19th-century Swedish people

Posted May 24, 2011
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  1. August Strindberg

    August Strindberg


    Johan August Strindberg (/ˈstrɪndbɜrɡ, ˈstrɪnbɜrɡ/  Swedish pronunciation : /ˈstrindˌbɜrj/; 22 January 1849 – 14 May 1912) was a Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter. A prolific writer who often drew directly on his personal experience, Strindberg's career spanned four decades, during which time he wrote over 60 plays and more than 30 works of fiction, autobiography, history, cultural analysis, and politics. A bold experimenter and iconoclast throughout, he explored a wide range of dramatic methods and purposes, from naturalistic tragedy, monodrama, and history plays, to his anticipations of expressionist and surrealist dramatic techniques. From his earliest work, Strindberg developed innovative forms of dramatic action, language, and visual composition. He is considered the "father" of modern Swedish literature and his The Red Room (1879) has frequently been described as the first modern Swedish novel.

  2. Alfred Nobel

    Alfred Nobel


    Alfred Bernhard Nobel (/nˈbɛl/;  listen ; 21 October 1833 – 10 December 1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer.

  3. Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld

    Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld


    Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld (18 November 1832, Helsinki, Finland – 12 August 1901, Dalbyö, Södermanland, Sweden) was a Finnish and Swedish baron, geologist, mineralogist and Arctic explorer. He was a member of the prominent Finland-Swedish Nordenskiöld family of scientists.

  4. Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt

    Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt


    Count Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt (Russian: Гу́став Мо́риц А́рмфельт; 31 March 1757 – 19 August 1814) was a Finnish, Swedish and Russian courtier and diplomat. In Finland, he is considered one of the great Finnish statesmen. His advice to Russia's Tsar Alexander I was of utmost importance for securing the autonomy of the Grand Duchy of Finland.

  5. Martina Bergman-Österberg

    Martina Bergman-Österberg


    Martina Sofia Helena Bergman-Österberg (née Bergman; 7 October 1849 – 29 July 1915) was a Swedish physical education instructor and women's suffrage advocate. After studying Swedish gymnastics in Stockholm she moved to London, where she founded the first physical education instructor's college in England, in which she admitted women only. Bergman-Österberg pioneered teaching physical education as a full subject within the English school curriculum, with Swedish-style gymnastics at its core. She also advocated the use of gymslips by women playing sports, and played a pivotal role in the early development of netball. Bergman-Österberg was an advocate of women's emancipation, directly encouraging women to be active in sport and education, and also donating money to women's emancipation organisations in her native Sweden. Several of her students founded the Ling Association, which later became the Physical Education Association of the United Kingdom.

  6. Elise Hwasser

    Elise Hwasser


    Ebba Charlotta Elise Hwasser, née Jakobsson, (16 March 1831 – 28 January 1894), was a Swedish actress, the leading lady on the Swedish stage for thirty years, and often described as the greatest female dramatic star in Sweden during the Victorian era.

  7. Emmy Rappe

    Emmy Rappe


    Emmy Carolina Rappe (14 January 1835 – 19 October 1896), was a Swedish nurse and principal for a nursing school. She was the pioneer and founder of the Swedish nursing education. She was the first trained professional nurse and the first principal of the first nursing education in her country.

  8. Björn J:son Lind

    Björn J:son Lind


    Björn J:son Lindh (born Björn Lindh; 25 October 1944 – 21 December 2013) was a Swedish flautist, pianist, music arranger, composer and artist. He worked in such diverse musical styles as jazz, classical, fusion, rock, prog rock and ethno. He composed for instance chamber music, symphonic works, concertos for various instruments and choirs as well as film scores for feature films and TV series in Scandinavia. Lindh scored music for films such as Mannen på taket, directed by Bo Widerberg and Jägarna, directed by Kjell Sundvall.

  9. Jenny Lind

    Jenny Lind


    Johanna Maria Lind (6 October 1820 – 2 November 1887), better known as Jenny Lind, was a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840.

  10. Franz Berwald

    Franz Berwald


    Franz Adolf Berwald (23 July 1796 – 3 April 1868) was a Swedish Romantic composer who was generally ignored during his lifetime. He made his living as an orthopedic surgeon and later as the manager of a saw mill and glass factory.

  11. Baltzar von Platen (statesman)

    Baltzar von Platen (statesman)


    Count Baltzar Bogislaus von Platen (29 May 1766 – 6 December 1829) was a Swedish naval officer and statesman. He was born on the island of Rügen (now Germany) to Philip Julius Bernhard von Platen, Field Marshal and the Swedish Governor General of Pomerania, and Regina Juliana von Usedom.

  12. Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand

    Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand


    Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand (14 July 1757 in Algiers – 23 August 1834 in Stockholm) was a Swedish count, lord of the realm, general, statesman and minister from the Skjöldebrand dynasty. He was also a knight of the Royal Order of the Seraphim and a holder of seat 18 of the Swedish Academy.

  13. Victoria Benedictsson

    Victoria Benedictsson


    Victoria Benedictsson (March 6, 1850, Domme – July 21, 1888) was a Swedish author. She was born as Victoria Maria Bruzelius in Domme, a village in the province of Skåne. She wrote under the pen name Ernst Ahlgren.

  14. Ellen Anckarsvärd

    Ellen Anckarsvärd


    Anna Lovisa Eleonora "Ellen" Anckarsvärd née Nyström (10 December 1833 – 8 December 1898), was a Swedish women's rights activist. She was the co-founder and secretary of the Married Woman's Property Rights Association (1873), co-founder and Vice Chairperson of the Handarbetets vänner (1874), co-founder of Fredrika-Bremer-förbundet (1884), Vice Chairperson of the Fredrika-Bremer-förbundet in 1896-1898, Chairperson of the Svenska kvinnors nationalförbund (Swedish National Council of Women) in 1896-1898, Chairperson of the Läsesalongen in 1896-1898,

  15. Carolina Östberg

    Carolina Östberg


    Carolina Östberg (May 17 1853 – 1929) was a Swedish opera singer and singing teacher. She was one of the most popular stars of her time in Sweden, and was internationally known.

  16. Lovisa Åhrberg

    Lovisa Åhrberg


    Maria Lovisa Åhrberg or Årberg (17 May 1801 in Uppsala, – 26 March 1881 in Stockholm,), was a Swedish surgeon and doctor. She was the first recognised female doctor in Sweden. She was a doctor and a surgeon already in long before it was formally permitted for women by the reform which made it legal for women to study medicine at the universities in 1870. The only identified earlier female medical practitioner in Sweden, who may have had such an official recognition, was Kisamor, who did not, however, have any formal medical training.

  17. Pehr Henrik Ling

    Pehr Henrik Ling


    Pehr Henrik Ling (15 November 1766 in Södra Ljunga – 3 May 1839 in Stockholm) pioneered the teaching of physical education in Sweden. Ling is often mistakenly credited as the father of Swedish massage, though that title actually belongs to Johann Georg Mezger.

  18. Johan August Arfwedson

    Johan August Arfwedson


    Johan August Arfwedson (12 January 1792 – 28 October 1841) was a Swedish chemist who discovered the chemical element lithium in 1817 by isolating it as a salt.

  19. Per Petter Christiansson Steineck

    Per Petter Christiansson Steineck


    Per Petter Christiansson Steineck, (Per Petterson Christensson Steijnech) was a Swedish executioner. Per Petterson Christensson Steijnech was born in Malmo, Sweden on 7 October 1822.

  20. Amalia Assur

    Amalia Assur


    Amalia Assur (1803–1889) was the first female dentist in Sweden.

  21. Johan Gottlieb Gahn

    Johan Gottlieb Gahn


    Johan Gottlieb Gahn (August 19, 1745 – December 8, 1818) was a Swedish chemist and metallurgist who discovered manganese in 1774.

  22. Christina Nilsson

    Christina Nilsson


    Christina Nilsson, Countess de Casa Miranda, (20 August 1843 – 20 November 1921) was a Swedish operatic soprano. She possessed a brilliant bel canto technique and was considered a rival to the Victorian era's most famous diva, Adelina Patti. Nilsson became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1869.

  23. Rosalie Fougelberg

    Rosalie Fougelberg


    Rosalie Ingeborg Karolina Fougelberg (29 December 1841 – 8 May 1911) is known as Sweden's first female dentist after the profession was opened to both genders.

  24. Nils Gabriel Sefström

    Nils Gabriel Sefström


    Nils Gabriel Sefström (2 June 1787 – 30 November 1845) was a Swedish chemist. Sefström was a student of Berzelius and, when studying the brittleness of steel in 1830, he rediscovered a new chemical element, to which he gave the name vanadium.

  25. Mathilda Berwald

    Mathilda Berwald


    Mathilda Charlotta Berwald, née Cohn (9 March 1798 in Helsinki in Finland – 3 May 1877 in Stockholm), was a Finnish and Swedish concert singer. She was later appointed official singer (Hovsångare) of the Swedish royal court.

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