Assemblage artists

Posted May 24, 2011
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  1. Robert Rauschenberg

    Robert Rauschenberg


    Robert Rauschenberg (October 22, 1925 – May 12, 2008) was an American painter and graphic artist whose early works anticipated the pop art movement. Rauschenberg is well known for his "Combines" of the 1950s, in which non-traditional materials and objects were employed in innovative combinations. Rauschenberg was both a painter and a sculptor and the Combines are a combination of both, but he also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance. He was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1993. He became the recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts in 1995 in recognition of his more than 40 years of fruitful artmaking.

  2. Jeff Wassmann

    Jeff Wassmann


    Jeff Wassmann (born April 2, 1958) is an American artist, writer and theorist, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His first novel, The Buzzard, was released in October 2012. Wassmann's art work incorporates assemblage, photography, web-based new media and aspects of culture jamming.

  3. Tadeusz Kantor

    Tadeusz Kantor


    Tadeusz Kantor (6 April 1915 – 8 December 1990) was a Polish painter, assemblage artist, set designer and theatre director. Kantor is renowned for his revolutionary theatrical performances in Poland and abroad.

  4. Louise Nevelson

    Louise Nevelson


    Louise Nevelson (September 23, 1899 – April 17, 1988) was an American sculptor known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures.

  5. Joseph Cornell

    Joseph Cornell


    Joseph Cornell (December 24, 1903 – December 29, 1972) was an American artist and sculptor, one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage. Influenced by the Surrealists, he was also an avant-garde experimental filmmaker.

  6. Betye Saar

    Betye Saar


    Betye Irene Saar (born July 30, 1926 in Los Angeles, California) is an American artist, known for her work in the field of assemblage. Saar was a part of the black arts movement in the 1970s, challenging myths and stereotypes. In the 1990s, her work was politicized while she continued to challenge the negative ideas of African-Americans. One of her better-known and controversial pieces is titled “The Liberation of Aunt Jemima.” It is a “mammy” doll carrying a broom in one hand and a shotgun in the other, and placed in front of the syrup labels. Her work began with found objects arranged in boxes or windows. The items would reflect her mixed ancestry.

  7. Wallace Berman

    Wallace Berman


    Wallace Berman (February 18, 1926 – February 18, 1976) was an American visual and assemblage artist. He has been called the "father" of assemblage art and a "crucial figure in the history of postwar California art".

  8. Johann Dieter Wassmann

    Johann Dieter Wassmann


    Johann Dieter Wassmann (1841–1898) is a fictitious artist and sewerage engineer, purportedly from Leipzig, Saxony, in east-central Germany. He is the creation of the American-born artist and writer Jeff Wassmann. As a result of the widespread dissemination of his work, Johann Dieter Wassmann is sometimes mistakenly cited as a lesser-known figure among late-19th-century European artists; he is most often identified as an early purveyor of the Dada and Surrealist movements and has become closely associated with several notable artists of the first half of the 20th-century, including Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, Eugène Atget and Joseph Cornell.

  9. Fred H. Roster

    Fred H. Roster


    Fred H. Roster (born 1944) is an American sculptor who was born in Palo Alto, California. He received an MA in ceramics from San José State University in 1968. He came to Hawaii in 1969 on his honeymoon and decided to stay. In 1970, he earned an MFA in sculpture from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He joined the faculty of the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1971, where he is currently professor and chair of the sculpture program.

  10. Steven B. Smith (poet)

    Steven B. Smith (poet)


    Steven B. Smith (born 1946 in Wallace, Idaho), is an underground artist and poet from Cleveland, Ohio. He published the cult underground classic ArtCrimes, a zine influenced by the beats. Smith's art and poetry uses cultural themes as found objects with a Dadaist influence.

  11. Wolfgang Paalen

    Wolfgang Paalen


    Wolfgang Robert Paalen (July 22, 1905 in Vienna, Austria – September 24, 1959 in Taxco, Mexico) was an Austrian-Mexican painter, sculptor and art philosopher. A member of the Abstraction-Création group from 1934–35, he joined the influential Surrealist movement in 1935 and was one of its prominent exponents until 1942. Whilst in exile in Mexico, he founded his own counter-surrealist art-magazine DYN, in which he tried to reconcile diverging materialist and mystical tendencies in Surrealism with his philosophy of contingency. He rejoined the group between 1951 and 1954, during his sojourn in Paris.

  12. Bruce Conner

    Bruce Conner


    Bruce Conner (November 18, 1933 – July 7, 2008) was an American artist renowned for his work in assemblage, film, drawing, sculpture, painting, collage, and photography, among other disciplines.

  13. Reginald Case

    Reginald Case


    Reginald Case (December 23, 1937 - April 24, 2009) was an American artist who made American Folk Art collages and Hollywood iconographic mixed-media assemblages and sculptures.

  14. H.C. Westermann

    H.C. Westermann


    H. C. Westermann (Horace Clifford "Cliff" Westermann) (December 11, 1922 – November 3, 1981) was an American printmaker and sculptor whose art constituted a scathing commentary on militarism and materialism. His sculptures frequently incorporated traditional carpentry and marquetry techniques.

  15. Pansy Stockton

    Pansy Stockton


    Pansy Cornelia Stockton (1895–1972) was an American artist born in El Dorado Springs, Missouri and raised in Colorado where her parents ran a resort hotel. Stockton was known for "sun paintings and landscapes using bark, moss, leaves and other flora" in her work.Over the course of her career "Stockton used fragments of hundreds of varieties of vegetations as mediums in her work. These elements included ferns, bark, weeds, leaves, and twigs, and some of her pictures had as many as 10,000 components, and during her career she worked with 250 kinds of vegetation from all over the world. On the backs of some of these assemblages, she listed the items and where she found them." She made her first sun painting in 1916 when she was living in Durango, CO.

  16. Leonardo Drew

    Leonardo Drew


    Leonardo Drew is an African American contemporary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He creates sculptures from natural materials and through processes of oxidation, burning, and decay, Drew transforms these objects into massive sculptures that critique social injustices and the cycle of growth and decay in nature.

  17. George Herms

    George Herms


    George Herms (born 1935) is an American artist best known for making assemblages out of discarded, often rusty, dirty or broken every-day objects, and juxtaposing those objects so as to infuse them with poetry, humor and meaning. He is also known for his works on paper, including works with ink, collage, drawing, paint and poetry. The prolific Herms has also created theater pieces, about which he has said, "I treat it as a Joseph Cornell box big enough that you can walk around in. It's just a continuation of my sculpture, one year at a time." Legendary curator Walter Hopps, who met Herms in 1956, "placed Herms on a dazzling continuum of assemblage artists that includes Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, and Joseph Cornell, as well as California luminaries Wallace Berman and Edward Kienholz." Often called a member of the West Coast Beat movement, Herms said that Wallace Berman taught him that "any object, even a mundane cast-off, could be of great interest if contextualized properly." "That’s my whole thing," Herms says. "I turn shit into gold. I just really want to see something I've never seen before." George Herms lives and works in Los Angeles.

  18. Varujan Boghosian

    Varujan Boghosian


    Varujan Yegan Boghosian (born 1926 New Britain, Connecticut) is an American artist, best known for his sculptures and assemblages. Since 1958 he has held teaching positions at the University of Florida, Cooper Union, Pratt Institute, Yale University, Brown University and Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth, Boghosian was a member of the art faculty from 1968 to 1995. He was awarded an endowed position as the George Frederick Jewett Professor of Art in 1982. Boghosian retired from Dartmouth in 1995 and has since continued his work as a practicing artist.

  19. Cathy Cooper

    Cathy Cooper


    Cathy Cooper (born November 8, 1960) is a postmodern artist and wardrobe stylist who lives and maintains a studio in Los Angeles. Working as a costume and wardrobe designer, for the past 28 years she has been collaborating with directors, musicians, commercial advertisers and photographers. Her specialty in the media industry is the use of humor and irony; her high-profile wardrobe and costuming work is seen regularly on numerous movies. In advertising her wardrobe credits on media and commercials include Nike, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Ford, McDonalds, Clorox, Orbitz, Honda, The North Face and many others. Her work was nominated for the MVPA 2009 Best Costuming Video Award for the Modest Mouse hit single "Dashboard" music video. Other notable music videos she has produced costuming work for are with bands and artists such as Alice in Chains, The Cramps, Cut Copy, Sister Mantos, Hayley Kiyoko, Stone Temple Pilots, Unwritten Law, Aerosmith, and Weird Al Yankovic. Her album/CD jacket design work can be seen with record labels such as Centaur Records, Geffen Records, Sony Records, Interscope, and A&M Records. She also works as a professional model for advertising and photo layouts in commercial media.

  20. Dale Copeland

    Dale Copeland


    Dale Devereux Copeland, MNZM (born 1943), is a New Zealand collage and assemblage artist.

  21. Alexandra Bircken

    Alexandra Bircken


    Alexandra Bircken (born 1967) is an artist based in Cologne.

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