first 14 episodes of the Little Women anime TV series from Nippon Animation.

  20. Kishō Taniyama

    Kishō Taniyama


    Kishō Taniyama (谷山 紀章 Taniyama Kishō, born August 11, 1975 in Ube, Yamaguchi) is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Ken Production. He is also the vocalist and lyricist of the Japanese rock band Granrodeo under the name Kishow. He is the official Japanese dubbing voice for Fred Jones in the Scooby Doo franchise.

  21. Kôhan Kawauchi

    Kôhan Kawauchi


    Kōhan Kawauchi (川内 康範 Kawauchi Kōhan) (February 26, 1920 – April 6, 2008), also known as Yasunori Kawauchi, created various tokusatsu series, including the first, Moonlight Mask, in 1958. He was originally from Hakodate, Hokkaido.

  22. Shiro Miya

    Shiro Miya


    Shiro Miya (宮 史郎 Miya Shirō, 17 January 1943 – 19 November 2012) was a Japanese enka singer, lyricist and composer. His band Shiro Miya and the Pinkara Trio's 1972 song "Onna no Michi", became the second best-selling single in Japanese Oricon charts history, selling over 3.25 million copies.

  23. Saburō Kitajima

    Saburō Kitajima


    Saburō Kitajima (北島 三郎 Kitajima Saburō, born October 4, 1936) is a well-known Japanese enka singer, lyricist and composer.

  24. Takashi Yanase

    Takashi Yanase


    Takashi Yanase (February 6, 1919 – October 13, 2013) was a Japanese writer, poet, illustrator and lyricist. He was best known as the creator of the manga and anime series Anpanman. The character of Anpanman, like many manga heroes, is popular with children and is found on numerous products in Japan. Yanase was chairman of the Japan Cartoonists Association from May 2000 to 2012.

  25. Yasuo Ōtani

    Yasuo Ōtani


    Yasuo Ōtani (大谷 靖夫 Ōtani Yasuo, born 23 May 1978) is a Japanese composer and songwriter. He also known by the alias y@suo ohtani.

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