1977 British television programme debuts

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  1. Mind Your Language

    Mind Your Language (1977)


    Mind Your Language is a British comedy television series that premiered on ITV in late 1977. Produced by London Weekend Television and directed by Stuart Allen, the show is set in an adult education college in London and focuses on the English as a Foreign Language class taught by Mr Jeremy Brown, portrayed by Barry Evans, who had to deal with a motley crew of foreign students. Three series were made by LWT between 1977–79, and the show was briefly revived in 1986 with six of the original cast.

  2. Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth (1977)


    Jesus of Nazareth (Italian: Gesù di Nazareth) is a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries directed by Franco Zeffirelli and co-written by Zeffirelli, Anthony Burgess, and Suso Cecchi d'Amico which dramatises the birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. It stars Robert Powell as Jesus. The miniseries features an all-star cast of famous American and European actors, including seven Academy Award winners: Anne Bancroft, Ernest Borgnine, Laurence Olivier, Christopher Plummer (subsequent winner), Anthony Quinn, Rod Steiger, and Peter Ustinov.

  3. The Professionals

    The Professionals (1977)


    The Professionals is a British crime-action television drama series produced by Avengers Mk1 Productions for London Weekend Television that aired on the ITV network from 1977 to 1983. In all, 57 episodes were produced, filmed between 1977 and 1981. It starred Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson as agents of the fictional "CI5" (Criminal Intelligence 5, referencing the real life MI5).

  4. Citizen Smith

    Citizen Smith (1977)


    Citizen Smith was a British television sitcom written by John Sullivan which was broadcast from 1977 to 1980.

  5. Secret Army

    Secret Army (1977)


    Secret Army is a television drama series made by the BBC and the Belgian national broadcaster BRT (now VRT) created by Gerard Glaister. The series tells the story of a fictional Belgian resistance movement during the Second World War dedicated to returning Allied airmen, usually having been shot down by the Luftwaffe, to the United Kingdom. The series was made in the UK and Belgium and three series were broadcast on BBC1 between 7 September 1977 and 15 December 1979.

  6. King Cinder

    King Cinder (1977)


    King Cinder is a six-part British children's television serial made by the BBC in 1977. It was first shown between 2 November and 7 December 1977 on BBC1.

  7. Robin's Nest

    Robin's Nest (1977)


    Robin's Nest is a British sitcom starring Richard O'Sullivan as Robin Tripp, one of the lead characters in the sitcom, Man About the House, which had ended on 7 April 1976. Robin's Nest aired for six series from 11 January 1977 to 31 March 1981, and co-starred Tessa Wyatt as Robin's girlfriend - and later wife - Vicky, and Tony Britton as her father. It was made by Thames Television and aired on network ITV.

  8. Who Pays the Ferryman?

    Who Pays the Ferryman? (1977)


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  9. The Flockton Flyer

    The Flockton Flyer (1977)


    The Flockton Flyer was a children's TV series made by Southern Television for the ITV network. It was a popular programme, which ran to two series, and provided early screen appearances for upcoming actors such as Peter Duncan and Gwyneth Strong, as well as some well-known 1970s classical and situation comedy actors. The on-screen title for series 1 was "The Flockton Flyer", but for series 2 it had become "Flockton Flyer". This may have been a result of complaints from some railway enthusiasts, who pointed out that it is convention that locomotive names do not start with the definite article "The". However, whilst locomotive names do not take the definite article, train names often do so (for example, The Flying Scotsman or The Blue Train), and in the programme the locomotive carries engine nameplates, and also a train-name headboard, all marked with the same Flockton Flyer name.

  10. Miss Jones and Son

    Miss Jones and Son (1977)


    Miss Jones and Son was a comedy series first broadcast on ITV in 1977. It starred Paula Wilcox, Christopher Beeny, Charlotte Mitchell and Norman Bird. It was written by Richard Waring and produced and directed by Peter Frazer-Jones.

  11. Wings

    Wings (1977)


    Wings is a drama series about the Royal Flying Corps that ran on BBC television from 1977 to 1978. It stars Tim Woodward as Alan Farmer, a young blacksmith turned fighter pilot in World War I.

  12. 1990

    1990 (1977)


    1990 is a British then-futuristic political drama television series produced by the BBC and shown in 1977 and 1978.

  13. Graham's Gang

    Graham's Gang (1977)


    Graham's Gang is a popular British children's comedy first broadcast by the BBC in 1977 and 1979. Its iconic credits - the gang running towards the camera, then being captured in mid frame as they jump in the air - is remembered well, alongside its catchy signature tune.

  14. The Krypton Factor

    The Krypton Factor (1977)


    The Krypton Factor is a British game show produced by Granada for broadcast on ITV. The show originally ran from 7 September 1977 to 20 November 1995, and was hosted by Gordon Burns and usually broadcast on the ITV network on Mondays at 7pm.

  15. Target

    Target (1977)


    Target was a police drama series, which ran from 1977–78, on BBC1. The show was the BBC's response to ITV's successful series, The Sweeney.

  16. Raffles

    Raffles (1975)


    Raffles was a 1977 television adaptation of the A. J. Raffles stories by Ernest William Hornung. The series was produced by Yorkshire Television and written by Philip Mackie. The episodes were largely faithful adaptations of the stories in the books, though occasionally two stories would be merged to create one episode such as "The Gold Cup" which featured elements from both "A Jubilee Present" and "The Criminologist's Club". The complete series has been released on DVD.

  17. A Sharp Intake of Breath

    A Sharp Intake of Breath (1977)


    A Sharp Intake of Breath is a British sitcom starring David Jason, Jacqueline Clarke, Richard Wilson and Alun Armstrong which ran from 1977 to 1981. It was made for the ITV network by ATV. The opening titles featured cartoons by Mel Calman.

  18. Odd Man Out

    Odd Man Out (1977)


    Odd Man Out is a British comedy television series starring John Inman. The series aired seven episodes on ITV in 1977. It was made by Thames TV and written by Vince Powell.

  19. Children of the Stones

    Children of the Stones (1977)


    Children of the Stones is a British television drama serial for children produced by HTV in 1976 and broadcast on the United Kingdom's ITV network in January and February 1977. The story was depicted over seven episodes and produced by Peter Graham Scott, with Patrick Dromgoole as executive producer. A novelisation by the serial's writers, Jeremy Burnham and Trevor Ray also appeared in 1977. In the United States, it was broadcast on the Nickelodeon television channel in the early 1980s as part of the series The Third Eye.

  20. Everyman

    Everyman (1977)


    Everyman is a British television documentary series that aired on BBC One in a late-night slot on Sunday evenings between 1977 and 2005. Its subject matter tended to be focused on moral and religious issues, often in the form of a film in which individuals would discuss their thoughts. One edition from 1990, A Game of Soldiers concerned a group of soldiers exploring their feelings about being trained to kill. Throughout much of its time on air, series of Everyman aired alternately with Heart of the Matter, a debate series which featured somewhat similar topics. Both series were cancelled in the 2000s after the BBC revamped the output of its religious programming.

  21. Come Back Mrs. Noah

    Come Back Mrs. Noah (1977)


    Come Back Mrs. Noah is a BBC television sitcom that aired on BBC1 from 1977 to 1978. Starring Mollie Sugden and Ian Lavender, it was written by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft, who had also written Are You Being Served?, which had also starred Mollie Sugden. Joke banter was recycled from other series, and outrageously strange props were used. Come Back Mrs Noah was not a success, with some regarding it as one of the worst British sitcoms ever made.

  22. Rosie

    Rosie (1977)


    Rosie is a British situation-comedy television series, written by Roy Clarke that was broadcast between 1977 and 1981. It was set in the fictitious Yorkshire town of Slagcaster and filmed in Clarke's native South Yorkshire, with the majority of the opening scenes of series one filmed in the village of New Rossington, although the colliery shown in episode one is possibly Hatfield Colliery. The central character was PC Penrose, the titular "Rosie", a young and inexperienced police officer, played by Paul Greenwood.

  23. The Paper Lads

    The Paper Lads (1977)


    The Paper Lads is a children's television series produced by Tyne Tees Television and broadcast from 1977 to 1979. There were two series made; each of seven episodes. It was set in Newcastle in North East England, and was recounted the adventures of a group of newspaper delivery boys and girls.

  24. A Bunch of Fives

    A Bunch of Fives (1977)


    A Bunch of Fives is an English children’s television show broadcast in the 1970s on ITV. A precursor of Grange Hill, it starred Lesley Manville and Jamie Foreman as Fifth formers who start a school newspaper. The show spawned one paperback tie-in.

  25. Wildlife on One

    Wildlife on One (1977)


    Wildlife on One was, for nearly three decades, from their debut almost forty years ago, the BBC's flagship natural history programme.

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