2008 television series debuts

Posted Oct 25, 2009
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Comprehensive list of TV shows that began running in 2008. Please refine your search by country of origin.
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  1. 2008 German television series debuts 1 view

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  2. 2008 Argentine television series debuts 1 view

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  3. 2008 Belgian television series debuts 0 views

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  4. 2008 Chilean television series debuts 2 views

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  5. 2008 Colombian television series debuts 12 views

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  6. 2008 Danish television series debuts 0 views

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  7. 2008 Dutch television series debuts 0 views

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  9. 2008 Israeli television series debuts 0 views

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  10. 2008 Italian television series debuts 1 view

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  12. 2008 Serbian television series debuts 1 view

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  13. 2008 Spanish television series debuts 21 views

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  14. 2008 Turkish television series debuts 7 views

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  15. 2008 Venezuelan television series debuts 5 views

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  16. 2008 American television series debuts 379 views

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  17. 2008 Australian television series debuts 5 views

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  18. 2008 Brazilian television series debuts 4 views

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  19. 2008 British television programme debuts 22 views

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  20. 2008 Canadian television series debuts

    2008 Canadian television series debuts

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  21. 2008 Chinese television series debuts 1 view

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  23. 2008 Estonian television series debuts 0 views

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  24. 2008 French television series debuts 5 views

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  25. 2008 Greek television series debuts 0 views

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  26. 2008 Indian television series debuts 24 views

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  27. 2008 Irish television series debuts 1 view

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  28. 2008 Japanese television series debuts

    2008 Japanese television series debuts

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  29. 2008 Mexican television series debuts 66 views

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  30. 2008 New Zealand television series debuts 1 view

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  31. 2008 Pakistani television series debuts 0 views

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  32. 2008 Philippine television series debuts 67 views

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  33. 2008 Portuguese television series debuts 0 views

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  35. 2008 South Korean television series debuts 0 views

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  36. 2008 Taiwanese television series debuts 0 views

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  1. Forbidden Love

    Forbidden Love (2008)


    Aşk-ı Memnu (English: Forbidden Love) is a Turkish romantic drama television series originally broadcast on Kanal D between 2008 and 2010. It is an adaptation of Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil's 1899 novel Aşk-ı Memnu but takes place in contemporary Istanbul instead of the novel's late 19th-century setting. Latin remake/version was made called Pasion Prohibida.

  2. Cuidado con el ángel

    Cuidado con el ángel (2008)


    Cuidado con el ángel (English title: Don't mess with an Angel) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Nathalie Lartilleux for Televisa. It is an adaptation of the Venezuelan telenovela, Una muchacha llamada Milagros produced in 1974 by Venevisión. Each episode garnered nearly 5 million viewers daily.

  3. La quiero a morir

    La quiero a morir (2008)


    La quiero a morir (Spanish: Love her to death) is a 2008-2009 Colombian telenovela produced and broadcast by Caracol TV.

  4. Una kang naging akin

    Una kang naging akin (2008)


    Una Kang Naging Akin or When You Were Mine (International title) is a Philippine drama on GMA Network. This is the tenth instalment of Sine Novela. The original movie was released in 1991. The series stars Angelika dela Cruz, Wendell Ramos and Maxene Magalona with Alfred Vargas, LJ Reyes and Gina Alajar. It aired from September 1, 2008 to December 19, 2008. From September 22, 2011 until January 5, 2012 it was re-aired on GMA Life TV dubbed in English and renamed as When You Were Mine.

  5. Un gancho al corazón

    Un gancho al corazón (2008)


    Un Gancho Al Corazón ("A Hook to the Heart") is a Mexican comedy sports drama telenovela that began airing on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas, beginning August 25, 2008. It began airing in the United States on Univision on June 22, 2009, with the show's run ending there on May 3, 2010. The telenovela is a production of Angelli Nesma Medina and is an original story by Adrian Suar starring Danna Garcia and Sebastián Rulli. Antagonized by Laisha Wilkins, Raúl Araiza, Roberto Blandón and Macaria. The telenovela is a remake of Argentine daily comedy Sos mi vida.

  6. Tess of the D'Urbervilles

    Tess of the D'Urbervilles (2008)


    Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a 4-hour BBC television adaptation of Thomas Hardy's book of the same name. The script is by David Nicholls. It tells the story of Tess Durbeyfield, a low-born country girl whose family find they have noble connections.

  7. Mañana es para siempre

    Mañana es para siempre (2008)


    Mañana es para siempre (English: Tomorrow is Forever) is a Mexican telenovela that began airing on October 20, 2008 on XEW-TV, also known as Canal de las Estrellas. It is produced by the Televisa television network and is a production of Nicandro Díaz González. It stars Silvia Navarro as "Fernanda Elizalde", Fernando Colunga as "Franco Santoro and Eduardo Juarez", and Lucero as "Bárbara Greco" the main villain of the story.

  8. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008)


    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, later called simply Rehab with Dr. Drew, is a reality television show that aired on the cable network VH1 which chronicles a group of people as they are treated for alcohol and drug addiction by Dr. Drew Pinsky and his staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center in Pasadena, California. The first five seasons of the series, on which Pinsky also serves as executive producer, cast celebrities struggling with addiction, with the first season premiering on January 10, 2008, and the fifth airing in 2011. The sixth season, which filmed in early 2012, featured non-celebrities as treatment subjects, and the series name shortened to Rehab with Dr. Drew. Season 6 premiered on September 16, 2012. In May 2013, Pinsky announced that season six was the final season, explaining that he was tired of the criticism leveled at him after celebrities he treated had relapsed and died.

  9. Lipgloss

    Lipgloss (2008)


    Lipgloss was a Philippine TV series which first aired on August 16, 2008 on TV5.

  10. Kommissar Rex

    Kommissar Rex (1994)


    Kommissar Rex (English title: Inspector Rex, Italian title: Il commissario Rex) is an Austrian police procedural drama aired from 1994 to 2004. In 2008 the series was revived under Austro-Italian production, and has since 2009 been made fully in Italy, with occasional episodes set in Austria. The Austro-Italian production was cancelled in June 2015 by RAI after 8 Italian seasons.

  11. Vecinos

    Vecinos (2008)


    Vecinos (English title: Neighbors) is a 2008 Colombian produced telenovela and broadcast by the Caracol TV. Vecinos made its debut on September 1, 2008. The telenovela has finished its run on Telefutura on May 3, 2010 in the United States. Re-broadcasts of the show were being shown on U.S. broadcaster Unimas (which was previously called Telefutura).

  12. Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

    Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil (2008)


    Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects:

  13. Without Breasts There Is No Paradise

    Without Breasts There Is No Paradise (2008)


    Sin Senos no Hay Paraíso (Without Breasts There Is No Paradise) is a RTI ColombiaTelemundo remake and loose adaptation of the original Colombian series Sin tetas no hay paraíso. The series is based on investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar's debut novel and features an attractive young prostitute who desires to have massive breast implants in order to attract a rich cocaine smuggler. It is also based on a true story. The series premiered on June 16, 2008.

  14. The City

    The City (2008)


    The City is an American reality television series that originally aired on MTV from December 29, 2008 until July 13, 2010. Developed as the spin-off of The Hills, the series aired two seasons and focused on the personal and professional lives of several young women residing in New York City, New York. Its premise was conceived by Adam DiVello, while Liz Gateley and Sean Travis served as executive producers.

  15. Lola

    Lola (2008)


    Lola (Greek: Λόλα) was the Greek remake of the successful Argentine comedy franchise Lalola. The series premiered on September 22, 2008 in Greece on ANT1 and ran Monday through Friday. The last episode was released on July 7, 2009.

  16. Física o química

    Física o química (2008)


    Física o Química (English: Physics or Chemistry) was a Spanish television series made by Antena 3. The first episode premiered on 4 February 2008.

  17. The Amazing Spiez

    The Amazing Spiez (2009)


    The Amazing Spiez! (French: SpieZ! Nouvelle Génération) is a French/Canadian animated television series produced by the French company Marathon Media and the Canadian company Image Entertainment Corporation. Originally broadcast on Teletoon. It is a spinoff of Totally Spies!. The show first aired on one of its original channels, TF1, on April 1, 2009, although it had already begun airing on March 15, 2009 on Disney Channel (Asia). The Series was premiered and broadcast originally on Teletoon in Canada. Since September 2010, it premiered on weekdays at 6am and 11:05am. The series premiered internationally on Cartoon Network in the USA on April 26, 2010 at 8:30am(ET). After running 10 episodes the series moved to 5:00pm(ET). For Season 2, premieres were moved to 8:30am. Later, on May 25, 2012, it was announced that "The Amazing Spiez!" would premiere its series finale.

  18. Dear Friend

    Dear Friend (2008)


    Dear Friend is a television drama that has been broadcast on Philippine television since August 2008. It is a weekly drama anthology of inspiring stories of people who are having family and love problems. The show is an hour-long dose of hope for today’s problem-weary viewer. The most notable mention of the show in pop culture was in Bagagog Maglalang's hit single "Bak Your Baking Brains Out." The show is hosted by Concert Princess Jolina Magdangal and actor Marvin Agustin. The show, after almost 3 years, will be making its finale with its series-ender Tisay.

  19. Iron Man: Armored Adventures

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2008)


    Iron Man: Armored Adventures (also known in early promotional materials as Iron Man: The Animated Series) is an American/French 3D CGI cartoon series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. It debuted in the USA on the Nicktoons on April 24, 2009, and it aired on Canadian network Teletoon. The series is story edited by showrunner Christopher Yost, who also worked on Wolverine and the X-Men, and numerous other Marvel Animation projects. The television show is not related to the 2007 animated film The Invincible Iron Man; It has a different voice cast, but some story elements are similar and the show uses the same musical score as the film in some instances. It is the first Iron Man television series since Iron Man from 1994–1996, and started airing after the success of the live action Iron Man film.

  20. Torrente

    Torrente (2008)


    Torrente: ¡Un torbellino de pasiones! (Torrent: A Storm of Passion) is a 2008 Venezuelan telenovela produced by Venevisión and distributed internationally by Venevisión International.

  21. Los 80

    Los 80 (2008)


    Los 80 was a Chilean drama TV series for Canal 13 produced to celebrate the Bicentennial of Chile, starring Daniel Muñoz, Tamara Acosta, Daniel Alcaíno, Loreto Aravena, Tomás Verdejo and Lucas Escobar. The series is inspired by the Spanish series of the same name released in 2004, but focusing on the events in Chile. The series was renewed for a seventh and last season that aired in Spring-Summer 2014,

  22. El ultimo matrimonio feliz

    El ultimo matrimonio feliz (2008)


    Los Protegidos is a Spanish TV series that tells the story of the "family" Castillo Rey, a group of people that are actually unrelated to each other but must pose as that because they have one secret: the children have special powers, and there is a group of people that is going after them.

  23. Paano Ba Ang Mangarap?

    Paano Ba Ang Mangarap? (2009)


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  24. Anna

    Anna (2008)


    Anna und die Liebe (Anna and (the) Love) is the eleventh Telenovela made in Germany. It has aired since 25 August 2008 on German channel Sat.1 and Austrian Channel ORF 1.

  25. La dama de Troya

    La dama de Troya (2008)


    La Dama de Troya (The Woman from Troya) is a Colombian telenovela (soap opera) that has aired since April 15, 2008 on Colombian network RCN. This telenovela is produced by Fox Telecolombia. It was launched to reinforce the prime time schedule on RCN on the same narrative tone of previous RCN successful telenovela Pura Sangre (Pure Blood), involving drama and revenge. With Pura Sangre (Pure Blood), La Dama de Troya gets back to intense drama and revenge storylines, which were missing on Colombian television after the success of popular comedy telenovelas as Betty la fea.

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